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Changes for bad trends and new ideas needed! New hope for the world!

Participate in the study, assessment and development of Vosa, a new, easy artificial language!

Current and new direction in the world, rate to get stimulated for change and new ideas!

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Thoughts about problem solving

How do we advance the common good and at the same time our own good

Benefits of the Problems Solving Portal

  • Identifying needs, problems and areas for improvement!
  • Searching for and presenting goods and solutions!
  • Contributing to the generation and development of ideas!
  • Dare to take a bold stand and give feedback on all topics.
  • Speaking is often the first step in solving problems.
  • Make a central, concise and comprehensive directory of commodities, solutions and information, including pre-loaded from high-quality sources for smartphones.
    If you search the search services here and there, it will take time. Here you can pre-filter the sources. A directory can be built to serve the users with optimism. Problems can be dealt with in a multidisciplinary and networked manner as part of larger problems and entities as dependencies on other problems as a system of their causes, consequences, solutions, weights, and assessments.

Supply and demand meet!

30,000 Commodity Ideas: What Would I Buy, Sell, Hobby, Study, Do?

Put your cards into the mass intelligence by sharing your knowledge and skills, and you will gain tens of thousands of carts of knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and of all. Let’s put knowledge, skill and money to work! As they rotate, they grow into bigger balls. Start a chain reaction and others will join! If one person takes 100 years to assemble a heap, then 10,000 people will take 3.65 days to find alternative solutions to the same problems. Find out which products, services, or advice you would offer for every problem and development! Please submit a description of the objects and links so that the pages are placed in the appropriate places. You can give feedback to improve your expressions, modify your structure! If you do not invent, however, you can provide links to the commodities and information of your site.

Indexes are also made by topic

Problem solving, solutions

Striving for excellence both physically and mentally!

About Us – Problems Solving Community

Habitat Finland.

  1. This site was created by Veikko J. Pyhtilä on June 9, 2017 and he started developing the idea in May 2017.
  2. On November 13, 2018, the Problems Solving Community was established
  3. On March 2020 began internationalization and translating in english this site

New members

New members are selected and approved by the problem solving community. The community currently has no income or wealth, and volunteers can produce copyrighted content. Veikko J. Pyhtilä is responsible for maintaining the site from his own resources for the time being. An entity will be converted to a business if there is sufficient billing. Low income, if any, will be paid as wages to the parties through a joint venture agreement.

Values and goals

  • Creating jobs and livelihoods, promoting health and the economy, protecting the environment, bringing security.
  • Everything is done ethically for both man and the environment. Problem solving should not create new problems or move problems from one object to another or into the future. If there is no immediate solution to a problem-free solution, then the least-damaging and most-beneficial solution must be selected, and the solutions must be optimized.
  • The effects should be tested before replicating multiple solutions. It should be possible to assess short- and long-term effects. The ideal would be complete harmlessness, which, however, is a relative concept.
  • Moving forward in a good direction.

Business Idea

  • People, businesses and communities suggest problems and needs, solutions and commodities.
  • Solutions can be new and old products, services, methods, information, training, consulting, other work, etc. We can use already researched and practically verified information.
  • Provide a good framework for problems and their solutions, needs and commodities.
  • We put the problems, the needs, the solutions, the goods into the body, to which the advertising links to the operators’ websites are sold.
  • You can search for solutions to problems, commodities for your needs. The site can also act as a stimulus for innovation.
  • Other content may be developed and added to the site in the future.

What can the solving of problems be?

Brainstorming, developing and becoming developed
Research, studying and learning
Work, activities and hobbies
Health, fitness and enthusiasm
Capital, assets and income
Diligence, alertness and activity
Leadership, organization and collaboration
Individuals, authors, supporters
Values, ethics and morals
Experience, knowledge and expertise
Science, art and skill
Legislation, policies, guidelines
Attitudes, concentration and attention
Infra, places and tools
Nature, substances and products
Simulation, modeling and computing
Optimism, pessimism and realism
Ideation, thinking and reasoning
Dreaming, planning and realizing
Patience, compassion and agreement

Together we are more than alone!
Together we are more than alone!

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 24.11.2018