A comprehensive approach to problems, including interfaces

Midsummer bonfire
Midsummer bonfire

In functional medicine, the patient is approached holistically, not just a single subject or disease. Systems biology also approaches the biological system as a whole, not just an individual object. Likewise, all areas that are interlinked can be approached as a whole. Even if one focuses on one small object, the problem will not be solved properly if all interfaces to other objects are not known.

This site also seeks to address the challenges and solutions to each major area in parallel. One has to learn how to master and deal with large entities. A lot can be learned and invented. All we have to do is focus on being deep enough and also from the top level into being.

Such an environment can also be very stimulating, as long as it is rich in content and structured. Although there are many areas at the same time, there are similar laws that simplify the approach, which in itself seems very broad and too much to bite at once. Even if we are thrown into widespread confusion, you can find something there and make new connections from the elements of ideas that you can use to build the main idea and its solutions. On the other hand, you can also focus on a small detail, a problem, and seek solutions only.

To make the system, society, myself, etc. work well as a whole without problems. On the other hand, there is a need for problems that there are interests to find solutions. If you never experience any problems, life can become boring too.

I’ll take this Problems Solving website forward as thoughts and ideas come up. The basic idea was to have a big brainstorming session to find problems and solutions. But it does not seem to be pulling without a leader who produces out-of-the-ordinary views, ways of thinking, ways of approaching, and guiding the search for problems and solutions to them.

The purpose is also to study at least some of the things that the world already knows about solving problems, and what methods already exist. But methods are also useless unless there are targets – problems to which they are applied. It takes time. Gradually, I will bring forth this site for mapping problems and development needs and seeking and thinking solutions. If people were to be involved, each one in a heap, it would be a large collection of problems and their solutions. Midsummer and summer make it so that people may not hang out so much online now. Finland’s summer time is quite short, so let’s enjoy it.

Have a nice midsummer and continuing summer!

Veikko Johannes Pyhtilä, June 21, 2017