About the problems and their weights generally

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Cat days

There are minor and major problems. There are unresolved and already solved problems.

There are problems that have not yet solutions, but they are being developed and have been solved in the future.

Many problems already have solutions, but they cannot applied, or solution opportunities are unknown.

Problems and solutions are often individual, so you have to tailor your overall solution to your specific needs.

For some, the same thing is a problem, for another not. People are constantly solving the little problems of life without having to put them on these sites with brochures and solutions.

We need to consider from many angles which problems and solutions it makes sense to put on our site.

Not all issues will be posted on a public site due to their sensitive nature.

Problems, their characteristics and their occurrence require exploration and observation. You can invent and learn something as you specialize in problems and finding solutions to them.

How do we understand the problem, how do we define it, what they really are?

Just as being is spiritual, mental, and material, so can problems. All concepts can be problematic in some way.

The problem that is perceived to be necessary or good to solve is a real problem, a burning problem.

The problems are really manifold, many types. Should be interviewed a sufficiently large mass of people to get a comprehensive picture of the problems.

There are problems that are not even known to be or are not known where the problem is hidden.

The problems are the causes and consequences of an intertwined network. The same solution may be suitable for at least part of the solution to many problems. This problem can cause many other problems. Understand and study networks and chains.

If we are content with the present situation, development will not move forward. If the direction of development is wrong, we need to find out the causes, problems, solutions and reverse the wrong direction.

Things do not always go their own way without conscious consideration in the right direction.

It may be that there are no problems now, but how do we make sure they do not happen in the future.

Systematic progress can be used to map and solve problems, from an overarching concept to details and vice versa. That is, from the main problem areas to private problems and detailed solutions. After all, problems can occur and solutions can also be found by chance.

So, what are we aiming for? For example, creating jobs for the unemployed, securing a decent livelihood, improving the world, there may be some utopia, but not everything is utopia. At least a solution to the problems can be found that reduces the problems. E.g. debt problem: You can’t live on indefinite debt. If all debts were repaid at once, there would already be great poverty in Finland. We have lived beyond our means. Our well-being is partly a bubble. What would be the optimal way out of the over-indebtedness? On this site we may ponder many problems and solutions to these problems. One problem is that people are not easily involved in constructive interaction.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9 June 2017