Ad Artificial Intelligence lacks tact, emotional intelligence, and holiness distinction

Is it black or white angel leading choices?
Is it black or white angel leading choices?

Even in artificial intelligence, people’s perverse choices are already reflected. When artificial intelligence is taught to provide content, just as the vast majority of people act and choose, it misleads people, staying on the broad path that leads people to soul distress.

As I listened to devotional songs from one app, it interrupted annoyingly disturbing music and pictures in a disturbing and repetitive manner, deliberately disturbing the sacred atmosphere. Artificial intelligence may be difficult to do to distinguish this. This gives a negative image of the advertiser. Many people produce free content and if the service provider had to pay the royalties for authors, it would be expensive for them. It is a good idea that contextual advertising should not be interrupted and if possible would offer with the type of content intended by the content producer. Then the advertiser’s advertising could better lead to a purchase decision, at least not possibly prevent it.

There should be a sense of proportion, if you listen to calm music, the ads should be the same style. Likewise, programs produced by other media should take into account tact, not light and restless # devotional and calm arrangements mixed. Bad content should not be produced and provided at all, but people in the dark produce such destructive material for themselves and for others. There are no signs of repentance, but they are hardening themselves more and more. Many people think they are good and serve God, but they are serving Satan. Man is trapped and enslaved. If only this were to open up to God’s great grace and longsuffering to their conscience that they could still repent and believe in the true gospel preached by the Holy Ghost to forgive their unbelief and other sins. But according to the prophecies, evil will be given power for a moment, and then the end of the world will come. Woe who forsakes God, but woe, woe, whom God forsakes!

Here were a few examples of the evil of the world and the foolness caused by the blindness of human conscience. If one lives boldly in sin, in unbelief, in the lusts of his corrupt nature, in false righteousness, and yet obtains temporal success and is not bothered by sins, there is false peace, then man has a very serious and alarming state, for God no longer rebukes and disciplines man. Man is already forsaken by God and cannot repent unless God gives conscience.

I would still like to, and God wants salvation for even the greatest sinners. But God’s Spirit does not reprimand man for sins forever, even the time of grace will come to the end, God alone knows when. All the choices of man are recorded in the account book of conscience, and there is a great debt of sin which should be wiped out, that man may be saved from both temporal and eternal calamity.

When people seek only the needs of this time, they do not care and are interested in seeking the true lasting joy, peace and eternal bliss of the soul. Entering a wide gate and a wide road is still the choice of most of mankind, only very few seriously enter the narrow gate and choose the narrow road.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 28.4.2019