All human beings once face the transition from time to eternity

From time to eternity, tumulus
From time to eternity, tumulus

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 12.2.2019

I have written and taken a stand on these pages also forever lasting values. Everyone knows the fact that this time is not forever. When you leave here, you lose importance of how well a person has been successful, enriched and glorified over time. Many people have the idea that life is only in this time and then everything is over. That’s why they strive to make this life as good as possible and enjoy it as much as possible. But then, if the eternal aspect is not taken into consideration and prepared, then it may come as a surprise that in eternity you end up in the worst place where sins are felt burning and worms of conscience are digging for ever.

Personally, I was near death four years ago when I had a complete blockage in the coronary artery. I got to the hospital fairly quickly and I was placed with a balloon expansion into the heart a stent (a kind of mesh tube), to keep the coronary artery open. At the moment I am experiencing a slight feeling of shortness of breath and suffocation, and at times a small necrosis in my heart that came from myocardial infarction may feel mild all the time, hopefully the necrosis will not expand. The heart and lungs feel sometimes stuffy, unhealthy, sometimes slightly painful, a feeling which I have already partly used to. With a referral to a cardiologist for further examination, there is a small necrosis in my heart that I can handle. ECG and blood values ​​are currently normal. When you do not feel super healthy, it will paralyze you a bit. Thus, it is terribly tired actively to study and seek work either, because I’m close to retirement after a few months. The realities of life make you think more about moving from here to the afterlife, and that you would be ready to leave, even spiritually. On the other hand, I still want to live in this time. The Creator has also set me the times and limits of living, and I will not live for a second longer than I should live.

I walk and exercise, try to eat healthy, take medication and get enough sleep. If the situation gets acute, I go to the doctor’s office. If during sleep at night will happen the departure, it has been meant so. However, a person who feels very healthy and young can die suddenly and even accidentally. Let’s see how many days, weeks, months or years my breathing still wheezes. When we experience illnesses and setbacks, they disassociate from everything that is lost to pursue eternal values. Therefore, even illness can be blissful, so you can prepare for death unless sudden death occurs. Being healthy and young must be aware that departure can come at any moment. And even if there are several decades of life, time is flying.

Indeed, I cannot say for certain whether I am here tomorrow or in the distant future, yet in time or eternity. I strive to be ready prepared by God at every moment. My health is now satisfactory, though it varies, but I am getting along with it.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 23.2.2020