Artificial intelligence, computing, logic and mathematics help solve problems

Quickly find an optimal solution
Quickly find an optimal solution

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 21.5.2018

What this requires

Students need to learn and practice the techniques of artificial intelligence and data processing and mathematics in general.

There must be reliable and useful data repositories and ideas needed to apply and utilize the methods. If they do not exist, data collection must begin. The research provides new information and can also be assisted by artificial intelligence.

Everything takes time and also funding. The applications themselves should be such that the customer saves time and money. People should find commodities that are environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, economic, etc. and this kind of commodities need to be developed more. Even a hobbyist can already learn a lot and take things forward. You must be enthusiastic, although you must not go to over-optimism.

It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with large companies, but through networking and cooperation, they can gain competitiveness of large companies.

Good comprehensible learning materials are needed for faster understanding and application of artificial intelligence. Generally, developing learning materials can speed up learning and improve quality.

In-depth knowledge of the application areas helps to develop better software and users should also be made aware of how artificial intelligence works and where the results come from.

Good development environments are also needed to create artificial intelligence applications and knowledge have to be edited for artificial intelligence.

We need to get a broad and diverse picture of where we are going and what there in the world are being developed. Everyone must also use their own brains and common sense. Mimicking does not create new, although good methods are worth adopting, it also requires individuality to discover new opportunities and destinations.

The user must be helped to describe the problem and the need for what they want. The website must contain information in a form that allows artificial intelligence to select the best options for the customer. Artificial intelligence must be so advanced and fast that it performs its tasks well.

This article can gather further important aspects of how artificial intelligence, computing, and mathematics can help solve problems. As we study more and gain more experience, we are wiser. There is always something to be learned and developed, even for those who are already advanced in the application of artificial intelligence and other methods.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 21.5.2018