Is the UN completely toothless that it will not discipline the horrific use of Russian invaders and drive them out of Ukraine. That one country considers it its right to go to another country to do horrors there. China is partly to blame for that because it does not say clear no to Russia. Shame on the Chinese government and the Chinese! Does China want you to be killed and your infrastructure destroyed and shattered? World of unbelief and false righteousness, no matter what evil happen. When the tree is not good, the fruit is not good either. People are … Read more

Better social and world order

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 23.2.2022 Problems International law and agreements are being violated. Agreements are being reached that limit the sovereignty of the universally recognized independent states. Not everyone has fundamental human rights. If you express an opinion against the current regime, you may end up in trouble, be killed or go to jail, you will not be able to run for parliament. The election is counterfeit. The voice of opposition and true truth are not allowed to be heard. Propaganda, distortion, exaggeration, belittling, and false reliance on emotion and history. False proof of self and other ones. False and unreasonable … Read more

Current and new direction in the world, estimates

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.5.2020 STRUCTURING AND ORGANIZING HELP TO MANAGE CHAOS AND PROBLEMS, PLAN AND IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS. Map the current situation and how it may or should change! It can provide stimuli for change and reform in your life, communities, companies and society. The current situation Change of direction Strong urbanization and rural-urban migration. Dense urban structure. Rural areas stronger, decentralized housing. Direction from urban to rural. Decentralized urban structure. Globalization in production. Tourism lively from one country to another. Localization in production. Tourism in homeland more valued. Too little cooperation in solving common problems. Increase cooperation in solving common … Read more

Boosting Immunity

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.3.2020. Updated 21.4.2020 Develop immune-boosting and tasty recipes with healthy foods, spices, and herbs. Give it a try and test it. They can become a good sales article and a new business. Take Coronavirus Covid-19 as an opportunity not a threat.  I can analyze, model, plan and optimize my nutrition with a program I have developed during 10 years as my hobby: NUTRITION OPTIMIZATION, DESIGN AND RESEARCH Overview of resistance and immunity Infectious diseases are affected by the number of microbes in the infection, their multiplication in the target and the individual’s resistance. There are 100 million … Read more

Increase and exploit biodiversity globally

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 29.3.2019, updated 11.3.2020 Impoverishment of biota should be prevented by examining how plants cultivation, rearing and conservation measures could contribute to their viability. I am not in favor of clear cutting in forests, but indeed thinning, where the undergrowth is recovering and absorbing more carbon and preventing the soil from possibly releasing as much carbon as the clear cutting areas. Thinned forest gives more cowberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. to vegetation, hardly any dense old forest at all. Fungi also grow better when the forests are not cut open so much. There are cowberries around the old tree … Read more

How do we advance the common good and at the same time our own good

The big Internet communities have made a lot of quick progress, for example, in the development of computer software, many have been evaluating and developing. And in general, just giving feedback outside the community has taken the development forward. Without these, we would not enjoy well-functioning and varied, affordable and even free programs today. Even a small amount of investment from millions of people will make a huge difference together. If you have the attitude that you wouldn’t want to give anything to others for free, and if everyone did, nothing would be free to anyone. The more billions people … Read more

Original roots of problems and basic solutions

The old wisdom and knowledge of mankind must not be abandoned! In pride and dark wisdom, man is leading himself and others to misfortune, both temporal and eternal. Don’t go along with and along with misleading religions, ideas, and currents, even if they have billions of followers! Hope you find the right, narrow road, which unfortunately has few walkers! One should obey the voice of God and not the voice of darkness, corruption, evil world and the devil. Spiritual problems Without the Holy Spirit, man tries to be good by his own power and order, obey the rules, even practice … Read more

Ad Artificial Intelligence lacks tact, emotional intelligence, and holiness distinction

Even in artificial intelligence, people’s perverse choices are already reflected. When artificial intelligence is taught to provide content, just as the vast majority of people act and choose, it misleads people, staying on the broad path that leads people to soul distress. As I listened to devotional songs from one app, it interrupted annoyingly disturbing music and pictures in a disturbing and repetitive manner, deliberately disturbing the sacred atmosphere. Artificial intelligence may be difficult to do to distinguish this. This gives a negative image of the advertiser. Many people produce free content and if the service provider had to pay … Read more

Values, ideas, administration

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 23.3.2019. Private investments are also needed at a reasonable rate, so that not everything needs tax money There is also a need for high-quality private enterprise in the social and health care sector, so that not everything has to be financed by public funds. But profits should remain moderate, for example, a 2-5% return on invested capital. Shareholders should also invest money in the company’s development activities and additional staff to ensure that the company’s value, returns and competitiveness remain in the long term. If we assume that investors are not profitable at all, then will there … Read more

Meaning of life

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 29.3.2019 Even if one gets all temporal good, he is not happy after all. Only the fact that man has the hope of eternal life really gives meaning to life. There are so many people in this time who lack the sure hope of eternal salvation. People who have the peace given by the Holy Ghost in the soul can also help those, who have not this peace, to achieve it. Once this is achieved, it is also good to do temporal work and build society and solve problems. So, try to get your own things in … Read more

Future living – imaginary and realistic

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.2.2019 Requirement specification for a private home in the near future Materials, structures and the house itself use materials produced by nanotechnology or suitable natural materials, composites, etc.. rot-proof, mold-free, non-perishable, hygienic non-toxic, harmless stainless, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant lightweight yet durable, even thin non-combustible in normal risks easy to clean, remaining clean and even self-cleaning non-destructive and even self-repairing affordable throughout the life cycle and long life making materials and building blocks is also environmentally friendly reusable or recyclable materials can be made into blocks, which make the house easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, so that … Read more

A stunning materialistic future

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, February 2, 2019 The title is playfully exaggerated, yes spiritual and mental values ​​are more important to me, even though material values ​​are essential in this time. Efforts have been made to ensure that the products are not too long-lived to maintain sales and thus continue to generate income. But this is a wrong principle. If the products and materials are long lasting, you won’t need as much money as you do today, maybe just for first time purchase. People do not need as much income, and thus no work, production that consumes energy and raw materials … Read more

Solutions and impacts of the eco-smart city

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, December 15, 2018 Jobs, shops, services, schools etc. local services are within walking distance of the apartments 1-2 km. Special services are within a 3 to 5 km bike ride. There are also carriages and / or moving conveyor belts. There can be more teleworking, distance learning and distance services from home. Dwellings do not have to be too large and do not require much storage space because there are a lot of communal space and people do not buy or store any unnecessary items, they are recycled or reused as raw materials. Everyday commodities can be … Read more

Wishes for Santa Claus , wife of Santa Claus and elves in environmental anxiety

Veikko-troll, Dec 1, 2018 I hope for products, services, solutions for the children of the world because they have a future! AI has sometimes gone astray when translating from languages to other, but let it be so. Take note of this and make sure Santa’s head doesn’t get messed up! But there will be new Innovations. Eco-work; Eco-person; Eco-demand; Eco-worker; Eco-way; Eco-school; Eco-spirit; Eco-trade; Eco-picture; Eco Mode; Eco-family; Eco surface; Eco-life; Eco value; Eco-work; Eco-adjust; Eco-way; Eco use; Eco table; Eco-efficient; Eco water; Eco-tourism; Eco-program; Eco-management; Eco-force; Eco-development; Eco-idea; Eco resource; Eco-operation; Eco-home; Eco-solution; Eco-cost; Eco-town; Eco-products; Eco light; Eco-production; … Read more

When there is no demand, there is no supply, and vice versa, is there too much stagnation?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 20.11.2018 Customers do not know what assignments and work they would offer us. Also, we do not know what we would offer our customers when there is no demand from them. We cannot focus and prepare for demand because producing non-demanding goods is not profitable and it is risky that resources will be wasted. Cannot start producing this and that indiscriminately at random. On the other hand, if we do not present and offer anything clear and concrete to our customers, they need not be asked. How can we overcome this stagnation and lock-in and increase commodity … Read more

We may take on assignments for problem solving and development needs

Veikko J. Pyhtilä 20.11.2018 We tried this, but since there is no interest from customers, the experiment has ended. In this way, it could not develop into a profitable business, we could not start a business, nor would we hire employees and involve more shareholders. The preliminary way to operate would have been as follows: The customer describes the problem and makes a preliminary assignment and sends it to us contacting with e-mail. We keep orders and feedback secret from outside. We can enter into a confidentiality agreement where we can specify things more precisely. Let’s first explore what the … Read more

All human beings once face the transition from time to eternity

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 12.2.2019 I have written and taken a stand on these pages also forever lasting values. Everyone knows the fact that this time is not forever. When you leave here, you lose importance of how well a person has been successful, enriched and glorified over time. Many people have the idea that life is only in this time and then everything is over. That’s why they strive to make this life as good as possible and enjoy it as much as possible. But then, if the eternal aspect is not taken into consideration and prepared, then it may … Read more

Study the sciences, knowledge and skills for problems

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 8.11.2018 I have heard about a top scientist, a man who had not studied at university, but read a lot of scientific literature and was allowed to do and implement things. So, you can go on with self-study, and that’s a lot, even though you are in education. Today, there is a wealth of information available online and in libraries. It’s a good idea to buy an up-to-date good science textbook because you may not get good study material for free. But get started with free older versions of books and free material online. Science has a … Read more

While there are more people on earth, there are also more problem solvers

THIS KIND OF THINGS WE MAY PLAN AND PROPOSE. BUT IT IS REALISM, THAT THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO GET REALIZED. The large population does not in itself cause eg. environmental problems, but rather that people do not act optimally in the whole to avoid problems and solve them. How to get unemployed, for example, to plant more forests, to cultivate food that would suffice for everyone. This is a team spirit problem of the people of the world, a problem of determination, a coordination and organizing problem. If we could get a vote and signing of an agreement from most … Read more

Solutions to world food problems as climate change progresses

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, August 31, 2018 Around a billion people in the world suffer from malnutrition, and there is a need to optimize nutrition for a healthier, more economical, greener and more diverse diet. Reduce food loss at all stages: cultivation, harvesting, transportation, storage, shops, households. Waste and really spoiled food for energy production. Increasing emergency food storage in the event of disasters and disappearances. Diversification of crops, edible organisms and a more diversified and healthier diet. Plants that are successful even in extreme weather conditions are bred and cultivated. Microbial production of food is possibly produced and studied. Overweight … Read more

Full employment requires more activity, productive and smooth cooperation and organization for everyone, not just the unemployed

When people have enough livelihood, they often ignore the good of others and the common good. People are naturally selfish, they all have so much work and hobbies that there is not enough time for common problems. How difficult it is to get people involved in constructive cooperation and to work for society as a whole and the world. If the community, the state and the world are doing well, then you too have the potential to do better. It is difficult for a single person to achieve good results, we are so connected to the rest of society, and … Read more

Artificial intelligence, computing, logic and mathematics help solve problems

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 21.5.2018 What this requires Students need to learn and practice the techniques of artificial intelligence and data processing and mathematics in general. There must be reliable and useful data repositories and ideas needed to apply and utilize the methods. If they do not exist, data collection must begin. The research provides new information and can also be assisted by artificial intelligence. Everything takes time and also funding. The applications themselves should be such that the customer saves time and money. People should find commodities that are environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, economic, etc. and this kind of commodities … Read more

What is precious, dearest to me?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä Everything starts with the values, the purpose of life and the meanings that are important to people and lead to good or bad choices and aspirations. Veikko J. Pyhtilä, Highlights from my deleted forum 2014 UNCONVENTIAL AND BOLD SPEAKING TODAY I want to express the most precious and important things I think in such a straight, pointed and bumping way. I don’t want to mess up religion and politics with business. But it is good to have important basics in order before going into other things. Everything in human life is ideological, all human activities are based … Read more

The deepest and most valuable information is hidden

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 19.4.2018 People’s common language tells and saves things in a nutshell. Only when done, seen in pictures, sensed and experienced, is knowledge more complete. But not. The deepest knowledge is at the cellular and atomic level, in the laws of nature. There is a huge amount of information stored in the nucleus of DNA and other parts of the cell. This information has been hidden from man, but in recent decades it has become increasingly understood. The greatest challenge in solving problems in time, however, is how to manage these nano-scale issues, and yet as complete systems. … Read more

Practicing natural therapy to support health

Now let’s go from words to actions, to concrete problem solving! Problem: I feel stuffy with breathing and getting oxygen and I am tired. However, the oxygen saturation is 94-99%, I was able to measure it with my smartphone health program. I have a stent inserted 3.5 years ago, with a balloon dilatation into the coronary artery when there was a total blockage. When there was an intolerable radiant feeling in the chest near the heart, not so sore. Drinking water did not help, there was no heartburn. I jumped and banged my chest. It began already vomiting. I called … Read more

Causes of future problems and preparedness

Even though your time is reasonably good for you now, will that be the case in the future. Even though you succeed now in time, have you everlasting happiness and success. Often people are not interested in the future, but always present and momentary. Admittedly, there is no need to understand too much about future sorrows, but what you do and your attitudes are now, they will have a profound effect on your future and your eternity. PROBLEM AREAS Bad place and state Although you are not interested now and you don’t care what will happen after temporal death for … Read more

Networking within tight communities could solve many problems

When the whole nation, for example Finns, is not allowed to network and act together and for the benefit of all, it can still succeed within communities of the same mind. Communities can have a wide variety of members in many different life situations. The community could come together to think together and network so that the unemployed in the community are provided with jobs, caring for the sick, knowledge can be shared, learning from others, etc. The community is rich in skills, entrepreneurs, rich, poor and so on. There are certainly many ideas that can be refined and promoted … Read more

The best solution to all problems

If all people everywhere repented, then the present evil world God would no longer need to keep up, and all those who have got and received the grace of repentance would get to heaven. God has given the time of grace yet, but it will end unexpectedly. On the other hand, even if the end of the world does not yet come, the world could become better for everyone. But people do not do according to the will of God, so the problems persist and multiply. The grace of repentance comes to those who have died out of faith, who … Read more

Market From a Problem Solving Perspective, Link to Your Site From One Centralized Directory!

There is a 30,000-word commodity ideas directory for Problem solving Websites, which sells links to entrepreneurs and other actors. The directory is extensive for smartphones, too. Together, let’s map and identify ideas and solutions for problems and development targets in the world around us. Certainly, many customers expect competitive solutions, products and services. The world is never complete, there is always something to think about, develop and improve. As technology and methods evolve, they must be learned to make full and effective use of them. We want to stay stagnant and our competitors will go ahead. Sometimes, in spite of … Read more

High IT unemployment and apparent labor shortages

In recent years, there has been too much training in the IT industry. For a moment there was no job for everyone, both self-taught and educated. A few years ago, I applied for a job in the computer industry, there were over 600 applicants so I couldn’t get one. Since then I have applied for many other jobs in the computer industry, sometimes I managed to get a job for the summer, a year or two. Employers nowadays require at least engineering education, although 90% learn programming by doing and only 10% in theory. However, you need to know enough … Read more

Helping customers to solve problems with product and service selection

Overview There is a huge variety of products and services available on the Internet and in various locations. It takes a lot of time for the customer to make purchasing decisions and find information. In product presentations, the information is often incomplete, the good points can be told, and the bad points may not be known except through “neutral”, if usually are impartial, evaluations. Having tight directories with bottom-up or parallel options for suppliers, prices, features would make it easier and quicker to make purchasing decisions. Similar commodities should also have feature lists for which comparisons are useful. If there … Read more

Solutions to difficult and major problems require collaboration, technology, expertise and modeling

For example, in a human genome project, researchers in the world collaborated. The same applies to solving environmental problems, health problems and even unemployment. Without cooperation, problem solving may take too long or problems may not be solved. This site can help you identify the causes and factors of the problems and find solutions. The results need to be well compiled and structured and model the world. Information technology and other technologies help and enable many difficult problems to be solved. Common sense, experience and solid ground knowledge are also prerequisites. Systems biology seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of … Read more

How do you get participants to come up with ideas and propose solutions to the challenges?

This site has been available since spring 2017. Material has been gradually added to it. On October 10, 2017, there were over 1,000 unique visitors a day. The site should be developed in such a way that the operators would like to participate in the search for development targets and problems and to present solutions on this site. If we had 10,000 players and everyone had at least one item with links and structured it into a clear directory, we would have already identified a lot of problems and to them solution alternatives. Then the number of visitors would be … Read more

Good macro-, micro- and nano-level solutions together give a good result

I have written guidelines, and my views on the macro level mainly. Now is the time to get into practice at the micro and nano levels. By getting players to present in detail their products and services that solve problems and improve the world, we are already at the mini or micro level. The nanoscale is already the level of atoms, molecules and cells. Health and environmental issues also need to be researched at the nano-scale and problem-solved. Nanotechnology has become more advanced, and atoms, molecules and cells can already be seen with devices designed to look at them. However, … Read more

Good basic knowledge is needed for artificial intelligence to solve problems optimally

First, a thorough description of the problems and their interfaces is needed. In this way, artificial intelligence can be used to accurately select the destination to which to look for solutions. Problems need to have data from several different solutions with different weights. For example, if the emphasis is on price, quality, eco-friendliness, etc., different scores will give different results. The problems for which solutions are sought must be suitable for artificial intelligence and necessary for resolution. One can first look at how many different experts, together with lay people, would solve the problem. Sometimes the problem and its solutions … Read more

The New Object Model of Knowledge and the Internet

On the Internet, expert information has a lot of repetition in different sources. Common knowledge should be gathered, repetition of the same information, erroneous and uncertain information should be eliminated and clarification of expressions must be done. When a collection of the same facts could be obtained, different actors could link to it when making their home pages. And from that top level, one could also go down to the deeper level and look at the information and goods provided by the various actors. Basic image material could also be common. Each actor would only produce the part of the … Read more

Identifying problems and development needs – solving and implementing solutions

Think about the items first Time, health, work, processes at work, efficiency, quality, how could I improve an item or part of it, what new technologies, products, services and methods to develop, how do I reduce costs? The list can be continued. There are endless problems and areas for improvement as well as yourself, your neighbors, the environment, society, work, leisure, etc. Which items are worth taking into consideration? Some of life’s little problems can be solved spontaneously, but there are also some ideas and niches that can be found. Find out more about the items Photograph the subject, examine … Read more

In what direction would you like to take this site?

I tentatively put different ideas what kind this Problems Solving site could be. Not all suggestions are carved in stone. Anyone can invent ideas and suggestions on how to develop this site and in what direction to take it. If no attendees are involved, maybe this good idea will come to nothing. No one alone has the resources to push such a big project forward. Here we see that perhaps the biggest problem is not getting people together for constructive cooperation to work for the common good. As a result, there are wars and numerous other problems in the world. … Read more

A comprehensive approach to problems, including interfaces

In functional medicine, the patient is approached holistically, not just a single subject or disease. Systems biology also approaches the biological system as a whole, not just an individual object. Likewise, all areas that are interlinked can be approached as a whole. Even if one focuses on one small object, the problem will not be solved properly if all interfaces to other objects are not known. This site also seeks to address the challenges and solutions to each major area in parallel. One has to learn how to master and deal with large entities. A lot can be learned and … Read more

There is information about problems and solutions, but they should be better structured to be found and utilized

There is a lot of information, and repetition of the same thing, knowledge is confusing, so its structuring and presentation should be developed briefly and concisely. There are lots of tacit and untapped information. When a large number of people are looking for solutions, then even the most imaginative solutions can be found, if people do not think according a same forged mold. On the other hand, the same boundary conditions and natural laws guide us to similar solutions. There are many problems in Finland and around the world that have not been satisfactorily resolved. If there is, for example, … Read more

You can rate whatever objects by scoring

The subject may be a product, service, construction, process, person, etc. with respect to some of the characteristics. Eg prevention of global warming HOW? B1. Recyclability / Reusability / RefillabilityB2. LongevityB3. Persistence / compostabilityB4. High quality / performanceB5. Energy savingsB6. Environmental cleaning productsB7. Uses recycled materials WHEN AND WHERE? C1. Material Recovery (Resources)C2. Production of materials and components (materials / components)C3. Design and material selectionC4. Product manufacturing (production)C5. TransportC6. Product Use, Maintenance, and Repair (Use / Repair)C7. End of life Score: 0-5, 0 = could not be evaluated or not appropriate, 1 = weakest, 3 = intermediate, 5 = best. … Read more

Increasing competitiveness within the company and in the business environment

COMPLEX NETWORK OF MEASURES AND IMPACTS Both the main lines and the details of the procedures should be reviewed with their effects and reflections. It would be worthwhile for society, the institution and the company to carry out a thorough study of the measures and their alternatives, including their indirect, immediate and long-term effects. They can be used to build a network of connectivity with its causes, consequences and weights. Being able to take into account all the possible significant things can be mapped and completed. A simulation model could be constructed to select the optimal options for different actions, … Read more

Benefits of the Problem Solving Portal

A directory containing information, links and links to business, employment and sustainable development will be provided. For internal and external education, knowledge sharing and study. Promote problem solving and sustainable development. Information is valuable and needs to be better utilized. You need to find relevant and key information quickly from the vast mass of web data. And at different levels for multi-level individuals. It is possible to get an overview of the top portal and a deeper view as you go further down the links of the lower portals. There are alternatives to information explained and described in many ways. … Read more

About the problems and their weights generally

There are minor and major problems. There are unresolved and already solved problems. There are problems that have not yet solutions, but they are being developed and have been solved in the future. Many problems already have solutions, but they cannot applied, or solution opportunities are unknown. Problems and solutions are often individual, so you have to tailor your overall solution to your specific needs. For some, the same thing is a problem, for another not. People are constantly solving the little problems of life without having to put them on these sites with brochures and solutions. We need to … Read more

Thoughts about problems solving

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 28.2.2020 Problems and development need solutions or solutions encounter problems. Problems are sought for solutions and solutions are sought for problems. The solution can be a product, a service, a method, a development, an influential opinion that causes change, etc. Systematically analyze problems and even find partial solutions to them. Problems can be like a vicious circle or a chain reaction. Problems cause new problems. Information comes from experience, reading, doing, researching, from others, and from yourself. What is the shortest way from problem to solution? We need linguistic, conceptual, technical, artistic, social, etc. talent. There are … Read more