Benefits of the Problem Solving Portal

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  • A directory containing information, links and links to business, employment and sustainable development will be provided. For internal and external education, knowledge sharing and study. Promote problem solving and sustainable development. Information is valuable and needs to be better utilized.
  • You need to find relevant and key information quickly from the vast mass of web data. And at different levels for multi-level individuals. It is possible to get an overview of the top portal and a deeper view as you go further down the links of the lower portals.
  • There are alternatives to information explained and described in many ways. It helps in the process of assimilation and broadens views.
  • It is a central place for good things on the Internet pre-searched and can easily and quickly find and read interesting, relevant information on your smartphone and computer.
  • Having such a centralized place to learn to use will bring more visitors to your site. Here you can showcase your products and services from different destinations, and then get a more comprehensive view of what’s already there and what’s missing.
  • Links to actors give them more visibility online. The more external links a site receives, the more search engine crawlers place on the site. The more visitors to a page, the more search engine crawlers make it.
  • It is easier to find different and similar players. They are more comparable and the most suitable ones can be selected.
  • All this requires that links are carefully selected and that operators have to provide good material in their links. And the more links you get, the more comprehensive the directory and the more visitors you get.
  • Finding what you are looking for is a good way of grouping and linking your links in order of importance and order of interest. It also ignites new thoughts, stimuli and needs. It gives a good overview of the whole problem-solving area, of the economy and of sustainable development in general and the world.
  • With the involvement of as many actors as possible, the collaboration can make the directory optimal for everyone, or it can be made in different versions with different emphasis on a wide range of people and needs.
  • The problem solving portal acts as a top portal, with smaller portals underneath. Thus, the Problems Solving Portal covers a huge number of items that visitors can go to.
  • When planning to buy something, at least basic information can be obtained from the portal, if not in-depth information to make a purchasing decision.
  • The portal helps you keep track of where you are and develop your own activities, products and services to become more competitive. This is how development proceeds.
  • Environmental, economic and health issues are a major challenge for humanity now and in the future. It requires all the know-how, ideas and resources and means to make life on earth at least tolerable. Problem solving creates new jobs and helps with social, economic and mental problems in addition to environmental problems. Sustainable development promotes peace and reconciliation between people.
  • If the administrator of the Problems Solving Portal receives some payment for the links and if there are enough links, it can be used to finance the maintenance of the Problems Solving Portal, to raise money for development, employment.
  • The problem solving portal gives operators a good networking opportunity, which is important at least for small and medium-sized enterprises. Those involved can start collaborating on many things, such as export trade, development, procurement. For example, the waste of one may be the raw material of the other. It helps with symbiosis.
  • Better supply of goods and services from producers to consumers, and money rolling, will increase prosperity, work and livelihood for all. If the economy stops, it will cause a recession. The portal can partly help move the economy and development forward.
  • The portal can increase interaction that helps sustainable development and problem-solving and a better life on a natural basis.
  • Developing and brainstorming what else can come. When things are structured in a well-organized way, it helps them to be handled and taken forward.
  • The portal can help you reach new visitors and create new needs. It will increase consumer demand in the right direction or reduce harmful unnecessary consumption. The aim would be for the portal to show direction towards optimal solutions and development.
  • The potential of the Internet and technology needs to be better exploited. Finding and finding information must be easier and quicker.
  • If advanced digitalisation can still be incorporated into the portal, it could be equipped with functions to quickly search, compare, order, purchase, sell, supply and pay for products and services, and more.
  • All this requires that all competitors in the same industry be involved. While the competition may become fiercer, it gives customers choice. And when everyone gets better visibility, it can increase the income of everyone involved. It promotes the development of everyone involved.
  • There are many more uses and opportunities to come up with and see on the portal.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.6.2017