Increase and exploit biodiversity globally

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 29.3.2019, updated 11.3.2020 Impoverishment of biota should be prevented by examining how plants cultivation, rearing and conservation measures could contribute to their viability. I am not in favor of clear cutting in forests, but indeed thinning, where the undergrowth is recovering and absorbing more carbon and preventing the soil from possibly releasing as much carbon as the clear cutting areas. Thinned forest gives more cowberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. to vegetation, hardly any dense old forest at all. Fungi also grow better when the forests are not cut open so much. There are cowberries around the old tree … Read more

Original roots of problems and basic solutions

The old wisdom and knowledge of mankind must not be abandoned! In pride and dark wisdom, man is leading himself and others to misfortune, both temporal and eternal. Don’t go along with and along with misleading religions, ideas, and currents, even if they have billions of followers! Hope you find the right, narrow road, which unfortunately has few walkers! One should obey the voice of God and not the voice of darkness, corruption, evil world and the devil. Spiritual problems Without the Holy Spirit, man tries to be good by his own power and order, obey the rules, even practice … Read more

Meaning of life

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 29.3.2019 Even if one gets all temporal good, he is not happy after all. Only the fact that man has the hope of eternal life really gives meaning to life. There are so many people in this time who lack the sure hope of eternal salvation. People who have the peace given by the Holy Ghost in the soul can also help those, who have not this peace, to achieve it. Once this is achieved, it is also good to do temporal work and build society and solve problems. So, try to get your own things in … Read more

Study the sciences, knowledge and skills for problems

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 8.11.2018 I have heard about a top scientist, a man who had not studied at university, but read a lot of scientific literature and was allowed to do and implement things. So, you can go on with self-study, and that’s a lot, even though you are in education. Today, there is a wealth of information available online and in libraries. It’s a good idea to buy an up-to-date good science textbook because you may not get good study material for free. But get started with free older versions of books and free material online. Science has a … Read more

While there are more people on earth, there are also more problem solvers

THIS KIND OF THINGS WE MAY PLAN AND PROPOSE. BUT IT IS REALISM, THAT THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO GET REALIZED. The large population does not in itself cause eg. environmental problems, but rather that people do not act optimally in the whole to avoid problems and solve them. How to get unemployed, for example, to plant more forests, to cultivate food that would suffice for everyone. This is a team spirit problem of the people of the world, a problem of determination, a coordination and organizing problem. If we could get a vote and signing of an agreement from most … Read more

Full employment requires more activity, productive and smooth cooperation and organization for everyone, not just the unemployed

When people have enough livelihood, they often ignore the good of others and the common good. People are naturally selfish, they all have so much work and hobbies that there is not enough time for common problems. How difficult it is to get people involved in constructive cooperation and to work for society as a whole and the world. If the community, the state and the world are doing well, then you too have the potential to do better. It is difficult for a single person to achieve good results, we are so connected to the rest of society, and … Read more

Artificial intelligence, computing, logic and mathematics help solve problems

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 21.5.2018 What this requires Students need to learn and practice the techniques of artificial intelligence and data processing and mathematics in general. There must be reliable and useful data repositories and ideas needed to apply and utilize the methods. If they do not exist, data collection must begin. The research provides new information and can also be assisted by artificial intelligence. Everything takes time and also funding. The applications themselves should be such that the customer saves time and money. People should find commodities that are environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, economic, etc. and this kind of commodities … Read more

Causes of future problems and preparedness

Even though your time is reasonably good for you now, will that be the case in the future. Even though you succeed now in time, have you everlasting happiness and success. Often people are not interested in the future, but always present and momentary. Admittedly, there is no need to understand too much about future sorrows, but what you do and your attitudes are now, they will have a profound effect on your future and your eternity. PROBLEM AREAS Bad place and state Although you are not interested now and you don’t care what will happen after temporal death for … Read more

Networking within tight communities could solve many problems

When the whole nation, for example Finns, is not allowed to network and act together and for the benefit of all, it can still succeed within communities of the same mind. Communities can have a wide variety of members in many different life situations. The community could come together to think together and network so that the unemployed in the community are provided with jobs, caring for the sick, knowledge can be shared, learning from others, etc. The community is rich in skills, entrepreneurs, rich, poor and so on. There are certainly many ideas that can be refined and promoted … Read more

High IT unemployment and apparent labor shortages

In recent years, there has been too much training in the IT industry. For a moment there was no job for everyone, both self-taught and educated. A few years ago, I applied for a job in the computer industry, there were over 600 applicants so I couldn’t get one. Since then I have applied for many other jobs in the computer industry, sometimes I managed to get a job for the summer, a year or two. Employers nowadays require at least engineering education, although 90% learn programming by doing and only 10% in theory. However, you need to know enough … Read more

Good basic knowledge is needed for artificial intelligence to solve problems optimally

First, a thorough description of the problems and their interfaces is needed. In this way, artificial intelligence can be used to accurately select the destination to which to look for solutions. Problems need to have data from several different solutions with different weights. For example, if the emphasis is on price, quality, eco-friendliness, etc., different scores will give different results. The problems for which solutions are sought must be suitable for artificial intelligence and necessary for resolution. One can first look at how many different experts, together with lay people, would solve the problem. Sometimes the problem and its solutions … Read more

Identifying problems and development needs – solving and implementing solutions

Think about the items first Time, health, work, processes at work, efficiency, quality, how could I improve an item or part of it, what new technologies, products, services and methods to develop, how do I reduce costs? The list can be continued. There are endless problems and areas for improvement as well as yourself, your neighbors, the environment, society, work, leisure, etc. Which items are worth taking into consideration? Some of life’s little problems can be solved spontaneously, but there are also some ideas and niches that can be found. Find out more about the items Photograph the subject, examine … Read more

Benefits of the Problem Solving Portal

A directory containing information, links and links to business, employment and sustainable development will be provided. For internal and external education, knowledge sharing and study. Promote problem solving and sustainable development. Information is valuable and needs to be better utilized. You need to find relevant and key information quickly from the vast mass of web data. And at different levels for multi-level individuals. It is possible to get an overview of the top portal and a deeper view as you go further down the links of the lower portals. There are alternatives to information explained and described in many ways. … Read more

About the problems and their weights generally

There are minor and major problems. There are unresolved and already solved problems. There are problems that have not yet solutions, but they are being developed and have been solved in the future. Many problems already have solutions, but they cannot applied, or solution opportunities are unknown. Problems and solutions are often individual, so you have to tailor your overall solution to your specific needs. For some, the same thing is a problem, for another not. People are constantly solving the little problems of life without having to put them on these sites with brochures and solutions. We need to … Read more

Thoughts about problems solving

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 28.2.2020 Problems and development need solutions or solutions encounter problems. Problems are sought for solutions and solutions are sought for problems. The solution can be a product, a service, a method, a development, an influential opinion that causes change, etc. Systematically analyze problems and even find partial solutions to them. Problems can be like a vicious circle or a chain reaction. Problems cause new problems. Information comes from experience, reading, doing, researching, from others, and from yourself. What is the shortest way from problem to solution? We need linguistic, conceptual, technical, artistic, social, etc. talent. There are … Read more