Increase and exploit biodiversity globally

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 29.3.2019, updated 11.3.2020 Impoverishment of biota should be prevented by examining how plants cultivation, rearing and conservation measures could contribute to their viability. I am not in favor of clear cutting in forests, but indeed thinning, where the undergrowth is recovering and absorbing more carbon and preventing the soil from possibly releasing as much carbon as the clear cutting areas. Thinned forest gives more cowberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. to vegetation, hardly any dense old forest at all. Fungi also grow better when the forests are not cut open so much. There are cowberries around the old tree … Read more

Future living – imaginary and realistic

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.2.2019 Requirement specification for a private home in the near future Materials, structures and the house itself use materials produced by nanotechnology or suitable natural materials, composites, etc.. rot-proof, mold-free, non-perishable, hygienic non-toxic, harmless stainless, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant lightweight yet durable, even thin non-combustible in normal risks easy to clean, remaining clean and even self-cleaning non-destructive and even self-repairing affordable throughout the life cycle and long life making materials and building blocks is also environmentally friendly reusable or recyclable materials can be made into blocks, which make the house easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, so that … Read more

A stunning materialistic future

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, February 2, 2019 The title is playfully exaggerated, yes spiritual and mental values ​​are more important to me, even though material values ​​are essential in this time. Efforts have been made to ensure that the products are not too long-lived to maintain sales and thus continue to generate income. But this is a wrong principle. If the products and materials are long lasting, you won’t need as much money as you do today, maybe just for first time purchase. People do not need as much income, and thus no work, production that consumes energy and raw materials … Read more

Solutions and impacts of the eco-smart city

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, December 15, 2018 Jobs, shops, services, schools etc. local services are within walking distance of the apartments 1-2 km. Special services are within a 3 to 5 km bike ride. There are also carriages and / or moving conveyor belts. There can be more teleworking, distance learning and distance services from home. Dwellings do not have to be too large and do not require much storage space because there are a lot of communal space and people do not buy or store any unnecessary items, they are recycled or reused as raw materials. Everyday commodities can be … Read more

Wishes for Santa Claus , wife of Santa Claus and elves in environmental anxiety

Veikko-troll, Dec 1, 2018 I hope for products, services, solutions for the children of the world because they have a future! AI has sometimes gone astray when translating from languages to other, but let it be so. Take note of this and make sure Santa’s head doesn’t get messed up! But there will be new Innovations. Eco-work; Eco-person; Eco-demand; Eco-worker; Eco-way; Eco-school; Eco-spirit; Eco-trade; Eco-picture; Eco Mode; Eco-family; Eco surface; Eco-life; Eco value; Eco-work; Eco-adjust; Eco-way; Eco use; Eco table; Eco-efficient; Eco water; Eco-tourism; Eco-program; Eco-management; Eco-force; Eco-development; Eco-idea; Eco resource; Eco-operation; Eco-home; Eco-solution; Eco-cost; Eco-town; Eco-products; Eco light; Eco-production; … Read more

Study the sciences, knowledge and skills for problems

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 8.11.2018 I have heard about a top scientist, a man who had not studied at university, but read a lot of scientific literature and was allowed to do and implement things. So, you can go on with self-study, and that’s a lot, even though you are in education. Today, there is a wealth of information available online and in libraries. It’s a good idea to buy an up-to-date good science textbook because you may not get good study material for free. But get started with free older versions of books and free material online. Science has a … Read more

While there are more people on earth, there are also more problem solvers

THIS KIND OF THINGS WE MAY PLAN AND PROPOSE. BUT IT IS REALISM, THAT THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO GET REALIZED. The large population does not in itself cause eg. environmental problems, but rather that people do not act optimally in the whole to avoid problems and solve them. How to get unemployed, for example, to plant more forests, to cultivate food that would suffice for everyone. This is a team spirit problem of the people of the world, a problem of determination, a coordination and organizing problem. If we could get a vote and signing of an agreement from most … Read more

Solutions to world food problems as climate change progresses

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, August 31, 2018 Around a billion people in the world suffer from malnutrition, and there is a need to optimize nutrition for a healthier, more economical, greener and more diverse diet. Reduce food loss at all stages: cultivation, harvesting, transportation, storage, shops, households. Waste and really spoiled food for energy production. Increasing emergency food storage in the event of disasters and disappearances. Diversification of crops, edible organisms and a more diversified and healthier diet. Plants that are successful even in extreme weather conditions are bred and cultivated. Microbial production of food is possibly produced and studied. Overweight … Read more

You can rate whatever objects by scoring

The subject may be a product, service, construction, process, person, etc. with respect to some of the characteristics. Eg prevention of global warming HOW? B1. Recyclability / Reusability / RefillabilityB2. LongevityB3. Persistence / compostabilityB4. High quality / performanceB5. Energy savingsB6. Environmental cleaning productsB7. Uses recycled materials WHEN AND WHERE? C1. Material Recovery (Resources)C2. Production of materials and components (materials / components)C3. Design and material selectionC4. Product manufacturing (production)C5. TransportC6. Product Use, Maintenance, and Repair (Use / Repair)C7. End of life Score: 0-5, 0 = could not be evaluated or not appropriate, 1 = weakest, 3 = intermediate, 5 = best. … Read more

Increasing competitiveness within the company and in the business environment

COMPLEX NETWORK OF MEASURES AND IMPACTS Both the main lines and the details of the procedures should be reviewed with their effects and reflections. It would be worthwhile for society, the institution and the company to carry out a thorough study of the measures and their alternatives, including their indirect, immediate and long-term effects. They can be used to build a network of connectivity with its causes, consequences and weights. Being able to take into account all the possible significant things can be mapped and completed. A simulation model could be constructed to select the optimal options for different actions, … Read more

Benefits of the Problem Solving Portal

A directory containing information, links and links to business, employment and sustainable development will be provided. For internal and external education, knowledge sharing and study. Promote problem solving and sustainable development. Information is valuable and needs to be better utilized. You need to find relevant and key information quickly from the vast mass of web data. And at different levels for multi-level individuals. It is possible to get an overview of the top portal and a deeper view as you go further down the links of the lower portals. There are alternatives to information explained and described in many ways. … Read more