Causes of future problems and preparedness

Let us prepare for the future
Let us prepare for the future

Even though your time is reasonably good for you now, will that be the case in the future. Even though you succeed now in time, have you everlasting happiness and success. Often people are not interested in the future, but always present and momentary. Admittedly, there is no need to understand too much about future sorrows, but what you do and your attitudes are now, they will have a profound effect on your future and your eternity. PROBLEM AREAS

Bad place and state

Although you are not interested now and you don’t care what will happen after temporal death for the soul, so the eternal evil place can surprise you. In addition, temporal misfortune can follow if you do not take the future into account. It would be worthwhile to be interested in the things of faith, and to seek and find that kind by which will surely be saved, and which will also help in temporal problems. Ethics. The Longing of The Soul.


When you eat unhealthily, do not exercise enough, do not rest enough, use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. they affect your future health. Although currently you are relatively well, health problems develop over time. Wellbeing. Nutrition optimization. Health problems.

Poverty, unemployment, entrepreneurial failure, idea poverty

If you are not studying, obtaining knowledge and experience well, and are not learning how to work hard and sensibly, and do not get into collaboration, so then with a good luck and living on the wings of others, you may avoid poverty. But if society is impoverished, if we everybody from our part will not do it, then we cannot expect great support even from society. If you are wasteful and do not save, so you are not prepared for unexpected expenses in the future. Interaction between different people, getting impact and using your own creativity helps to create and refine new ideas. Develop!

Environmental problems

Huge consumption, disregard for increased environmental issues, or insufficient focusing on and preparing for them can quickly lead and have already led to big problems. Environmental problems.

Dissension, Wars

If you are selfish, and do not act for common good, do not care about managing common issues, you do not settle the dispute, the same applies to those in power, so will these problems increase. If people are not capable of working together, respecting the interests of all parties, disagreement and wars follow. Society

Sorrows, worries and problems in general

There are a lot of sorrows and worries, and them had to focus on thoroughly, they should be handled and treated so that they do not get worse. Participate!

Get involved, let’s prepare for the future!

Be actively involved in driving this site forward, mapping and resolving problems, presenting already existing good products, services and information through this portal. In this way, we, for our part, can work together to promote the good of the future and to avoid problems flooding. There are many problems today you can’t solve alone, you need fruitful cooperation. Collaboration requires organization, co-ordination and structuring, which requires this site. I’ve been running this site alone, even one person can accomplish something, but the results will become possible only, when there are time, money, expertise and other resources. They are enough when several people and entities combine their resources. So, everyone will just stay on the level of talking and words, unless actually are worked together. Contact!

Veikko Pyhtilä, February 24, 2018