Time is a valid competitive factor economically and environmentally

A company that can provide users that kind of services and products that save time will succeed in this hectic and busy time. Time is also an economic factor. If working time is saved for more profitable and productive work, then there is great economic significance. The environmental problems are so great treat at the present and more in near future so they must have time enter into all entrepreneurs, customers and citizens. So are also health problems.

If entrepreneurs are providing users that kind of products whose bringing into use need a lot of learning in proportion to the benefits, the products are difficult to get sold. If you switch to a newer and newer version with lot of learning, it will take much time from users and firms, in spite of that IT is used. One should stick to the well-used and learned practice and only when reform and improvement really matter, save time and money for customers, is it worth implementing.

 If your new machine consumes less electricity and saves you time when it runs much faster, you may want to give up old systems and replace them with new ones. On the other hand, learning to do things with better and more effective ways of doing things will save you time and money in the future. It’s a good idea to check and think about ways to improve. Too sparing and stingy is not worth being and save on the wrong things.

Customers and companies should not go into too much of what is possible, but specialize in some and have a lot of routine work done by experienced experts and companies. And if an area requires very long-term familiarization and learning, it is not always time for the company and the individual to acquire sufficient expertise.

It takes a lot of time to get information. There is fierce competition that requires you to stay up to date. Nowadays web browsing takes a huge amount of time, there are many offerings and options. A company that is able to communicate in a concise, clear, interesting and illustrative way about its products and services will be successful in the market. While companies spend a lot of time customizing their communications to save as much time as possible while still highlighting important points, it’s worth it. Also, learning how to retrieve information efficiently from the web and other sources requires training.

Product development should leave the commercialization inadequate. The final touches, relatively time-consuming, may be decisive for sales. If much has already been sacrificed without time to profit, you just need to continue thinking about how to make your product and service more interesting, useful, easy to use, more time-saving, and how to communicate it to your customers. If a product or service does not sell at all, it is possible to develop the product or part of it into another product using the same learned principles. Therefore, the time spent on development does not go to waste. Development is a good learning process, even though the fruits cannot be harvested right away.

Must learn how to manage time and focus on the essentials and the right things. Developing products and services that save time, money, health, the environment is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs!

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 2018