Eco milieu idea

Copyright Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 2017, Finland

What could or could not be in an ecovillage, an eco-city? For eco-milieu design helping brainstorming.

Keywords are extracted from 90,000 Finnish words in alphabetical order from end and translated in English. There are humorous words among them and they help you in brainstorming and laughing too!

Community and ideas


Scientific community; language community; small community; international community; a residential community; eco-community; a public entity; human community; economic community; village community; biotic communities; workplace;


Employee organization; employers’ organization; trade association; secret organization; social organization; cooperative organization; student association; cover organization; regional groups; support organization; district association; professional organization; world organization; member organization; scout organization; youth organization; umbrella; sister organization; student organization; post men’s organization; its sister; non-governmental organization; disability organization; women’s organization; local organization; a specialized agency; temperance organization; confederations; economic organization; organization of national defense; liberation organization; sports body; interest groups;association; an employee organization; environmental; labor;


Villa community; rural community; urban community; plant community; factory community; colony of bees; industrial community; village community;


Joint venture company; conglomerate; care company; family business; business enterprise; small business; a shell company; a subsidiary; joint venture; a private company; agricultural company; industrial company; attempt at conciliation; firm; company staff; Eropean company; shipping company; family-owned company; limited company; condominium; publishing company; holding company; factoring; parking company; monopoly company; listed company; sales company; limited partnership; telephone company; state-owned; radio company; mailbox companies; housing company; parent company; asset management company; carrier; a sister company; large company; subsidiary; mining company; leasing firm; construction company; finance; investment company; insurance company; marine insurance company; development company; oil company; record company; forestry company; electric company; ship host company;

telephone cooperative; co-production; consumer cooperative;


Student association; voters; neighborhood association; trade union; a member of association; workers’ association; telephone association; game management association; forest management; timber floating association; residents’ association; right to housing association; temperance society; kannatusyhdistys; tourist association; homeland association;


Pension fund;


Cooperative formats; principle; principle; general principle; principle of prescription; principle of supply; principle of publicity; principle of nationality; principle of reciprocity; principle of subsidiarity; pleasure principle; quota principle; principle of majority; pacifism; freedom of ideas; labor ideology; temperance movement; basic idea; enlightenment ideology;

Environment and space


A land area; wilderness area; non-; border area; protected area; peak area; villa area; port area; water catchment area; residential area; market area; edge region; polar region; a free trade area; cottagers area; hazard area; lease area; element; beach area; area of operation; usufruct area; garrison area; game area; flooded area; rain area; dialect area; pollution area; priority; fringe area; shadow area; neighboring area; circulation area; urban area; river area; central region; support area; butt; language area; customs area; intermediate area; territory; theater of operations; slum; garrison; primeval forest; sound area; side area; marine area; camping area; a neighboring region; mountain area; periphery; catchment area; tolerance zone; parking lot; sales area; home area; single-family area; mandate; disk ant area; arctic area; lake district; core area; living area; neighborhood; core region; life in area; disaster area; coastal area; terraced area; housing estate; wooden houses; hearing range; weight range; watch out for area; bass area; depletion region; margins of; change area; reindeer herding area; waveband; short-wave range; long-wave range; administrative region; autonomous region; housing development; storage area; gamut; mountain region; parkland; cooking area; green area; factory area; enemy territory; wintering area; parking lots; range; private area; joint area; parking area; research area; economic area; campus; sanctuary; accommodation area; parking; planning area; fishing; penalty area; defense area; sphere of influence; braking area; populated area; sparsely populated area; band; accident area; industrial estate; picnic area; junction area; cultivated areas; emitting area; development area; regional grouping; voting district; recreation ground; alarm area; coverage area; depth of field; attack zone; shut-off area; reserve; mire reserve; nature reserve; range; battle area; an outdoor area; logging area; estuary; range of responsibility; oil area; storm area; growing region; exhibition area; hiking area; nesting area; forest area; forest protection; campsite; mission area; environmental area; watershed;


Mind- keeping climate; emotional climate; monsoon climate; maritime climate; mountain-climate; microclimate; micro-climate; continental climate; industrial climate; indoor climate; working climate;


Thaw; fair weather; rainy weather; thermometer rose; sea weather; winter weather; flying weather; frosty weather; sailing weather; spring weather; stormy weather; summer weather;


Energy forest; protection forest; back of forest; mixed forest; lingonberry forest; urban forestry; copse; rain forest; mangrove; primeval forest; timber forest; beech forest; oak forest; mushroom forest; monsoon forest; spruce forest; spruce forest; deciduous forest; state forest; natural forest; primeval forest; cut through forest; a grove of forest; national forest; forest park; peatland forest; fabric forest; collective; hare forest; private forest; forest reservation; economic forest; grow common forest; plantation; coniferous forest; birch forest; growing forest; pine forest; unable to forest; seeding forest;


Mangrove forest; oak grove; educational stand of trees; cultivated forest; birch grove; pine grove;


Over-harvesting; landscape logging; acquisition of cutting; logging zone; strip harvesting; final felling; post-harvesting; clear cutting; chop wood; felling; hole logging; clear-cutting; thinning; education logging; cleaning of harvesting; regeneration felling; manufacture of logging; robbery logging;


Theme park; a dog park; art park; traffic park; playground; safari park; amusement park; animal park; park; church park; national park; sports park; recreational park;

Protection of objects


rear casing; ash nest; winter nest; magpie’s nest; eagle’s nest; frost nest; chicken’s nest; a squirrel’s nest; snake’s nest; wind nest; crow’s nest; swallow’s nest; bear’s nest; bird’s nest; fox nest; warren; hornet’s nest; ant hill; bees; beehive; right-nest; in third nest; number one nest; perimeter of nest; field nest;

Landscape, background

nearby mountain; hilly terrain; middle ground; rocky terrain; cross-country skiing; in open terrain; outdoor terrain; vanguard; jogging terrain; forest terrain;


Beach landscape; traditional landscape; mountainous land; soundscape; alpine landscape; backwoods landscape; seascape; mountain landscape; cultural landscape; lake landscape; landscape of soul; national landscape; moonscape; village landscape; forest landscape;


garden; marches; subsoil; undeveloped; woodland pastures; outback; sand stuff; strawberry land; flowerbed; carrot field; potato patch; rented land; hardpan; flat; sand earth; humus earth; lows; marshland; slurries; fill; diatomaceous earth; calcareous; marshland; cabbage land; mineral soil; peninsula; moraine; fine amorphous land; wilderness; development; herb garden; clay soils; garden plot; native land; grazing land; backwoods; tableland; desert; churchyard; wilderness; grove; arable land; fallow land; dirt; colonial; cross country; wasteland; open-air; mainland; moorland; vegetable land; common; private land; mineral soil; cemetery; urn cemetery; hero cemetery; military cemetery; possession; building land; agricultural land; farmland; rim; hunting ground; a tourist destination; silty soils; scrub land; swede land; graveyard; farmland; an agricultural; uplands; hay land; wilderness; sandy desert; stone wilderness; inland; woodland; diatomaceous earth; fillings; alluvion; site; street maintenance; building site;

Bank; Ditch;

Embankment; Protective embankment; beach terraces; road embankment; river embankment; road embankment; valley of embankment;


Boiler valley; river valleys; Alpine valley; u-valley; dell; gorge


slide hill; a sledding hill; m hiking hill; downhill; only hill; waste hill; ski jump; pace of hill; plastic hill; flying hill; little hill; slide; water slide; rise; hill; filling hill; tomb hill


Grain lining; castle mountain; volcano; intermediate flow; mountain bird; iceberg;


Cliff; glaciated; outcrops; bedrock; parent rock;


Game cave; snow cave; parking cave; dripstone; lion’s cave; fox cave; rock cave;


Plain; y plateau;


Beach; beach; bath beach; opposite shore; ship beach; boat beach; riverside; western shore; horizon; riverside; seaside; lakeside; rocky beach; rocky beach; ancient shoreline;


Free port; fishing port; trade port; port of war; ferry port; ship port; marina; small boat harbor; guest harbor; river port; coal harbor; inland port; export port; home port; container port; winter port; natural harbor; outer harbor; airport; guest harbor; oil port; inner harbor; port of refuge; deep-water port; port of departure;


Coral island; sea island; rock island; outer island; flow island;




Soil moisture; soda water; honey water; water table; raw water; dirty water; water fish; salt water; melt water; you are drinking; water catchment; wake; bath water; potato water; mud water; liquid manure; beach water; surface water; aftershave; soapy water; floodwater; top water; rainwater; condensation water; source of water; crystal water; splash water; runoff water; pressure water; baptism of water; sewage; territorial waters; holy water; lime water; dishwater; mineral water; clamor of water; bilge; oxygen water; sugar water; sea ​​water; amniotic fluid; bilge water; condensate; coffee water; lake water; small hydro; warm water-; cologne; water maker; k amber water; exhaust water; coastal water; supply water; tide; brook of water; tap water; brackish water; open water; well water; toner; aqua regia; heavy water; melt water; mineral water; hair tonic; a vessel of water; household water; fire water; topwater; perfume; low tide; rinse water; dripping; washing water; rise of water; rose water; mouthwash; water thrown; back water; inland waterways; table water; ice water;


Sea of flowers; shallow sea; edge of sea; ocean; high seas; territorial sea; sea of flame; came to sea; outer sea; light sea; maritime barn; open; human sea; inland sea; deep sea; ocean;


Flood lake; source of lake; river lake; alpine lake; mountain lake; artificial lake; central lake; bird lake; inland lakes;


salmon river; melt water in river; fall river; a tributary; main tributary;


Mountain brook; mountain brooks; mountain brook;


drain; dike body; open trench; major drainage; a discharge ditch; gutter; forest ditch;


Dirty sewer; open sewer; drainage sewer;

Village, City

 border village; fishing rods; technology village; holiday village; race village; tent village; cottage in village; shantytown; a neighboring village; home village; stone village; global village; church of village; mountain village; industrial park; remote village;




old town; garden city; linear city; a border town; a port city; metropolis; outskirt; position of city; seaside town; traffic city; downtown; shantytown; staple; a neighboring town; cultural city; suburban; home town; satellite town; ruins of city; a coastal town; a university town; city; factory in city; city government; industrial city; twin town; small town; rural town; a spa town;  metropolitan; capital of culture;


Place in lap; a place of honor; a place to stay; student place; berry place; strawberry place; eating place; fast food place; hospital beds; fishing spot; lookout; station; looking place; sleeping place; venue; seating; market; window seat; market town; pizza place; dressing station;; a place of worship; current place; burial plot; asylum; bed; place of business; mooring; traffic place; handicap parking; playground; p repository; tip of place; central place; post; office address; postal district; favorite place; victim of a place; camp location; anchorage; berth; site; parking; point of sale; place to visit; domicile; nursery place; still play; whereabouts; habitation; seat; house place; campfire; guard place; shadow of place; getaway; campfire site; follow-up place; place for a break; hide-out; place of printing; resting place; landfill; snow dump; leading position; a clinic; day care; venue; storage place; a holiday resort; a summer resort; gravel pit; run-up place; parking place; place patient; man place; women’s place; a meeting place; place of gathering; a gathering place; accommodation for night; stopping; port of call; tee; ford; rendezvous; place of loading; a place of service; a place of pilgrimage; place of delivery; repository; starting point; place of performance; place of manufacture; stopping place; resting place; crossroads; border crossing point; perch; emergency landing place; stopping places; distribution place; place of residence; study; placement; hot spot; sleeping place; sleeping place; ford; habitat; a place of work; hiding place; a place to work; place of birth; district place; village place; nesting area; birthplace; summer place; a hotbed; nesting place; emergency place; hiding place; origin; location of discovery; sleeping place; job; sheltered employment; industrial workplace; summer job;


A ground station; border station; capacity; radar station; ultra-short position; emergency station; commodity station; power station; great power status; railway station; floppy drive; waste station; terminal station; favorite position; base station; on weighing; hedgehog position; customs station; mono position; fire station; an intermediate position; mushroom position; petrol station; a medical clinic; extreme position; police station; taxi rank; pilot station; power station; vantage; checkmate position; asphalt plant; a key role; a transmission station; radio station; broadcasting station; guard station; coast guard; outpost; from behind; a coast station; fire station; main fire station; metro station; youth station; leadership; short-wave station; gas station; airport; observation station; weather station; transforming; naval station; station; bus station; on enemy; detoxification center; a special place; special status; legal position; exceptionalism; research; defense position; space station; financial position; junction station; health center; occupational health; broadcasting station; you mistress; transit station; distribution station; battle position; monitoring station; pump station; cut-off position; birding; milking parlor; disk drive; hard disk drive; hard disk drive; number of position; bridgehead; weather station; starting position; artillery position; workstation;

Status, farm, state  

Farm; energy state; floor space; limit state; passenger compartment; grain bin; ranch; berry farm; dead space; legroom; pain status; intoxication; recession status; air space; latitude; rental space; superfluidity; strain state; state of war; column space; retail; emotional state; delirium; stagnation; point mode; waking state; state of shock; in second mode; tip of state; intermediate space; office; multi-purpose space; sleep; basement; rayon state; bankruptcy status; parking space; home state; sanitary; collective farm; knee space; peace; state of affairs; state of consciousness; pregnancy status; state of weakness; health; smallholding; state of mind; state of affairs; living space; natural state; condition of soul; crown nun; ecstasy of state; dilapidation; depression status; desert state; block mode; urgency; fear of status; outdoor space; plight of state; combustion chamber; state of affairs; state of equilibrium; sleep mode; reindeer farm; accounting status; service space; storage; rabies status; rabies status; s a well; clean room; new status; general condition; melt type; ramshackle; decay; boiling; dressing; washing facilities; ferment; survival status; state of chaos; trance state; dormancy; transition state; change in status; delirious; charge status; disease state; state of emergency; alert; nutritional status; disorganization; paralysis; abjection; major depressive disorder; teaching mode; parking space; performance status; anxiety state; state of defense; populated area; quick-populated areas; delirium; alertness; agricultural area; of excitement; intoxication; stress; excited state; liquidation; intoxication; stowage; alarm status; shower area; landing area; family status; lounge; training room; dining area; organic la; riding farm; oil space; current state; working area; exhibit; wet room; cold mode; breech; night mode; additional area; interior; forestry; emergency; weather; mesoscale; disruption; temperature; surface temperature; mean temperature; maximum temperature; optimum temperature; operating temperature; outside temperature; melting temperature; fermentation temperature; change in temperature; storage temperature; internal temperature; day temperature; operating temperature; night temperature; heritage status; workspace;

Buildings, equipment and operation


Farmhouse; inn; brush house; official residence; corner house; million house; department store; tenement; club house; parish; state-subsidized house; art nouveau house; share house; commercial building; home house; split-level house; garage; brick house; small houses; office building; a community center; tower house; type of house; semi-detached house; planed log house; log houses; terrace house; loft; car park; home house; town house; block house; stone house; terraced house; atrium; borough hall; fire brigade house; club house; single-family houses; old people’s home; city hall; deserted house; eco-house; solar house; a bottle of house; community center; library building; civic center; a guest house; farmhouse; new house; ready to house; single house; block of flats; small block of flats; parking building; house chain; house demolition; family house; service house; sports center; school house; wooden house; luxury house;


Student housing; official residence; property; rental housing; company housing; family housing; share housing; share accommodation; townhome; housing support; comrade housing; neighboring apartment; their first home; leisure home; maisonette; single-family housing; rise housing; bachelor apartment; co-housing; human housing; a private residence; of flats; temporary housing; second home; housing right to housing; luxury flat; owner-occupied housing; representation of housing; service housing; cell housing; summer cottage;


Log house; decorative wooden; a luxurious villa; wooden villa; summer cottage;


Courtyard cottage; holiday cottage; sauna cabin; a cabin by shore; share holiday cottage; playhouse; election cottage; log cabin; home cottage; granny’s cottage; foot cottage; summer cottage; forest cabin;


 station building; bridge construction; barn building; railway construction; commercial building; a brick building; barracks building; concrete building; wing of building; monastery building; civil engineering; log building; stone building; civil engineering; cave construction; shipbuilding; reconstruction; mechanical engineering; road construction; dwelling house; image building; bodybuilding; building construction; church building; outbuilding; manor house; production of building; administration building; storage building; office building; university building; factory building; new construction; outbuilding; industrial building; pole building; school building; wooden building; site construction; shop building; annexe; main building;

Church, chapel


Link to a tower; turret; water tower; star tower; church tower; watchtower; fire tower; belfry; spire; splendor of tower; rig; triangulation tower; viewing tower; bird-watching tower; diving tower; observation tower;


Granary; treasure house; log shed; outbuilding; bear cache;


Health hazard; odor nuisance; adverse taste; noise pollution; adverse environmental effect;


Stall stable; stone barn; sheep barn


Roundhouse; garage; crystal; rock crystal; horse stables; riding stables;


Fish are managed; bowling; bubble hall; swimming hall; discount store; market hall; kunsthalle; machine hall; hangar; squash courts; a parking garage; superstore; locomotive hall; a parking garage; replacing a garage; factory hall; hallway; tennis club; discount hall; parking garage; r hall; industrial building; transit hall; sports hall; exhibition hall; an exhibition hall; ice rink; a multi-purpose hall;


Boathouse; woodshed; tool shed; woodshed;



Shelter; feeding canopy; tent canopy; rain shelter; bedding; waste canopy; stop canopy; sun canopy; cooking shelter; carport;


of branches;


Evening campfire; campfire;


Barbecue; gas grill; electric grill;


Cowshed; air protection; shrapnel; boat protection; surge arrester; bomb shelter; preferred protection; raincatcher; windbreak; animal protection; raid shelter; rot protection; rock shelter; sun protection; a lens hood; sheep protector; establish temporary; overload protection; protective suit; noise protection; radiation protection; sun visor; spark plug; cargo cover; population protection;


Grain tank; hopper; state of container; compressed air tank; expansion tank; fuel tank; pressure tank; fluid reservoir; waste container; petrol tank; water tank; drinking water reservoir; hot water tank; rainwater tank; hot water tank; gas tank; oil; cold tank;


 grain bin; potato bin;


Land cover; tarpaulin; double cover; coat; duvet; trip to cover; half-mask; snow cover; water cover; cloud cover; vegetation cover; mossy ground; plumage; bed with a blanket; film cover; fire blanket; fog cover; bed cover; bedspread; icecap;


Cellar; storeroom; potato cellar;


Sand pits; pitfall; potato pit; gravel pit; pitfall; planting pit; ridge pit;


Hay barn;


A tobacco factory; soft drink factory; cartridge factory; airplane factory; weapons factory; silk; brick factory; rubber factory; porcelain factory; sugar; paper mill; basket plant; kilometer factory; color factory; glassworks; s satellite factory; element factory; cement factory; chemical factory; joinery factory; house plant; wooden house factory; car factory; processing factory; steel mill; matchstick factory; furniture; pulp mill; sulfate pulp factory; felt factory; bread factory;


Food waste disposers; macadam mill; windmill; concrete mixer; watermill; coffee grinder; gear grinder; steam mill;

Cockpit; safety cab; registry; workshop; shoe repair; brand repair shop; garages; bicycle repair shop; pack morning; cracker; cutting room; control room; sound control room; crushing plant; plant for stone crushing; paint shop; auto paint shop; ford; distillery; lending; lending service; pawnshop; hairdresser’s; pumping station; booking office; rental company; video rental shop; car rental company; coke oven; rolling mill; welding shop; drying; warm air drying; grain drying; turn workshop; photographic studio; photographer’s studio; cabinets; demolition; car demolition; dynamo; garage; automotive service stations; self-service stations; publishing house; music publishing house; journal publishers; book publishing; small publishers; transformer substation; pole; freezing plant; concentrator; ore concentrator; inspection office; film; meat inspection room; milk control; malting plant; slaughterhouse; co-operative slaughterhouse; refinery; water purification; sewage farm; rhizome treatment plant; workshop; reprographics; refinery; fish refinery; meat processing plant; oil refineries; commentator; cabin; shipping; shipping companies; smokehouse; wardrobe; s distillery; dryer; rearing; fish farm; sorting office; water intake plant; shredder; car breakers; bottling; water supplies; evaporation; scrap yard;

Quarry; quarries; foundry; iron foundry; art foundry; metal foundry; bronze foundry; cement foundry; steel foundry; dressmaker; brewery; restaurant brewery; brewery; debarking; tannery; roasting; coffee roasters;

Groundwood mill; stone works; precious stones; forge;

Bakery; specialty bakery; home bakery; stand; terrace; domestic drama; grandstand; composing room; bindery; bindery; hatchery; weaving; control rooms; central control room;

woodcarvers; boat steamship; framing; impregnation; dispatch department; digester; a refrigerating room; chillers; ripening; stage; club scene; theaters of war; speech stage; workers theater; song stage; revue stage; main stage; round display; digesters; dyeing; planing mill; recovery room; mill; press shop;


Cobbler’s workshop; tanner’s workshop; carpenter’s workshop;


Energy production; serial production; surpluses; program production; mass production; underproduction; overproduction; novel production; hormone production; annual production; monthly production; meat production; energy production; wool production; coal production; coal production; seed production; hormone production; sugar production; paper production; dairy production; feed production; timber production; oil production; a set of production; poetic production; housing; factory production; early work; total production; building production; agricultural production; primary production; industrial production; primary production; service delivery; cell production;


Hospital waste; hazardous waste; municipal waste; vegetable waste; food waste; nuclear waste; plant waste; biowaste; incineration of waste; factory waste; animal waste; burning waste; cutting waste; packaging waste; waste material; stillage; construction waste; household waste; slaughter waste; industrial waste; ha waste; wood waste; kitchen waste; property is left;


Meat product; grain products; a series of product; fish product; bakers’ wares; potboiler; mass produced; fresh product; standard product; brand; tip of product; textile product; metal products; intermediate; dairy free extract; export; clay product; plastic product; vegetable product; net domestic product; gross domestic product; brainchild; product design; a natural product; become a secondary product; a set of product; printed matter; milk products; fermented milk; factory product; health food; tie-in; fur product; combustion product; cost product; agricultural products; livestock product; dairy product; processing of product; wood product; industrial product; craft product; artisanal product; recycling of product; casting product; organic product; end product; quality of product; by-product;


Airliner; time machine; math machine; power of machine; hydro-electric power machinery; heat engine; peeling machine; thresher; sander; surface grinder; grinding machines; forging; vibrator; typesetter; typesetting machine; imagesetter; stitcher; bundling; incubator; knitting machine; crash machine; racing machine; drilling machine; drilling machine; impact drill; cash register; war machine; razor; pasta machine; rake machine; film machine; speech machine; road machine; glider; knitting machine; transport machinery; dish washer; food processor; bomber; turboprop; supersonic; swivel wing machine; paper; office equipment; piston engine machine; prop plane; free-arm machine; roll machine; cargo plane; route machine; punch card machine; x-ray machine; a light aircraft; household appliance; telephone machine; milling them; steering gear; fucking machine; shovel; copier; color copier; photocopy machine; rotary machine; electric shaver; shaver; a heart-lung machine; printing press; offset printing machines; rotary printing press; turn machine; level of machine; computer; home computer; computer; microcomputer; super computer; pocket computer; drawing machine; flying machine; ice resurfacing machine; aircraft; passenger aircraft; glider; commercial aircraft; seaplane; taxi airplane; an ambulance aircraft; cargo aircraft; amphibian; military aircraft; private aircraft; transport aircraft; ambulance aircraft; jet aircraft; battle of aircraft; fighter plane; earth-moving machine; folding machine; mower; call machine; military machine; general machinery; your enemy; collecting one; a private plane; crushing machine; baler; nailing machine; sealer; franking machine; roll-based machine; carding machine; riveter; drying machine; construction machinery; construction machinery; enlarger; agricultural machinery; livestock machinery; cleaning machine; milling machine; transportation machinery; capping machine; round balers; bomber; surge bomber; typewriters; travel typewriter; braille machine; ball typewriter; electric typewriter; fertilizing machine; polisher; floor polishers; balancing machine; duplicator; planting them; potato planting machine; agricultural machinery; breathing machine; ironer; coil winders; voting machine; cooling unit; tinting machine; jet; calculating machine; currency calculator; reading machine; dictaphone; sewing machine; electric sewing machines; ground attack aircraft; sorting machine; currency sorting machine; trainer; drum machine; washing machine; wringer washers; dishwasher; washing machine; drum washing machine; sweeper; sweeping machine; postage meter; track machine; haymaking machinery; harvester; grass cutting machine; spinning machine; excavator; steam engine; piston steam engine; milker; fighter plane; planer; refrigeration machinery; breadmaker; forestry; electrical machinery; assault machine; circular knitting machine; machine tool; metalworking machines; planter; row sowing machine; grain sowing machine; implement; tractor machinery; forest;


 valve mechanism; elevator machinery; a spring mechanism; clockwork; production machinery; refrigeration machinery; refrigeration machinery; a drive mechanism; feed machinery;


Analog device; flower device; curly hair equipment; flash unit; pain line; massager; stapler; gripping; a blocking device; tracking device; management device; safety; terminal; telecommunications terminal equipment; hi-fi equipment; an audible warning device; oxygen apparatus; dialyzer; disinfection equipment; air conditioner; collecting; computer equipment; x- ray generator; applicator device; video device; radio device; facsimile; ac adapter; locking device; an illuminating device; a clock device; hearing aids; safety device; light therapy device; signaling device; a transfer device; transmission device; immobilizer; an audio output device; lifting device; peripheral equipment; approach aid; steering gear; remote control device; sound editing equipment; workpiece; alignment device; measuring device; hair device; stepper; heating apparatus; sprinkling device; transportation equipment; locking device; fortress device; lighting equipment; t harness; defense device; breathing apparatus; self-contained breathing apparatus; heating equipment; cooling device; alarm system; an ignition; germination plant; ironing; pager; remote pager; pager; shower apparatus; sonar device; shut-off device; reader; text reader; dictation device; viewing device; watering device; sorting device; monitoring device; firing mechanism; rowing machine; smoke machine; a data processing device; remote handling equipment; refrigeration unit; attachment; electric device; display device; feeder; control device; the remote control device;


Syncopation; telescopic; mirror telescope; radio telescope; periscope; kaleidoscope; endoscope; stereoscopy; oscilloscope; microscope; electron microscope; scanning electron microscope; stereo microscope; light microscope ppi; scanning microscope; gyroscope; stethoscope; cystoscope;


Means of transport; public transport means; playground equipment; game medium; sex tool; fishing gear; communication medium; means of communication; media; switching means; beauty care products; means of production; an observation device; disability instrument; news media; advertising medium; measuring instruments; research tool; cleaning equipment; transportation equipment; teaching tool; fireworks; writing instruments; notification means; media; mass media; already thunderstorm; rescue tool; means of travel; torture devices; backup tool; communication means; means of transportation; ordnance; gymnastics instrument; alpine skiing equipment; cutlery; sports equipment; serving tools; outdoor equipment; aid; washing line; detection means; means of payment; of instrument; means of communication; tool;


Silver object; gift object; magic object; contemporary ceramics; loan object; tin object; gold object; iron object; decorative object; need for object-; silicon-object; antique item e; metal object; cultural object; glass object; clay object; stone object; a museum piece; trinket; value of object; a foreign object; antique; household article; space object; luxury object; a small object; necklace object; wood article; exhibit; collectibles; use of object;


A food container; a beverage container; cream container; tin container; a single vessel; measuring vessel; earthenware dish; pressure vessel; spicy dish; bin; biowaste bin; metal container; porcelain dinnerware; sugar bowl; glass vessel; water container; sheet metal container; earthen vessel; stone container; plastic container; dynasty; milk container; cooking vessel; tick; pederasty; retort; bedpan; transport container; steel container; serving dish; vessel of wood; table dish; disposable container; chamber pot;

Vase, plate, cup, glass, pot, saucer, tray

Power plant

Vice-fired power plant; back pressure power plant; peat fired power plant; coal power plant; coal-fired power plant; wind turbine; atomic power plants; steam turbine power plant; hydroelectric power plant; tidal power plant; nuclear power station; solar power plant; wave power station; condensing power plant; heating power plant; natural gas power plant; steam power plant; thermal power plant;


Dc generator; alternator; regenerator; wind generator; sound generator; charging generator; nonsense generator; gas generator; electric generator;


rear motor; speedboat; outboard motor; inboard engine; dc motor; alternating-current motor; three-phase motor; boat engine; aircraft engine; fluid motor; mid-engine; cover valve motor stallion; wind engine; petrol engine; boxer; four-stroke engine; two-stroke engine; radial engine; rocket engine; in-line engine; Wankel engine; diesel engine; carburetor; turbo engine; combustion engine; spark-ignition engine; servo motor; shower motor; direct injection; injection engine; starter motor; jet engine; water jet engine; opposed; auxiliary engine; gas engine; V-engine; outboard motor; sterndrive; inboard engine; piston engine; rotary piston engine; electric coil motor;


potato boiler; pressure cooker; aluminum boiler; water boiler; a cauldron; devils pit; floor boiler; central heating boiler; steel boiler; pulp boiler; steam boiler;


A caterer service; celebration service; program service; community service; security service; roadside assistance; telecommunications services; room service; self-service; banking services; support services; social service; medical service; welfare service; home service; mail service; telephone service; eye care; public service; information service; information services; telecommunications information services; catering service; health care services; library services; purchasing services; outpatient services; customer service; free service; syndicate; neighborly; scores; election result service; s maid service; shuttle service; catering service; civil protection; counterintelligence; health services; intelligence; payment services; a friend of service; meteorological service; traffic weather; aviation weather service; fatigue;


Aromatherapy; occupational therapy; exercise therapy; art therapy; art therapy; family therapy; speech therapy; movement therapy; reflexology; play therapy; music therapy; couple therapy; socio-therapy; physiotherapy; psychotherapy; group psychotherapy; thermotherapy; behavioral; nutritional therapy; short therapy; crafting therapy; group therapy; individual therapy; occupational therapy;


Care; chemotherapy regimen; foot care; hospitalization; mental hospital; needle treatment; air care; self-help; gold treatment; massage therapy; physical therapy; bed care; deep conditioner; weather initial order; family therapy; three-family care; movement therapy; medication; wraps; self-care; shock therapy; electro-convulsive therapy; aftercare; supportive care; hospice; half board; infant care; serum treatment; penicillin; insulin treatment; hormone therapy; oxygen therapy; vier skin care; fluoride; root canal treatment; first aid; dialysis; full board; domiciliary care; diet therapy; adjuvant therapy; antibiotic treatment; clay treatment; dental care; sheep care; nursing; mental health; home care; specialized care; gardening; animal husbandry; bovine livestock; treatment for poultry; farm management; landscaping; chicken care; cash care; game management; administration of justice; beauty care; housekeeping; health care; business management; x-ray therapy; nail care; hand care; foot care; facial enhancement; child care; childcare; care for elderly; hair care; financial management; utility; correctional services; medical care; pacemaker; care of poor; skin care; reindeer herding; inventory of treatment; pastoral care; hospital pastoral care; forestry; intensive forest management; effective treatment; diet therapy; compulsory treatment; follow-up care; light therapy; bright light therapy; climate treatment; terminal care; outpatient care; facial treatment; laser therapy; dental care; respite; long-term care; informal care; magnet therapy; orthodontics; bee culture; interface maternal care; institutional care; horse care; surgery; replacement therapy; hormone replacement therapy; nutrition therapy; angioplasty; basic care; detoxification; thrombolytic therapy; desensitization; craft care; kangaroo care; detoxification; oil treatment; milling; combination therapy; telemedicine; day care; family day care; full-day care; electrotherapy; heat treatment;


Energy supply; food services; substance abuse treatment; food supply; fighting equipment maintenance; walk-in service; waste disposal; welfare for disabled; brand service; after-sales service; social welfare; water supply; annual maintenance; alcoholic maintenance; public service; health care; open health care; basic health care; school health; environmental health; language planning; child care; care for elderly; hearing care; car maintenance; information service; community care; student welfare; dental care; foster care; scheduled maintenance; disability service; special care; facility maintenance; financial services; occupational health services; maternity care; warranty service; medical care;


Sanitation; winter cleaning; confidentiality; hold in check; maintenance; confinement; value of holding; possession; holding; feud; livestock rearing; accounting; general accounting; stock accounts; agricultural accounting; population accounting; status of holding; exercise of authority; club grip; housekeeping; communication; road maintenance; care; maintenance of order; watchkeeping; accounting; discipline; military discipline; house hold; frolic; consultation; stern grip; lateral grip; hold up; maintenance; watch-;


Farm work; silver work; gardening; sheltered work; series of work; paperwork; leather work; the part-time job; varnish work; piece work; on call work; paid employment; cradle work; footwork; office work; smith work; standing work; Killings; sedentary; conveyor belt work; a dozen jobs; evening work; gold work; their Weaving; weaving work; parochial work; child work; comp work; measure work; caring for others; freelance work; clean work; studio work; line tasks; family work; construction zone; knitting; miracle; machine work; terminal work; Sunday work; periodical; gangs; that work; mosaic; log work; misdeed; straw work; prisoner labor; plumbing; subsidized employment; social subtasks; fireball work; mind work; cable work; textile; pastel; overtime; minor work; teamwork; master’s thesis; snow job; filigree; routine; favorite job; seminar; pioneering; paperwork; slaying; basketry; lame work; watercolor work; spadework; child labor; t worm work; seasonal work; handicraft; arts & crafts; freighted; mechanical work; standardization; salesmanship; homework; skilled labor; unskilled job; set work; stonework; kennel work; peace work; pioneering experience; author’s work; villainy; act of Charity; Tailor-made; watchdog night; licentiate; lifetime achievement; goldsmithing; mole work; gainful employment; forging work; forced labor; stucco work; outdoor business; print job; voluntary work; shift work; three-shift work; two shifts; feat; youth; knowledge work; nursing; care of soul; field labor; welfare; maternity care work; earth moving work; desk job; repetitive work; flexible work; cooking work; cerebration; board work; piece of work; factory work; student work; work with the elderly; rough work; cooperation; government cooperation; development cooperation; dismantling; foundation work; human laboratory; evangelizing; creation work; volunteering; temporary work; modification; repair work; conditioning work; crochet; demolition work; painting work; made to order; custom made; Stevedoring; Geriatric care; temperance; research; vocation work; improvement work; road improvement work; expansion; constructional work; construction work; water construction work; road construction; ‘Posting’; housework; farm work; engraving work; brainwork; printing work; drainage work; breeding; teaching; editing; assignment; rescue; redeeming work; hobby work; renewal; people’s education; national defense; foundation work; decoration work; foaming work; firefighting; Precision work; safety work; industrial work; public health; mental health; agricultural work; mission; street Missionary; development; product development; depredations; translation work; revivalist; unemployment work; employment job; translation; Master’s thesis; misdeed; demolition work; sliding work; conservation work; needlework; thinking work; planning; knitting work; cell work; school work; enormity; emergency relief; final assignment; grief process; quality work; street work; regional work; harvest work; harvest work; guarantee work; crochet; woodwork; excavation work; side line; finishing; Sunday working; teamwork; hay work; primary source of income; T-shirts; extra work; indoor work; lumbering; telecommuting; field work; emergency work; daytime job; part-time work; a half-time job; full-time job; main job; electrical work; final year project; seeding work; night work;


Sporting activities; art hobby; hobby; favorite hobby; culture hobby; fashion hobby; a labor of love; art hobby; calls hobby; chapter hobby; homeland hobby; collecting hobby s;


Analog technology; electrical power technology; military technology; stream of consciousness technique; security technology; semiconductor technology; speech technology; telecommunications technology; traffic engineering; computer technology; aircraft technology; offshore technology; weapons technology; digital ballroom technology; genetic engineering; sound engineering; marine technology; lining technology; collage technique; robot technology; line technology; civil engineering; home appliances; nuclear technology; brush technique; video technology; geotechnics; biotechnology; radio technology; t elevation technology; cycling technique; electroplating; printing technology; printing technology; micro technology; pyrotechnics; small cycle technology; information technology; production engineering; aeronautical engineering; sound reproduction technology; playing technique; thin-film technology; servo technology; laser technology; utilities; sound editing technique; painting; measurement technology; photographic technique; construction technology; water construction engineering; shipbuilding technology; road construction machinery; sound recording technology; conference technology; delivery technology; lighting technology; manufacturing technology; low-frequency technology; high-frequency technology; space technology; recording technology; high-tech; cultivation techniques; refrigeration technology; communication technologies; electrical engineering; stage technology; environmental engineering; control technology;


Science; history of science; frontier science; arcane; meteorology; ethnology; physical science; social science; military science; crystallography; food science; medicine; telemedicine; social medicine; veterinary medicine; bio-medicine; dentistry; right to dentistry; general medicine; forensic medicine; space medicine; aviation medicine; sports medicine; school medicine; occupational medicine; tradition of science; related science; legal translations; musicology; spirit of science; universal science; linguistics; structuralist; mushroom science; oceanography; financial science; astronomy; radio astronomy; stone science; botany; geography; dialect geography; linguistics; cultural geography; phytogeography; animal geography; economic geography; biogeography; zoology; animal science; natural science; earth sciences; life sciences; cognitive science; political science; nursing science; management science; comparative religion; library science; statistics; climate science; archeology; entomology; human sciences; behaviorism; mineral science; jurisprudence; nutrition science; economics; agricultural science; business administration; economics; macroeconomics; micro-economics; forestry science; education; comparative literature; public health science; broadcast science; genetics; translation studies; soul of science; birds science; agricultural science; method of science; forest science; communication science; demography; watershed science;

Pedagogues; demagogy; genealogy; analogue; mineralogy; trilogy; novel trilogy; methodology; ideology; geology; ore-geology; quaternary geology; soil geology; archeology; marine archeology; teleology; phraseology; theology; liberal theology; graphology; morphology; geomorphology; biology; molecular biology; marine biology; plant biology; socio-biologists; psycho-biology; chronobiology; aerobiology; microbiology; cryobiology; cell biology; radiation biology; soil biology; forest biology; radiology; cardiology; epidemiology; bacteriology; Assyriology; anesthesiology; sociology; language sociology; church of sociology; physiology; tongue physiology; plant physiology; etiology; pharmacology; ecology; social ecology; plant ecology; gynecology; forest ecology; lexicology; toxicology; musicologist; ethnomusicology; oncology; mycology; psychology; parapsychology; mass psychology; social psychology; differential-psychology; criminal psychology; individual-psychology; sexual psychology; psychology of language; child psychology; child psychology; animal psychology; psychology; gestalt psychology; psychology; criminal psychology; educational psychology; you develop psychology; heredity psychology; depth psychology; sports psychology; school psychology; individual psychology; environmental psychology; psychology; philology; gemology; seismology; cosmology; etymology; oceanology; volcanology; x-ray logic; phenomenology; criminology; terminology; endocrinology; sinology; technology; food technology; information technology; agricultural technology; wood technology; forest technology; limnology; phonology; chronology; ethnology; immunology; zoology; apology; anthropology; social anthropology; cultural anthropology; knop logy; typology; andrology; hydrology; numerology; venerology; serology; virology; meteorology; metrology; petrology; astrology; urology; neurology; futurology; logic of sex; eschatology; hematology; climatology; dermatology; rheumatology; thanatology; perinatology; pathology; plant pathology; psychopathology; cosmetology; political scientist; ornithology; anthology; an anthology of poems; scientology; dentistry; paleontology; gerontology; Egyptology; histology; Christology; tautology; mythology; cytology; embryology;


Heresy; secret doctrine; gunnery; word of doctrine; coat of arms doctrine; trade doctrine; social studies; verse doctrine; map doctrine; lesson plan; crystal doctrine; speech doctrine; business doctrine; pharmacology; phonology; syntax; teaching method; character doctrine; grammar; grammar school; metal doctrine; stylistics; atomic doctrine; rhythm doctrine; sound doctrine; type of doctrine; color theory; financial disciplines; diseases; otology; plant pathology; pediatric doctrine; men’s health; gynecology; heart disease lesson; dermatology; neurology; internal medicine; gemstone doctrine; plant science; love of learning; law doctrine; oncology; Christian doctrine; animal science; catch; i believe doctrine; natural science; combination science; political science; evo lecture; a power-sharing science; set theory; optics; information science; management science; administrative science; nutrition; morphology; climate science; glossary science; philosophy; doctrine of justification; than-human subjects; of creation; pedigree doctrine; histology; measuring learning; land science; forensic science; poetics; basic subjects; virology; education and learning; teaching and learning; atonement doctrine; journalism and mass communication; doctrine of redemption; drug manufacturing learned; accidence; strength of materials; divinity; trinity; ethics; health science; theory of evolution; semiotics; biblical explanation of doctrine; diagnostic doctrine; seismology; obstetrics; mathematics; cytology; computer science; method of teaching; e-learning; thermal physics; press learned; environmental studies;


Factual information; diffuse knowledge; limit information; book knowledge; documentary information; interim statement; for spatial information; way to knowledge; price information; surface data; background information; source of information; fragmented information; product information; identification information; on detailed information; trivia; prerequisite; journal of information; memory data; geography; natural sciences; foreknowledge; number information; know-how; statistical information; general knowledge; ethics; financial information; school information; bible knowledge; traditional knowledge; additional information; input data;


Widescreen method; rhythm method; three-color method; project method; method of fishing; sulfate process; sulphite; natural method; printing method; a lithographic printing method; gravure printing method; treatment method; detection method; test method; measurement method; research method; improvement method; farming method; teaching method; method of preparation; offset method; reference method; minnow method; cultivation method; drip-feed method; working method;


Commercial practice; monitored way; interpretation of way; mode of operation; phrase; way of speaking; business practice; representation; journal of way; people’s way; life style; reaction method; used to make; optional way; mien; filming; seeing way; formation mechanisms; attitude; manner; approach; manner; accent; tradition; description of way; looking way; way of thinking; government way; embroidery sprouting; completion method; presentation; understanding of way; deportment; method of calculating; reading habit; thinking; way to address someone; way of singing; punishment; solution for habit; mode of expression; a type of command; farming system; way of working; procedural; method of treatment; imposed by way; marking pa; table way; wedding habit; mode of operation; way of working;


Monetary system; expert system; real-time system; real-time system; material class system; straight left system; time balanced system; tripartite system; monitoring system; A two-price system; access control system; social system; measuring system; rake system; social security system; three-phase system; online system; concept of system; a multi-party system; single-party system; two-party system; code system; favoritism; signaling system; support system; college system; decimal system; electoral system; system of symbols; norm system; tens finger fingers; immune system; educational system; type system; binary system; unicameralism; a two-chamber system; metric system; si-system; militia system; lens system; star system; sound system; twelve-tone system; decimal system; telephone system; set telephone system; nervous system; information system; climate control; accounting system; an official ban on system; signaling system; soviet system; value system; control system; protection system; payroll; economic system; mixed economy system; ventilation system; classification system; locking system; system of government; writing system; defense system; local defense system; preferential; book-entry system; hour frame system; cooling system; alarm system; ignition system; information retrieval system; a paging system; reading system; lubrication system; create a rating system; mediation system; school system; desktop publishing; population liability system; data processing system; word processing system; a communication system; quota system; operating system; control system;


We slide research; biopsy; reader survey; psychiatric assessment; boondoggle; market research; follow-up study; sample survey; screening; opinion poll; contrast agent research; dialect research; fingerprint research; chromosome aberration; sleep study; ultrasound; microscopic examination; pilot study; amniocentesis; a pilot study; research; peace research; historical research; hand in field of research; game research; folklore research; space exploration; future research; literature research; folklore research; dialect research; x-ray examination; language study; exploration of sea; organization for nuclear research; style research; doctor’s examination; licentiate thesis; a hearing test; vocabulary research; research vessels; home regional research; bible study; s nuclear research; forest research; cancer research; onomastics; work-study; laboratory research; blind study; foreign research; treatment research; archival research; Gallup research; man research; women’s studies; cross sectional; general research; longitudinal examination; chaos research; criminal investigation; twin study; custom research; a case study; economic research; basic research; space exploration; soil fertility analysis; readability research; a feasibility study; business research; paternity test; doctoral research; ultrasound; genealogy; interview; pap smear; cutting-edge research; minnow research; survey research; cancer research; internal investigation; field research; population survey; watershed research;


Earth art; book art; ceramic art; state of art; narrative art; word of art; also marine art; forging art; recitation; visual arts; art photography; portrait of art; readymade art; computer art; concept of art; poster art; decorative art; mosaic art; sacred art; light art; medal of art; textile art; novel art; art market; miniature paintings; art glass; renaissance art; Finnish music; folk art; video art; church art; light art; piano works of art; calligraphy art; poetry art; sculpture; sculpt; miniature art; graphic arts; painting; stained glass aide; architecture; illustration art; interior art; art song; art violin; modern art; environmental art; use of art;


Of symmetry; labor center; resort; commercial center; activity center; scattering center; control agency; municipal center; parish center; science center; speech center; business center; regional center; camping center; community center; medical center; taxi center; course center; vocational training center; realization center; fashion center; a tourist center; mail center; central core; telephone exchange; distribution center; hearing center; nerve center; ski resort; breastmilk center; fitness center; purchasing center; shopping center; research center; economic center; Ans center; wellness center; population center; space center; industrial center; health center; respiratory center; alarm; regional emergency center; recycling center; ski resort; mail sorting center; service center; a tourist center; recreation center; rural center; growth center; storm center; thermoregulatory center; village center; group center; forest center; emergency response center; the main center; a main; vision centers; heating plant; district heating; peak heating plant; population center; environment; work center; protective work center;


Monetary financial institutions; sawmill; port authority; power plant; atomic power plant; steam power plant; massage parlor; k utilities; department of profession; art institute; railways; establishment; telecommunications; transport; waste facility; hazardous waste treatment facility; party facility; pharmacy services; customs department; academy; garden educational institution; business college; college of art; music education; vocational school; institute of agriculture; fisheries college; household educational institution; maritime college; boarding school; institute of forestry; sewerage; waterworks; police; rolling mill; caste system; post office; ride facility; nuclear facility; telephony; judiciary; border guard; fire department; medical establishment; prison system; day care facility; sanitation facility; maintenance of facility; a special care facility; factory; incinerator; credit institution; mortgage credit institution; open-air plant; factory facility; distilling apparatus; mortgage lending; rolling mill; inking; judiciary; research institute; education department; financial institution; penal institution; treatment plant; water purification plant; processing plant; representation of facility; representatives of people; inking plant; department of teacher education; rehabilitation facility; insurance institution; industrial plant; comfort institution; insulation facility; educational institution; maternity hospital; school system; primary schools; gas facility; biogas plant; farm; fish farm; spa facilities; prosecution; electricity;


University; school of economics; science university; art university; college of music; university of applied sciences; people’s university; son of a school; elementary school; swimming school; dog school; elementary school; a primary school; evening school; church school; school of visual arts; a slice of a school; traffic school; playschool; music playschool; music school; middle school; normal school; confirmation school; grammar school; school camp; preschool; vocational school; military academy; ballet school; school for blind; life school; piano school; ski school; health club; school on; driving school; Walldorf school; civic education; mixed school; training school; special school; private school; comprehensive school; economic school; primary school; riding school; compulsory education; broadcasting school; violin school; help school; Sunday school; silent treatment; back school; upper level; village school; girls’ school;


Free college; business institute; letter college; music college; language college; university; summer school; community college; community college; sports education;


Crash course; evening classes; qualifying course; correspondence course; language course; forward rate; course of study; a couple of course; year course; professional course; intensive course; bankruptcy; advanced course; introductory course; lecture course; “eco-buying course”; exchange rate; excursion (expedition to nature); refresher course; coaching course; basic course; training course; riding course; defense course; employment exchange rate; collision course; school course; first aid course; high price; summer course;


Teacher education; basic education; research training; shorthand training; the-job training; writer training; simulator training; medical training; export training; vocational training; teacher training; research training; re-training; medical education; translation studies; extensive training; flight training; military training; familiarization training; special education; further education; basic education; defense training; continuing education; employment training; early education; combat training; translator training; staff training;


Meat department; tobacco department; cosmetics department; subdivision; sauna facilities; branch; foreign exchange department; department of iron; division of opinion; ward; clothing department; party department; department of paper; culture department; glass department; notary department; a local; abroad; x-ray department; children’s department; men’s department; wagon department; letters to editor; military unit; juvenile department; navy department; receiving compartment; outpatient department; public relations department; sickbay; women’s department; local branch; detachment; research department; finance department; ad section; maternity ward; toy department; sorting department; sports department; sleeping compartment; exhibition stand; day department; half-day department; a full-time department;


Quality control laboratory; language laboratory; research laboratory; space lab;


military hospital; military hospital; regional hospital; social hospital; mental hospital; prison mental hospital; municipal hospital; children’s hospital; city ​​hospital; veterinary teaching hospital; a military hospital; local hospital; private hospital; central hospital; o pet hospital; maternity hospital; field hospital; day hospital;


Site canteen; office canteen; workplace canteen; calls canteen; staff canteen;


View cafe; an outdoor café; position of cafe; beach cafe; self-service cafeteria; street villa; coffee-shop; burger; ice-cream parlor


Library; program library; lending library; provincial library; music library; course library; reference library; home library; tape library; city library; video library; student library; national library; central library; branch library; main library; suburb library


Gazebos; ranch lodge; fishing hut; igloo; chalet; mountain lodge; arbor; a gazebo; deserted hut; a ski lodge; chalet; guesthouse; hiking lodge; dust; coniferous house; camping house; headquarters; doss house;


Construction site booth; indoor booth; prisoner booth; driver’s cabin; doghouse; phone booth; bear booth; fitting room; edge of booth; locker room;


Holiday hotel; beach hotel; family hotel; wilderness hotel; hotel office; mountain bike order; congress hotel; hour hotel; tourist hotel; manor hotel; youth hotel; apartment hotel; warehousing; apartment; office hotel; luxury hotel; hydro; summer hotel; motel;


Health spa;


Footbath; air cooling bath; hip bath; a mud bath; tub bath; whirlpool bath; peat bath; immersion; dyebath; clay bath; sun bath; sunburn; bubble bath; health bath; quenching bath; steam room;


Travel agency; employment office; program office; luggage office; freight office; lost property office; office address; party office; social welfare; electoral office; accounting firm; design office; district offices; engineering; architectural firm; post office; consulting; municipal office; legal sucking; commandant’s office; firm of solicitors; tax office; information agency; credit information agency; airline office; PR agency; business office; news agency; advertising agency; a funeral parlor; health insurance agency; mental health clinic; employment agencies; legal aid office; property management firm; detective agency; a private office;


Consumer agency; parish office; food agency; social services department; parish office; parish office; consulate; consulate general; legal chancellery; prosecutor general’s office; tax office; county tax; administration office; a central agency; criminal sanctions agency; health agency; city planning department; competition authority; head of agency;


Provincial archives; photo archives; film archives; sound archive; church archives; central archives;


Land deal; developing country trade; free trade; butchers; cross-border trade; grain trade; bookstore; “slave trade”; time to trade; tobacco shop; flower shop; grocery; fish shop; trinket trade; mark in trade; one million trade; trade in goods; colonial trade in goods; general store; grocery store; grocery store; lumber trade; direct trade; acquisition of trade; counter trade; currency trading; home improvement; art trade; share purchase transaction; consideration for trade; food trade; track trade; sporting goods trade; clothes shop; natural foods store; trading trade; convenience store; music store; candy store; kiosk; chemical trade; block trade; managed trade; porcelain trade; futures; badge trade; paper trade; securities trading; insider trading; market trade; futures trading; color trade; west trade; stock-exchange transaction; the-counter; export trade; import trade; rag trade; domestic trade; foreign trade; world trade; acquaintance trade; seed trade; west trade; house sales; familiar trade; east trade; commission trade; compensation trade; options trading; cubic trade; body shop; house trade; barter; dairy; transit trade; carpet shop; credit trading; car shop; auction; book auction; art auction; po stimulus auction; customs auction; bankruptcy auction; forced sale; movable property auction; fur auction; real estate auction; cloth trade; sweet shop; cash transactions; private trade; retail; thanks to trade; agricultural trade; share of trade; commercial brokerage; acquisition; spot market; a small shop; deli; shopping bag; wholesale; travel trade; transit trade; furniture trade; toy shop; junk shop; hire-purchase; retail trade fee; street trading; timber sales; tie-in sales; unable to trade; record store; shoe store; village shop; cow trade; forest trade; distance sales; eastern trade; real estate;


Meat shop; quick shop; cosmetics store; farm shop; branch store; spare parts shop; pizza shop; supermarket sale; currency shop; duty-free shop; nearby store; factory outlet; small shop; box store; warehouse store; fabric store; retail store; service shop; self-service shop; ticket office; page of store;

Business, movement (Finnish liike)

Cash business; timber business; freight forwarding; footwear business; rack movement; apparel business; pharmacy; antique shop; business dress; chemicals business; textile business; brokerage business; barber shop; agency; glass business; eye glass business; export business; security company; contracting business; import business; mail order business; fashion business; screw movement; people’s movement; tailor; cobbler’s business; baker business; movement of the coat; jeweler’s; tinsmith business; watchmaker’s business; carpentry business; radio business; scout movement; clock movement; bakery business; alternative yoke; plumbing business; service business; earthmoving business; purchase business; flexible movement; convoy; carpet business; throwing motion; migration; car dealership; tire business; civil business; fur business; movement of falling; food service business; security company; specialty; private business; horse business; painting business; stevedoring company; freight hauler; commercial photography; temperance movement; business center; nutrition business; cost business; construction; construction business; cleaning business; carrier; outfitter; property; l planting species; reform movement; interior design business; nationality of business; share of business; framework for business; trade union movement; revivalist movement; small business; coffin business; bag business; wholesaler; furniture store; gymnastics movement; sports shop; scrap business; motion detection; tax yoke; rowing motion; branch; e-business; thermal motion; environmental movement; working stroke; handicraft business;

Components of house with its foundations


Ground; sandy bottom; base floor; flat bottom; platform; supporting base; side of base; midsole; rossi base; clay bottom; ground water; rock bottom; outsole; hold bottom; a double bottom; building on ground; mud bottoms; sounding board; basis for comparison; wooden base; roof; insole;


Stone foundation; rock foundation


Stone foundation; ingot foundation;


Stone quarrying; crushing;


Trenching; foundation excavation


Concrete; slag concrete; prestressed concrete; stone concrete; ready-mixed concrete; reinforced concrete; lightweight concrete; in-situ concrete; cellular concrete; gas concrete; cleaning of concrete;


Portland cement; marble cement;


In-situ; art casting; die-casting; ceramics; metal casting; bronze casting; steel castings; slip casting;


Network reinforcement;


A ridge tile; sand-lime brick; red brick; lime brick; fire brick; concrete block; glass brick; clay brick; projectile; infantile; block brick; shape style i; roof tile; light brick; gutter brick; brick facade;

Hollow brick; brick wall;


Gray stone; border stone; raw stone; pumice; sandstone; corner stone; a wedge of stone; scale; salt stone; cobblestone; cornerstone; whetstone; rapakivi; weeping stone; small stone; beach stone; province of stone; tombstone; lava stone; burning stone; flint; limestone; marlstone; crushed stone; brick stone; brimstone; bearing stone; blood stone; a sacrificial stone; marble stones; water stone; hand cut stone; dolomite; sediment; clay stone; cherry stone; giant stone; millstone; boulder; touchstone; natural stone; stone; stone crab; millstone; grindstone stone; bladder stones; gem; semi-precious stones; crown jewel; balance of stone; burning stone; stair stone; stove stone; brick; national stone; mine stone; building stone; boundary stones; cornerstone; stumbling block; lick; soapstone; stone; stalagmite; rectangular paving stone; precious stone; rose stone; setts;


Sandy bottom; gravel sand; gold sand; beach sand; coral; concrete sand; feeling sleepy; sea ​​sand also; quartz sand; cat litter; flight sand; masonry sand; molding sand; quicksand; oil sands;


Bitumen gravel; shell gravel; weathering gravel; lightweight aggregate; esker gravel; oil gravel;



Earth; raw metal; ferrous metals; hard metal; solder metal; an alkali metal; an alkaline earth metal; semi-metal; bearing metal; non-ferrous metals; journal of metal; white metal; precious metal; heavy metal; light alloy; metal casting; scrap metal; metalloid; metal blade;

Sheet metal

 cover plate; zinc plate; baking tray; copper sheet metal; oven damper; baking tray; corrugated iron; roofing sheet; steel sheet metal; smoke damper;


Pig iron; iron hook; crowbar; angle iron; latch iron; reinforcement iron; broken iron; support bracket; rosette iron; grater; wrought iron; pig iron; iron ball; melted iron; burning iron; cast iron; ferrous scrap; hole iron;



Reinforced concrete frame; wood frame; birch frame; lattice frame; rootstock; steel frame; wooden frame;


Paint frame; log frame

Wood (not removed yet, also includes garden plants and parts of building)

Money tree; -sawn wood; yard wood; coppice; yard; yard; cherry; bowsprit; wasted wood; stocks; pine; neck tree; roller wood; stove wood; cola tree; cola; polish wood; laminated wood; apple tree; berry apple tree; wild apple tree; pomegranate tree; Cinchona; scream tree; fig tree; rubber fig tree; redwood; whole tree; balsa; predominant tree; sapwood; yardstick; Parrot; balusters; hog fuel; supplies wood; dragon; hanger; wood waste; mangroves; need tree; yearning; longing for death; yearning for freedom; beauty of longing; longing for affection; remote longing; dracaena; jackfruit; crossbars; kapok; cork; logs; mahogany; batten shall; cinnamon; almond; sandalwood; tea tree; prune tree; oak; rubber tree; room rubber wood; yew wood; orange bunch; primeval tree; oven wood; solid wood; arch wood; laurel; pulpwood; mulberry; victim tree; cedarwood; root wood; boxwood; apricot; props tree; gallows; pomegranate wood; wolf tree; Christmas tree; handrail; deciduous tree; nutmeg; a coffee plant; olive; solid wood; plastic wood; ebony; small trees; seed tree; a wrap reel; heartwood; pillory; cross tree; heartwood; tree of life; cacao; deadwood; curtain wood; campfire wood; driftwood; stem; hardwood; deadwood; hung-up tree; pit tree; sinking wood; sapwood; impregnated wood; scenic; cooking wood; wood burning; value wood; Roundwood; fern; oversized wood; mulberry; shelter tree; plus wood; building timber; citrus; wood for industrial purposes; threshold wood; spring wood; family tree; veneer lumber; tree; palm tree; plum; rosewood; kitty tree; pulpwood; coniferous; birch tree; olive; pinewood; p tree; gate wood; rafter; keel; nesting; fruit tree; walnut; pear; Breadfruit; baobab; carob; latewood; nesting; forest tree; dwarf wood; unlogged; perch log; Brush timber; log neck; cross log; ridgepole; pine log; unable to log; planed log; wall log; round log;


Neck bar; bridge beam; tile bar; i-beam; support beam; reinforced concrete beam; girder; frame beam; roof beam; steel bar; a t-bar; u-beam; a laminated beam;


Footrest; standing support; arch support; hand support; a brace; vertical support; headrest; stanchion


Floor plank; poikkilankku; ponnistuslankku; runners;


Velcro fastening; mounting debt; Velcro fastening; screw fastening; bolt mounting; screw fastening; movable property; nail fastening; adhesive mounting


Stairs; escalator; a spiral staircase; rope ladder; gangways; escalator;


Railing; guardrail; a rectangle; altar rail; bridge railing; handrail; noise barrier;


A column; flower column; support column; paint column; half-column; marble; milestone; stone column; stalagmite; milestone; telephone pole; lighting column; support column; steering column; lamppost; electricity pylon;


Limit pole; milestone; totem pole; basic piles; fog pile;


Buttress; stone pillar; advertising pillar; a pillar


Clothes rail; streamer rod; curtain rod; gymnastics rod; flagpole; barbell;


 rear wall; window wall; wall board; on wall; bellows wall; panel wall; wall structure; brick wall; accordion wall; glass wall; timber wall; stone wall; mountain wall; rock wall; rock wall; outer wall; transfer wall; shower wall; noise wall; cell wall; side wall; a climbing wall; end wall; rear wall; inner wall;


A protective wall; brick wall; a wall; a stone wall; castle wall; city wall; heart wall; party wall; a commemorative wall; foundation wall; circular wall; wailing wall; perimeter wall; wall of audience;


Incremental end;


Floor brush; just brush; mountain ridge; crest of hill; brush wall; ridge; carpet brush; sweeping  brush; polishing; cleaning brush; wire brush; lamp brush; dust brush; round brush;


Pitched roof; birch-bark roof; pitched roof; hipped roof; bitumen roof; flat roof; tent roof; board ceiling; four leaf roof; shingle roof; mansard roof; turf roof; pyramid roof; mansard roof; beam ceiling; thatch; tiled roof; dome roof; vinyl ceiling; ceiling; glass ceiling; roof; metal roof, vaulted ceiling; outer ceiling; slanted roof; pool on roof; shingle roof; dome; ceiling;



Bitumen roof, blanket

Tar blankets; bitumen blankets; ceiling blankets; insulation blankets;


Floor; tile flooring; board flooring; middle floor; linoleum; concrete floor; clinker; marble; parquet flooring; cement floor; stone floor; wooden floors; wooden floor;


carpeting; Carpeted floor; pile carpet; hair yarn carpet; track; wool carpet; cotton carpet; reed mat; needle-punched; suitable Mats; bath mat; Spike Strip; Cork mat; textile carpet; grass carpet; rubber mat; wrestling mat; corn carpet; tile mat; jute carpet; doormat; plastic carpet; moss carpet; Shepherd carpet; grass carpet; reed carpet; pastoral carpet; prayer mat; doormat; gymnastics mat; tire mat; hammock; treadmill; Shaggy September; jumping mat; rag rug; grating carpet; corridor carpet; Chute

Downspout; timber slide;


Floor drain; collection well; cesspool; drilled wells; urinary wells; cesspool; liquid manure pit; rainwater wells; draw well; septic tank; a fire pit; cleaning wells; septic tank; fountain; pump wells; surge wells;


Drainpipe; air pipe; fluorescent; brick pipe; metal pipe; vacuum tube; copper tube; armored pipe; sewer pipe; glass tube; water pipe; a hot water pipe; hot water pipe; hogweed; neon tube; exhaust pipe; conduit; plumbing pipe; overflow; discharge pipe; drill pipe; fall pipe; gas pipe; m natural gas pipeline; downpipe; heat pipe;


garden hose; metal hose; rubber tube; water hose; plastic hose; fire hose; drain hose; irrigation hose;


Ground wire; ribbon cable; power cord; electric power line; overhead line; three-phase cable; high-voltage line; coaxial cable; interim management; copper wire; water pipe; cold water; cold water pipe; telephone cord; extension cord; house management; transmission line; grounding wire; overhead line; cord; earth; gas pipeline; gas management; riser; oil pipeline; power cord; power line; thermal management;


Valve; needle valve; fresh air intake; safety valve; one-way valve; float valve; valve cover; a float valve; safety valve; poppet; choke; drain valve; shut-off valve; ta stroke valve; intake valve; butterfly valve; filling valve; control valve;

board cladding; brickwork cladding; exterior cladding;


Sleeve board; floorboard; base board; brush board; raw board; horizontal board; corner boards; pine boards; fish board; skateboard; batten board; kickboard; Christ’s sake; edge of board; window Ledge; belly board; croaker; roof board; dashboard; sailboard; surfboard; fingerboard; waste board; surfboard; checkerboard; washboard; panel board; game board; wind board; oak board; oak board; snow board; bundle board; mountain board; Barrel board; six boards; pontoon board; stepping stone; seat board; curtain board; toe board; clapboard; springboard; gray board; board effort; drawing board; ironing board; rocking board; scooters; seesaw; devil board; bird feeder; cutting board; birch board; jumping board; pine boards; back board; trap,; wall board; breadboard; tailboard; ice board;


Horizontal board; plating board; panel board; lining board; mold boarding; diagonals; roofing boards; vertical boarding; wall paneling;


Log panel; solar panel; control panel; wood panels; pine panels; wall panel;


bottom plate; quick plate; acoustic board; flash disk; blockboard; a platinum plate; striker plate; hard disk; picture disc; step plate; peat plate; cork board; a brass plate; sheet metal; vinyl record; intermediate plate; blockboard; plywood; screen disc; shell plate; glass plate; gypsum board; tin plate; asbestos sheeting; laminate; thermostat plate; door panel; counter plate; thin plate; follow-up plate; printing plate; aa disk; a filler plate; building board; steel; wind barrier plate; fiberboard; fiberboard; chipboard; perforated plate; wall plate; table top; hotplate;



Brush list; skirting; molding; lipping; gap list; format list; ceiling list; cornice; ke list; eaves; wooden strip;


Floor tile; cliché; mosaic tile; tile; porcelain tile; concrete slab; a marble; shell tile; paving stone; hollow-core slab; plaque; washer; wall tile; corridor tile;


Wallcock, that is

Rooms in house


 ruler of room; back room; smoking room; living room with fireplace; classroom; room service; house of commons; boiler room; stove room; a corner room; store room; rent room; measure room; tearoom; engine room; armory; walk-in closet; playroom; game room; hotel room; emperor of room; knight of room; town hall; fashion room; greenhouse; maid’s; madhouse; nursery; men’s room; women in room; senior common room; living room; clubroom; attic room; outer room; living room; milk room; home care nursery; ruhaápolás room; storage room; escort room; reception room; VIP room; conservatory; king room; patient room; prince of room; guest room; stairwell; common room; dressing; morgue; private room; drying room; chamber; chapel; punishment room; fitting room; waiting room; isolation room; emergency room; delivery room; a shower room; dressing room; hobby room; socializing room; dining room; boiler room; laundry room; anteroom; bedroom; side room; steam room; bathroom; main bathroom; house of lords; cold room; day room; office; group work;


A layer of soil; a base layer; protective layer; sand layer; a bottom layer; air layer; layer of soil; surface layer; mud floor; frost layer; litter layer; sludge layer; a dielectric layer; rust layer; peat layer; coat of paint; ballast; half a floor; an intermediate layer; ore layer; a layer of snow; moraine layer; ozone layer; basement; shell layer; water layer; timber floor; clay layer; attic floor; thermocline; layer of humus; dust layer; a layer of dust; top layer;


Downstairs; log time; upstairs; attic; attic


Outer entrance hall; inner hallway;


Glazed porch; open porch; veranda; sun lounge;


Cleaning balcony; ventilated balcony;

Toilet, outdoor toilet, indoor toilet;


Dry toilet; disability visit; composting toilet; outdoor toilet; field latrine; electric toilet;


Livestock kitchen; kitchen-living room; test kitchen; wet bar; dietetic kitchen; small kitchen; large kitchen; catering services; a communal kitchen; kitchenette; department of kitchen; central kitchen; teaching kitchen; distribution of kitchen; school kitchen; scullery; street kitchen; field kitchen;


Living room with fireplace; courtroom; laundry room; slave hut; cottagers; holy room; mountain hut; castle in air; a bakery; guardhouse; wilderness hut; break room; tele cottage; courtroom; laundry room; district room; work hut;


Yard chamber; sauna chamber; chamber of commerce; salesroom; junior chamber international; customs house; police chamber; greyhound chamber; nursery; attic room; attic; sleeper-cab; bed chamber; back chamber;


Lakeside; tent sauna; bulk barrel; smoke sauna;


Swimming pool; toilet bowl; jacuzzi; salmon pool; kitchen sink; water pool; cold water pool; lake basin; reservoir; network pool; pouring pool; dam; wave pool; watering pool; aeration; settling tank; rehabilitation pool; settling tank; shower tub; sink; tempering pool; paddling pool; rationing pool; cold pool;


Speaker’s stand; dustbin; pulpit; toilet bowl; birdhouse; smoke oven; carbon monoxide bowl; nest box;

Boards, board


Free warehouse; high storage; energy storage; granary; safety stock; waste storage; nuclear waste storage; customs warehouse; intermediate storage; water supply; hand inventory; warm storage; central warehouse; ammunition storage; supply depot; deposit storage; stockpile; scrap warehouse; oil stocks; cold store; surplus stock;


 rear corner; bottom corner; sofa corner; home corner; sofa corner; outer corner; olonurkka; outboard corner; inner corner;


Embrasure; dinette; seinäsyvennys;

Use of energy


Terrestrial energy, wind energy; recoil energy; atomic energy; tidal energy; nuclear energy; bio-energy; solar energy; wave energy; human energy; binding energy; radiation energy; electrical energy; thermal energy;


Switch; stop switch;


Protective socket; extension socket; outlet; muffs;



Protective earth; zero ground;


Frost meter; power meter; rain gauge; pressure gauge; oil pressure gauge; voltage meter; digital meter; anemometer; snow meter; ammeter; water meter; kilowatt-hour meter; voltmeter; a land surveyor; radon meter; Geiger counter; hygrometer; automatic light meter; inclinometer; earthquake meter; rangefinder; depth gauge; radiation meter; field meter; electric guitar; thermometer; mercury thermometer; liquid thermometer; maximum thermometer; core temperature probe; resistance thermometer; electric thermometer;


Pitch insulation; rubber insulation; sound insulation; water insulation; plastic insulation; moisture insulation; sound insulation; electricity insulation; thermal insulation; a moisture barrier; electrical insulation; thermal insulation;


Protective insulation; sound insulation; damp-proofing; sound insulation; electrical insulation; thermal insulation; moisture insulation; electrical insulation; thermal insulation;


Undercoat; worsted wool; angora; reconstituted water; mi mineral wool; rock wool; glass wool; rock wool; winter wool; merino wool; blowing wool; pulp wool; rag wool; wood wool; cotton;


Plastic; cellulose plastics; thermosetting plastic; plastic food; reinforced plastic; shrink; phenolic; vinyl plastics; acrylic foam; silicone plastic; polyester resin; epoxy resin; contact plastics; plastics recycling; foam; thermoplastic; plastic construction; household plastic; light plastic; foam; glass fiber plastic;


Geothermal heating; underfloor heating; air heating; wood chip heating; peat heating; hi heating; coal heating; stove heating; preheating; hot water heating; solar heating; district heating; ceiling heating; central heating; wood heating; oil heating; steam heating; electric heating; night-time heating; night-time heating;


Geothermal heat; waste heat; waste heat; residual heat; normal heat; room temperature; body temperature; furnace heat; sun’s heat; heat of reaction; district heating; armpit heat; specific heat; fusion heat; , condensation; heat of vaporization; fermentation heat; change in temperature; contact heat; morning heat; radiation heat; electric heat;


Electric radiator; radiator;


Fireplace oven; reverberatory furnace; convection oven; lime kiln; second oven; tiled stove; brick oven; grill oven; glass furnace; coke-oven; oven; baking oven; an induction furnace; microwave oven; microwave; combustion furnace i; caisson; blast furnace; drying oven; a heating furnace; melting pot; decarburization oven; a smoker; roast oven; heating furnace; a shaft furnace; a tempering oven; steam oven; electric oven;


Gas stove; wood-burning stove;


Induction cooker; miniature stove; gas cooker; non-gaseous fuels; wood stove; electric stove;


Electric heater; bowl heater; wood-burning stove


A flush; back door; trapdoor; rolling shutter; window door; folding door; folding door; panel door; communicating door; overhead doors; double door; armored; accordion; swinging door; French door; parade door; front door; automatic door; closet door; outdoor; fire door; sectional door; steel door; sliding door; whimbrel; street door; front door; wicket; inner door; front door; revolving door;


Hook lock; time lock; padlock; infrared lock; ignition switch; safety lock; liquid seal; water trap; child lock; wheel lock; card lock; mortise lock; number lock; loose lock; steering wheel lock; security lock; odor trap; chain lock; padlock; electric lock;




Time clock; sand clock; food clock; necklace clock; egg timer; clock; to watch; gold watch;  fork clock; cuckoo clock; digital clock; bell; brother clock; Atomic clock; snowdrop; blue-clock; tower clock; grandfather clock; isotope clock; Pendulum clock; stove clock; water clock; quartz watch; stopwatch; card clock; doorbell; diver clock; spreading bellflower; death clock; deer clock; nettle-leaved bellflower; bluebell; Könni-clock; church bell; cowbell; sundial; fire watch; bell; bridal clock; diving bell; audit clock; accuracy of clock; alarm clock; alarm clock; clock spring; pocket clock; Christmas clock; Gossip clock; gasometer; wall clock; table clock; emergency bell; electric clock; dual display clock;

Window, lightning

A rear window; corner window; fake window; showcase; arched window; barred window; solid glass window; grille; sunroof; ventilated sleep; sliding window; Christmas window; dome window; launch window; rose window; side window; end window; inside window; rotary window;


Protective glass; wire glass; window glass; art glass; balcony glass; pressed glass; waste glass; grog; mirror glass; crystal glass; armor affair; glass of water; Perspex; fused silica; laminate profiles; plastic glass; maker of glass; solid glass; bladder glass; flat glass; foam glass; milk glass; burning glass; laminated glass; building glass; smoked glass; stained glass; tinted glass; frosted glass; thermal glass;


Air cooling; liquid cooling; water cooling;

Ventilation, ventilation
window ventilation; machine ventilation


Floor lamp; spotlight; fluorescent lamp; elevator lighting; flashlight; plant lighting; outdoor lighting; rail fitting; recessed light; ceiling lamp; general lighting; reading lamp; pendant; wall lamp; indoor lighting; table lamp; electric lamp; work lamp;

A lamp

Mercury lamp; floor lamps; floor lamp; head lamp; fluorescent lamp; tube lamp; arrow lamp; a halogen lamp; arc lamps; quartz lamp; plant bulb; sodium light; halogen lamps; daylight lamp; ceiling lamp; discharge lamps; blowtorch; light bulb; flashlight; reading lamp; warm glow of lamp; gas lamp; street lamp; oil lamp; candle lamp; wall lamp; penlight; helmet lamps; table lamp; electric lamp; heat lamp; bedside lamp;


Scattered light; traffic signal; luminescence; led; half-light; halogen light; color light; courtesy light; neon light; sunlight; natural light; lamplight; moonlight; candle lights; daylight; outdoor lighting; halo lighting; kein oval; ceiling lights; laser light; stairway lighting; advertising lights; id light; warning light; navigation lights; reading light; street lighting; front light; side light; light oil; interior light; electric light;

Interior and furniture


Protective curtain; blind; piece curtain; air curtain; window curtain; louvres; lamella; side curtain; veil; crochet curtain; drape; light curtain; blackout curtains; shower curtain; smokescreen; side curtain;


Floral wallpaper; landscape wallpaper; textile wallpaper; plastic wallpaper; tapestry; fiberglass wallpaper;


Silver paint; primer; protective coating; lacquer finish; adhesive coating; dream of paint; air paint; alkyd paint; lime paint; enamel; armor paint; latex paint; epoxy paint; bronze paint; emulsion; outdoor paint; lead paint; gloss finish; transparent paint; rust self-painting; stove paint finish; spray paint; oil paint; indoor paint;


Earth color; base color; artist color; protective color; leather color; tempera color; power of color; yellow color; gold color; without color; mordant; food coloring; frit; concealer; luminous paint; color party; paint color; textile color; metallic; caramel; watercolor color; pastel; acrylic color; chrome color; eye shadow; finger color; aniline; blue-green color; favorite color; copper color; powdery colors; watercolor; mascara; gouache paints; bronze color; stain; timbre; fashion color; cobalt color; complementary-; plant color; color; ocher in color; tone color; in ink; neon color; color; natural color; ink; metallic; gloss color; glazing color; duration of color; Varvara; Finnish color; related business; specific color; general color; national color; eye liner; eye color; hair coloring; code color; warning color; supplement color; oil paint; additional color; primary color;


Protective lacquer; a sprig of lacquer; cellulose lacquer; gold lacquer metal lacquer; bitumen varnish; drape varnish; bronze lacquer; resin varnish; seal lacquer; Japanese lacquer; fuel lacquer; correction fluid;


A wood preservative; rot protection agent; raw material; secondary antibody; abrasives; dry matter; a binder; substitute material; propellant; roofing; phosphor; ferment; filler; waste material e; need substance; parking substance; marker; paint agent; dye; natural dye; disinfectant; stone material; natural substance; active substance; artificial material; gluten; anti-rust agent; antifoam; anti-rot agent; stain remover; rust remover; paint stripper; v business remover; fuel; motor fuel; rocket fuel; nuclear fuel; biofuels; dust-binding agent; bonding agent; soil improvers; thinner; building materials; diluent; fluxing agent; dryer; fertilizer; soaking solution; polish; silver polishing agent; solubilizing agent; clarifiers; lubricant; cleaner; skin cleanser; ingredients; precipitating agent; explosive; softener; fixing agent; disposal of substance; reducing agent; sealer; impregnating agent; wood preservatives; coagulants; oxidizer; smell of substance; lubricant; detergent; foam detergent; smell of substance; fiber; wood material; toxic substance; wreck material; additive; major; starting material;


Dartboard; flower painting; landscape painting; control panel; panel; fuse box; name of flat; bead plate u; flip chart; altarpiece; psalm flat; white board; room flat; tourist information panel; flat pattern; light board; dialer; number flat; prohibitory sign; a flat tire; scoreboard; billboard; control panel; notice board; warning signs; orientation flat; remote paternity table; pedigree; school board; a flat wall; flip-chart; a display panel;


Textile art; home textiles; geotextile; church of textile; construction of textile; interior textiles;


Cupboard; book cabinet; corner cupboard; larder; angular help; safe; medicine cabinet; wardrobe; freezer; small freezer; baroque cabinet; mirror cabinet; vestibule; bar cabinet; glass cabinet; spool cabinet; distribution cabinet; fume hood; trophy cabinet; washbasin cabinet; drying cupboard; dish drying cupboard; clothes drying cabinet; cleaning cupboards; drying cabinet; walk-in shower; costume closet; tool cabinet; trailer cabinet; waste trolley cabinet; poison cupboard; cooler; ice-cooler; combination of cabinet; cold cabinet; wall cupboard; fridge; kitchen cabinets; electrical cabinet;


Dish rack; common shelf; bookcase; corner shelf; spice rack; storage shelf; sideboards; sliding shelf; pipe rack; parcel shelf; wire shelf; wall shelf;


Pantry; walk-in closet; basement; attic closet; kitchenette; cleaning closet; cold closet; wall panel;


Garden furniture; balcony furniture; style furniture; water fittings; fixture; street furniture; shop furnishings; refrigeration equipment; kitchen furniture;


Garden equipment; leather equipment; three-piece suite; style vehicles; table and two benches; dining-room equipment; standard chip; fire equipment; towing vehicles; road maintenance equipment; plowing equipment; clearance equipment; rescue equipment; fire-fighting equipment; agricultural equipment;


A piece of furniture; leather furniture; standard furniture; antique furniture; rattan furniture; mahogany furniture; tube tool; style furniture; oak furniture; decorative furniture; plush furniture; rococo furniture; rustic furniture; of wooden furniture; heritage furniture; odd pieces of equipment; toy; tool; garden tools; spiral tool; hand tools; stone tool; woodworking tools;


Its door mirror; full-length mirror; a plane mirror; interior mirror;


Garden table; gift table; series table; tobacco table; corner table; flower table; instep; dining table; restaurant table; stand tables; window table; feeding table; control table; coffee table; tea table; cold; frost on table; pool table; sink; game table; dressing table; oak table; altar table; neighboring table; a sales table; buffet table; roulette table; coffee table; teacher’s desk; baking table; Tapio’s table; kitchen table; light table; changing table; p drinking table; buffet; guest table; dinner table; eucharist; dinner table; dresser; for Easter; a control table; operating table; dressing table; study table; writing desk; drawing table; little table; conference table; dumbwaiter; Christmas tables; washing-up table; cutting table; side table; shop table; cold table; sandwich table; a turntable; bedside table; workbench;


Energy level; floor level; a horizontal plane; level of equipment; in a vertical plane; horizontal plane; sound level; cooking area; water level; biplane; one level o; projection; carrier level; cooktop; housing standards; standard; cost; basic level; level of development; intelligence level; of significance; service; flatbed attachment; peak level; quality levels; street level; a vertical plane; wall level; worktop;


Garden chair; armchair; wheelchair; baby chair; pulpit; golden chair; beach chair; folding chair; potty chair; folding chair; bean bag; wicker chair; confessional; a chair; bar chair; safari chair; wicker chair; deck chair; key to chair; director’s chair; barbers; butterfly chair; n baby chair; deckchair; ball chair; piano stool; rococo chair; recliner; sedan chair; transfer chair; rafter; pulpit; Gustavian chair; Viennese chair; rocking chair; rocking chair; hanging; wooden chairs; wheelchair; sports wheelchair; kitchen chair; electric chair; high chair; office chair;


Footstool; wedding stool; bar stool; milking stool; stool


Leather sofa; corner sofa; sofa bed; plush sofa; wood sofa;


Cot; iron bed; lava bed; plinth bed; cabinet bed; double bed; convertible bed; waterbed; mezzanine; children’s bed; guest bed; bunk bed; canopy bed; four-poster bed;


Backseat; throne; safety seat; toilet seat; plush seat; king’s seat; child seat; seat of chair; ejection seat; cleaning seat; front seat; additional in; a seat heater;


Garden bench; rear bench seat; flowerbed; file bench; rack; potato bench; pea bench; bay bench; turning lathe; vise; seat bench; pew; park bench; school bench; bench; slaughter bench; slaughter bench; organ bench; rose on bench; front seat; rowing bench; wooden bench; penalty bench; shame bench; back bench; workbench; aft bench;


Book rack; roof rack; flower stand; luggage rack; map rack; ski rack; music stand; towing bracket; roof rack; advertising rack; easel; drying rack; dish drying rack; scaffolding; landing gear; exercise apparatus; cradle; tripping bracket; climbing frame; jumping rack; penholder; bike rack;



House garden and farming


To ntti; villa on a plot; summer villa on a plot; corner plot; rent a plot; beach plot; summer house plot; single-family plot; residential plot; industrial plot;


Cattle yard; backyard; railway yard; forecourt; home yard; castle courtyard; aureole; light yard; walking courtyard; patio;


A fence; hawthorn fence; border fence; protective fence; a barbed wire fence; game fence; board fence; iron fence; guide fence; snow fence; bark fence; six fence; rope fence; stone wall; deer fence; mesh fence; armor mesh fence; reindeer fence; hedge; plank fence; stockade; noise barrier; hash; electric fence;


Outfield; racing field; hard court; playground; midfield; playing field; ore field; grass; snowfield; sound field; a heliport; home ground; compost field; magnetic field; diamond field; grass fields; gravitational field; field hockey; outer court; ball field; a soccer field; a basketball court; baseball field; bandy; data field; airport; guest field; tennis court; field of research; equestrian field; playground; mission; infiltration field; playing field; oil field; infield; mission field; ice rink; electric field; field of vision; scope of work;


Sandy clay; boulder clay; grind clay; tile clay; porcelain clay; chip clay; layer of clay; muddy clay; modeling clay; silt loam;


Garden soil; sandy soil; flower soil; topsoil; red ocher; yellow ocher; manure soil; black soil; leaf mold; compost;


Sphagnum peat; moss peat; milled; burning of peat; fabric turf; horticultural peat;


Cornfield; strawberry field; clover field; a potato field; barley field; oat field; game field; slope field; pea field; stubble; paddy field; oilseed rape fields; turnips field; rapeseed field; corn field; package field; field stone; damn field; may arable land; corn field; set-aside; organic cropland; an emerging field; rye field; v wheat field; hayfield; plowing field;

Plantation, Cultivation

Strawberry cultivation; potato cultivation; grass cultivation; bath cultivation; farming; seed Orchard; field cultivation; embankment cultivation; vegetable cultivation; new cultivation; irrigation cultivation; fruit cultivation; part-time cultivation; hoe cultivation; lava cultivation; balcony cultivation; greenhouse cultivation; on an experimental basis; cover crops; subsistence farming; peat cultivation; shifting cultivation; aquaculture; compost cultivation; agriculture; gardening; grain farming; berry cultivation; strawberry cultivation; fish cultivation; apple-growing; potato cultivation; barley cultivation; oat cultivation; flax; pea cultivation; tea cultivation; spirit of culture; salmon farming; small-scale farming; language culture; seed growing; pearl farming; grass cultivation; rye cultivation; rice cultivation; coffee crops; growing of crops; crab cultivation; fruit-growing; hay crop; forest cultivation; intensive farming; three-division cultivation; dual cultivation; in ponds; arable farming; crop rotation; short-term cultivation; deprivation of cultivation; mire cultivation; terrace cultivation; clean cultivation; anger at cultivation; under glass; new crop; contract farming; pot cultivation; organic farming; vertical farming; precision agriculture; depletion of soil;


Garden plant; lily plant; cereals; plant protection; berry plant; mattress plant; araceae; weed; chenopodioideae; flower plant; duckweed; tuberous; Primrose plant; tundra plant; potamogetonaceae; beach plant; seaside plant; province plant; elm plant; malvaceae; Heather plant; male variety; balcony plant; medicinal plant; lily plant; drug plant; house plant; head plant; ornamental plants; spice plant; succulent; pet plant; Ranunculaceae; Caryophyllaceae; fumarioideae; second plant; meliaceae; ampoule plant; bulbous plant; female plants; herbaceous plant; rubber plant; castor-oil plant; bearing plant; sugar plant; marine plant; moraceae; pepper plant; mountain range plant; root vegetable; dye plant; ginger; previous cropping; water plant; compass plant; Cupressaceae; amaryllidacea; liquorice; vegetable salad; bryophyte plant; seed plant; wildflowers; grass plant; weeds plant; icicles plant; rock plant; Aquarium plant; lie wood; halophyte; xerophyte; the Wetland plant; lawn plant; rockery; thistle plant; pulse; reeds; at plant; parent; steppes plant; eggplant vegetable; sprout plant; herb plants; food plant; Mimosa pudica; circulation plant; mountain plant; mire; tat archipelago; green plant; pineapple plant; Nov plant; shrub plant; vegetable plant; sanitary plant; umbelliferae; lamiaceae; Brassicaceae; ruined plant; parasitic plant; herb; river plant; linden plant; edging plant; industrial plant; Starch crops; p plant; creeper; fodder plant; wicker plant; cucumber plant; potted plant; a carnivorous plant; rose plant; textile plant; mangrove tree plant; sense of wood plant; vegetable oil; poison plant; crop; meadow plant; useful plants; climber plant; carnivorous plant; orchid; rye hog crop; fruit vegetable; grass; forest plant; host plant; mildew; kitchen vegetable;


Beetroot; sugar beet; mangel; fodder beet; lure, turnip, carrot


Radicle; tuber root; just air; valerian; beetroot; vinegar root; corallorhiza trifida; black salsify; dryopteris; ginseng; arrowroot; mycorrhiza; blood root; liquorice; hair root; elk just; Santa’s root; root of tree; calamus; just shoot; rotten root; succisa pratensis; butterbur; horseradish; radicle; root; arrow root; veratrum; just nest; more precisely; taproot;


Flower bulbs; onions; air onion; red onion; onions; yellow onion; hair onion; star onion; shallot; giant onion; Chinese onion; onion of chastity; chives; leek; garlic; pearl garlic; pickled onion; onions sets; potato onion;


Ware potatoes; Perfect potato; baked potato; peel potato; seed potato; roast potato; ball potato; early; potato harvesting; potato delicacy;


Cauliflower; red cabbage; broccoli; weekly; ornamental cabbage; wild cabbage; celery cabbage; marine cabbage; kale; salad of cabbage; spinach cabbage; ajuga; chicken cabbage; Chinese cabbage; Chinese cabbage salad; bok choy; lamb’s lettuce; sauerkraut; wood sorrel; savoy; brussels sprouts; lapsana; Val cocoa; milk cabbage; cabbage field; sheep cabbage; crazy cabbage; cup cabbage; sprout; savoy; cabbage; kohlrabi;

Salad (dishes included to energize)

Food salad; fish salad; smoked fish salad; chicken salad; potato salad; asparagus salad; dressing salad; Friese salad; romaine lettuce; grate salad; ragbag; tomato, onion and lettuce; mushroom salad; iceberg lettuce; endive; beetroot salad; lettuce; oak leaf lettuce; tomato salad; escariol salad; Italian salad; Amer iced salad; Nice salad; Waldorf salad; on west coast salad; Seafood salad; cos lettuce; kos salad; ham salad; cucumber salad; potted salad; shrimp; sprout salad; fruit salad; head lettuce; iceberg lettuce;


Frozen vegetables; seasoning vegetables; wild vegetables;


Yard lawn; transfer lawn


Sandy grassland; clover grass; natural grass; pasture; turf; grass silage; sowing grass;


Clover hay; sorrel; dry hay; ryegrass; bouteloua dactyloides; lawns; blue and hay; chickweed; Maria in July; orchard grass; feather hay; perch in July; natural hay; consumeth chaff; smell of hay; shoe hay;


Weed; sisymbrium; stonecrop; hylotelephium telephium; lobelia dortmanna; rai grass; fragrant orchid; wormwood; shield grass; isoetes; a member of grass; perch grass; from pasture; bear grass; bird grass; running grass borage; encourage grass; thyme; pocket on grass; crazy grass; rose grass; thale cress; lunaria; sleepers grass; subularia aquatica; eye grass;


Protective plantation; flower planting; pit sensation; fish stocking; potato planting; game planting; reforestation; rockery; transplantation; park planting; embankment planting; autumn planting; spring planting;


Bath flowers; put a flower; loosestrife; Provincial flower; dried flower; male flowers; ray flower; flocking flower; lynx flower; everlasting; silk flower; helichrysum; a flower; calceolaria; became a flower; female flowers; porcelain flower; dandelion; flower plate; hothouse flower; paper flowers; compass flower; marigold; mace; flower Horn; strawberry flower; cherry blossom; Clover flower; apple blossom; Monkey flower; potato flower; Croft flower; bishop’s flower; Alice’s flower; Heather flower; water lily flower; maid flower; bird cherry flower; flower of scholars; campion; Paul flower; heed flower; gardenia; knight with flower; doctorate in flower; wall of flowers; s ornamental flowers; flower maiden; sunflower; Fate of flower; natural flower; Heuchera; cold flower; anthurium; artificial flowers; vase of flowers; cut flowers; funnel flower; bellflower; gypsophila; Rosling; national flower; cornflower; Cosmos flower; passionflower; s flower; flower pots; Christmas flower; phlox; September phlox; lead flower; flower cultivation; lantern flower; pine tree flower; meadow flower; marigold; pearl flower; summer flower; forest flower; Arctic mesh;


Sword lily; bead lily; bluebell; goblet lily; tiger lily; mars movie lily; spider lily; lily of moon; day lily; scout lily; brown lily; daffodil; palm lily; poison lily; chlorophytum;



Wild rose; wind rose; rhododendron; compass rose; daisy rose; slave rose; hibiscus; black sea rose; clips black rose; hollyhock; precious rose; student rose; midsummer rose; rambler; hellebore; erythema nodosum; group rose; wall rose; forest rose; mother’s day rose;


Silver bush; juniper bush; barberry; snow berry bush; currant bush; cowberry marrow; ash bush; coca; coca; cotton bush; raspberry bush; henna shrub; bush fence; burning bush; tea bush; wonder shrub; pea shrub; Siberian pea shrub; kilse shrub; ornamental shrub; pearl bush; buckthorn bush; coffee shrub; dog bush; good luck; fate of a bush; aucuba japonica; capris bush; willow shrub; rose bush; raspberry bush; dwarf shrub; hazel; alder bush;


Apple, birch, birch, pine, rowan, maple, apple tree, cherry tree


Allotment; market garden; balcony; home garden; conservatory; fruit garden;


 cattle ranch; pig farm; chicken run; apple orchard; kennels; lumberyard; mink farm; nursery; vineyard; wolf vineyard; an herb garden; vegetable garden; nursery; zoo; pig farm; log garden; sheepfold; vegetable garden; fur farm; beehives; running vineyard; rose garden; fox garden; orchard;


Boll; canned fruit; star fruit; south fruit; passion fruit; schizocarp; pulses; achenes; citrus fruit; hand fruit;


Berry garden; batter berry; frozen berry; snow berry; currant; black currant; sea buckthorn; Arctic bramble; pig berry; rowan; juniper berry; Actaea; squirrel berry; cloth berry; Wolf berry; bird cherry berry; crowberry; Boysen berry; bearing berries; bearberry; rose hip; jam berry; barberry; gooseberry; root berry; drupe; fruits of forest; blueberry, lingonberry, cranberry, lilac, lacquer, grapefruit, goiter


Garden strawberry; month strawberry; wild strawberry; utility strawberry;


Redcurrant; blackcurrant; white currant;


Garden peas; sugar snap peas; water pea; chickpeas; chickpea; marsh pea; right pea; core pea; marrowfat; pea; shelling peas; field pea; smell of pea; sweet pea;


Butter bean; kidney beans; soybean; folding bean; adzuki bean; coffee beans; all beans; coffee bean; cacao; mung bean; haricot; Scarlet runner bean; broad bean;

How to get there


Garden street; collector street; shopping street; put street; promenade; commercial street; across street; you are dead; motor street; bag street; cobbled streets; cobblestone street; fire street; parkway; slow street; Christmas street; side street; pedestrian zone; ring road; backstreet; internal street; main street;


Collector road; zebra crossing; trail way; track way; corduroy road; trade road; copper way; graveled road; oil tie; highway; main road; beach road; railway; railway museum; model railway; expressway; pitch roads; medium; crushed road; switchback; seaway; motorway; waterway; Inland waterway; home road; asphalt road; winter road; road; foot tie; V-neckline; tramway; driveway; entrance to; escape; shortcut; trunk roads; access road; exit road; runway; field road; detour; mountain road; parkway; forest road; causeway; local road; exit; emergency exit; emergency exit; outlet; descent pathway; private road; they will not fall; field road; bypass; taxiway; farming road; path; bypass; right of way; footpath; distribution channel; school road; side road; walkway; track; access passage; way out; ring road; remote road; village road; cycle path; forest road; ice road; main road;


Cattle trail; bath path; jogging track; hiking trail; home path; cow path; shortcut; nature trail; fitness path; mountain path; footpath; page path; jogging path; secluded path; forest trail;


Shopping arcade; poplar alley; impasse; fireplace a; park alley; linden alley; tree alley; birch alley;


Viaduct; back bridge; baton bridge; air bridge; ferry bridge; boat bridge; railway bridge; road bridge; pontoon bridge; arch bridge; cable-stayed bridge; cable-stayed bridge; stone bridge; lattice bridge; crevasse bridge; command bridge; drawbridge; overpass; pedestrian bridge; drawbridge; suspension bridge; gangway; wooden bridge; pedestrian bridge; cold bridge; bascule bridge; swing bridge;



Railway tunnel; wind tunnel; transmission tunnel; closed tunnel; small animal tunnel; metro tunnel; underpass; pedestrian tunnel;


Transit; passing by; underpass; overpass; passage; mail flow; flow of information; circulation;


 honor of a visit; a quick visit; spot visit; toe visit; prenatal care visit; branch of business; amble; church itself; overrun; walkthrough; home visits; warfare; ground warfare; air warfare; marine warfare; environmental warfare; demarcation; trading; litigation; code of civil procedure; criminal proceedings; war guilt ‘trials; shipping; manually run; schooling; confirmation class business; a visit to village; batch run; entrance; main entrance; intermittent claudication; tour; idling; customer business; guest visit; visit sick; excursion; private business; giant visit; farewell visit; u exit; courtesy visit; greeting business; condolences visit; congratulatory visit; visitation; squat visit; idle; medical consultation; a visit to village; dwarf visit;


Visit instructor; a quick visit; a return visit; minister visits; first visit; state visit; visit fleet; visit king; a family visit; visit obligation; friendship visit; working visit;


Monetary thing; a matter of honor; official point of view; litigation; a family matter; business documents; feel a thing; aphasia; dysphasia; law of case; civil matter; a police matter; fact; osteomalacia; pharmacy; peace thing; matter of heart; court of thing; a matter of faith; a matter of conscience; disciplinary matter; administrator; plenary thing; equal matter; a private matter; criminal case; right thing; economic point of view; meat and potatoes; ad thing; order issue a matter of taste; little thing; page thing; district thing; issue; environmental issue; matter of business;


Bus; cattle car; a truck; October-car; whip-car; minivan; truck; car crash; race car; trade-car; a rental car; a company car; family car; garbage truck; problem of refuse collection vehicles; car leasing; toy car; bank car; city car; hill car; rally car; sedan; dumper; car crash; station wagon; armored car; meter car; automobile catalytic converter; crane truck; patrol car; taxi car; western car; mail truck; van; catalytic converter car; diesel car; trolleybus; car speaker; standard car; rail cars; fire truck; kart; towing vehicle; exchange car; milk car; service vehicle; camper; dump truck; jeep; mobile library; a luxury car; moving car; convertible; aerial ladders; ambulance; school car; hearse; special car; private car; right-car; tow truck; luxury car; ambulance; livestock transport vehicles; refuse collection vehicles; reefer; representation car; a car accident; outside broadcast vehicle; company car; compact; pedal car; delivery truck; irrigation car; roadside assistance car; home car; mail service car; recreational vehicle; sports car; school car; scrap car; lunar roving vehicle; car wreck; steam car; mobile shop; from eastern Europe; tanker; electric car; sedan; multipurpose vehicle;


Low-floor bus; rush hour bus; view of bus; sightseeing bus; water bus; tourist bus; articulated bus; railcar; school bus; local bus; minibuses; a chartered bus; minibus; school bus; trolleybus; supply bus;


 rear wheel; n gear wheel; friction wheel; pulley; pastry wheel; racing bike; spare wheel; track bike; gear wheel; touring bike; support wheel; pulley; tricycle; rubber wheel; impeller; a pair of wheel; motorbike; invalid motorbike; lightweight motorcycle; water wheel; motorcycle; a rope pulley; hand wheel; flywheel; screw wheel; cartwheel; Ferris wheel; treadmill; wheel of fortune; men’s bike; women’s bike; rye wheel; a car tire; cartwheel; enduro bike; exercise bike; mountain bike; sprocket; bevel gear; outdoor gear; internal gear; spur gear; steering wheel; tail wheel; sprocket; bicycle; motor bike; impeller; front wheel; wood wheel; wheel disc;


Sail sled; snowmobile; water slide; ski sled; bobsled; painter sled; toboggans; after a snowmobile; tray lever; wheeled carriage;


Parireki; kivireki; pororeki; juontoreki;


Hold bottom of skis; tour skis; hill-country skis;

Ski trail

Racing track; cross-country skiing;


Travel rod; vibrator; ski pole, a shepherd rod; crutch; elbow; joystick; skating rod; runic calendar; carbon fiber rod; fiberglass rods; beg rod;


Speedboat; feather boat; out-rigger boat; cruiser; bark boat; harpoon boat; racing boat; dinghy; family boat; sailboat; travel sailboat; mahogany boat; concerned boat; powerboat; t boat; keelboat; lifting boat; inflatable boat; aluminum boat; sea boat; motorboat; outboard boat; max boat; taxi boat; pilot boat; lake boat; yacht; people’s boat; small boat; torpedo boat; patrol boat; coast guard boat; church of boat; flying boat; missile boat; lifeboat; mini submarine; nuclear submarine; missile submarine; fishing boat; lifeboat; light boat; a paddle boat; floating boat; mail service boat; fiberglass boat; rowing boat; assault boat; store boat;

A ship

Passenger ship; grain ship; lightship; restaurant ship; airship; bark boat; merchant ship; sailing ship; ghost ship; toy ship; transept; lime ship; tanker; Viking ship; riverboat; midship; coal ship, motor ship; inland waterway shipping; cargo ship; container ship; Finnish ship; Swedish ship; guard ship; coastal patrol; houseboat; archipelago boat; paddle steamer; fishing boat; space ship; training ship; flagship; flags of convenience; steamer; mother ship; container ship;


Determine; cinder track; brick-dust track; bowling alley; roller conveyor; elevated railway; shooting gallery; railway track; racecourse; cross-track; synchronous track; cable car; speed rail; racetrack; train track; skating rink; museum of track; carriageway; outdoor track; metro track; runway; flight path; orbit; roller coaster; up track; riding track; industrial track; downhill course; slide; water slide; skating rink; driving training track; slalom course; toboggan-run; bowling alley; aerial railway; jogging track; running track; street circuit; cycling track; circle track; indoor track; ice rink; artificial ice rink; main line; electrical path;

Architecture, drawings, constructors, costs, contracts, legal matters


Landscape architect; planner; senior architect; city architect; building architect; decorator; chief architect;


Ultimatum; salary requirement; reason requirement; a territorial claim; latter requirement; role of requirement; minimum requirement; course requirement; degree requirement; ransom demand; special requirement; minimum requirement; change requirement; claim for compensation; claim for damages; salary requirement; requirement of punishment; eligibility requirement; truth requirement; qualification requirement; quality requirement; admission requirement;


 loan application; permit application; a set of application; exemption application; compensation request; request for clemency;


Debt obligation; nominal commitment; guarantee commitment; collateral commitments; commitment; warranty commitment;


Works contract; loan agreement; trade agreement; lease; lease; contract; a letter of intent; easement agreement; framework agreement; frame agreement; forward contract; gentleman agreement; safe in contract; apprentice contract; preliminary contract; year contract; license agreement; export contract; standard contract; framework agreement; input agreement; tax treaty; collective agreement; officials’ collective agreement; prenuptial agreement; collective bargaining; commodities exchange contract; purchase agreement; gentleman’s agreement; professional contract; derivative contract; convention; subscription agreement; leasing agreement; pledge agreement; publishing contract; economic agreement; insurance contract; extradition agreement; payment service agreement; payment agreement; hire-purchase; company agreement; quota act; heritage convention; employment contract; cartel;


 marginal cost; travel expenses; labor cost; cost of capital; annual cost; book publishing; production cost; additional cost; labor cost;


Limit price; producer; reserve price; mock price a; double price; market price; domestic price; world market; purchase price; retail price; price per liter; purchase price; list price; guide price; sale price; price per piece; target; average price; discount; cartel price; overcharge; market price; square meter price; predator price; export price; import price; selling price; resale price; asking price; package price; member price; about price; standard price; price per cubic meter; assessment of price; regular price; price per kilo; stumpage price; production price; purchase price; in purchase price; net price; gross price, total price; common price; cash price; introductory price; minimum price; maximum price; retail; recommended retail price; subscription price; contract price; cost price; production cost; discount price; promotional price; basic price; charging rate; ad price; spot price; trade price; path price; price of match-fixing; installment; guaranteed price; at an affordable price; extortionate price; additional price; subscription price; price per square meter; unit price; asking price;

hospital fee; overload fee; license fee; installment; bridge fee; one-time payment; channel payment; shipping fee; social security payments; error rate; parking ticket; toll; letter of payment; penalty payment; pension contribution; national pension contributions; transportation fee; parking fee; customs duty; quarantine fee; water fee; waste water tax u; an annual fee; license fee; ferry fee; course fee; day of payment; tuition; freight rate; export tax; parking fee; levy; hourly fee; postage; read charge, back payments; ride fee; door fee; payment of wages; payment of rent; subscription; speech linens; payment account; repayment; payment of tax; payment of interest; advance payment; management fee; game management fee; fishing license; day care; entry fee; fixed fee; recurring; cash payment; prepayment is required; filing; registration fee; joining fee; annuity; subscription fee; housing right to payment; health center fee; basic fee; maintenance to; support payment; transportation fee; delivery charge; ticket inspection; redemption fee; premium; national pension contribution; life insurance payments; health insurance payment; share of payment; transit fee; shipping fee; call charge; protection of payment; service charge; token payment; warriors payment; entrance fee; entrance fee; balance payment; extra charge; child extra fee; ice fee; toll;


Food bill; travel expenses; restaurant fee; scoring; second fall; hotel bill; stopover; water bill; percentage calculation; calendar; fall in price; summation; telephone bill; sunset; division; adjustment bill; forced landing; interest calculations; multiplication; leveling decline; partition bill; subtraction; credit note; decision decline; plus decline; from fall; emergency landing; electric bill;


Travel insurance; villa in insurance; accident insurance; mortality risk insurance; luggage insurance; insurance; motor insurance; life insurance; group life insurance; underinsurance s; social insurance; excess amount; marine insurance; glass of insurance; home insurance; reinsurance; non-life insurance; deer-life insurance; comprehensive insurance; fire insurance; flight insurance; car insurance; health insurance; co-insurance; always insurance; theft insurance; health insurance; cargo insurance; truth of insurance; business interruption insurance; unemployment insurance; fully insured; liability insurance; group insurance; a combination of insurance; additional insurance; personal insurance;


Drawing on ground; line drawing; outline drawing; construction drawing; mechanical drawing; a detail; model drawing; ink drawing; a perspective drawing; map drawing; drawing machine; sketch drawing; section drawing; design drawing; pencil drawing; electrical drawing; working drawing;

Drawing; floor plan; site plan; map drawing; outline drawing; charcoal drawing; model drawing; linoleum plan; copperplate; color drawing; ink drawing; lithograph; rock art; a schematic diagram; fat chalk drawing; woodcut; pencil drawing; pencil drawing;


Plan of action; municipal plan; future plan; body plan; production plan; study plan; overall plan; master plan; expansion plan; building plan; financial planning; repayment plan; teaching plan; regional planning; cultivation plan; work plan;


Building standard; environmental standard


Provincial law; a framework law; law; zenith; risk of law; law of nature; prohibition; exception to law; of basic law; constitution; proxy law;




Farm size; image size; tabloid size; standard size; average size; normal size; intermediate size; minimum size; in miniature; standard size; miniature; pocket size; group size; amount of whole;


Amount; number of subscribers; amount of time; excess amount; mark; quotient; difference quotient; iq; rainfall; number of pieces; amount of substance; amount of liquid; score; average; excess; minimum amount; maximum amount; number of votes; syllabus; number of children; export volume; number of hours; membership; amount of clock; amount of data; outfit cashmere; of pupils; total amount; minimum; maximum; impression; amount of charge; sum insured; a record number; number; number of pages; visual; date; goal; amount of heat; audience; population; filling amount; workload;


minimum size; surfactants minimum size; angle measurement; ruler; heaped measure; gender dimension; measuring surface; top measurement; average size; diameter; outer diameter; inner diameter; in metric units; millimeter measurement; cable length; measuring meters; standard of measurement; cubic measure; outside dimension; weight measurement; traction measure; a material; length measurement; measure of capacity; circumference; vertical dimension; eye measurement; number of measurement; internal dimension; square measure; caliper;


Currency; unit of time; subunit; corner unit; operating unit; unit of measurement; imaginary; SI-unit; percentage point; a multiplier unit; profit center; central processing unit; finance unit; basic unit; a charge unit; consumption unit; length of unit; volume of unit; reading unit; drive unit;


Floor surface area; bottom surface; room area; living area; apartment surface area; floor area; a net; image area;


Plan; shore plan; a landscape plan; scale; structural formula; green formula; master plan; regional planning; grid pattern;


Mixed form; mode of operation; intermediate; original form; appearance; physical state; number format;


Are seconds; prime quality; disposition; mentality; sound quality; quality of life; standard quality; character of; woods;


Time contract; subcontract; works; electrification contract; daily chore; electrical contract; building project;