Malformed humoristic design

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, Lahti, Finland, 2016

When we look at the deformed furniture, the dish, the tool, the building, etc., we start to laugh. And laughter extends life. It may also be that we are crying. Man needs emotional variation. Diseases can also develop psychosomatically and suggestion can heal.

One is considered wise who does, behaves in a generally accustomed manner, and seems ordinary. Those having deformed and unconventional behaviors are considered crazy. But go crazy so you are wise. You learn from mistakes and nature evolves from mistakes. When mutations occur in an organism, if the mutation is beneficial, the organism wins competition in its environment and multiplies. However, the mutation must not be uncontrollable, as in cancer, that overgrowth or a species takes over so wild that other species have no place and biodiversity suffers. Likewise, if a business receives a monopoly, or a model gains such a dominant position, others will not have the opportunity to live. Likewise, if greed and selfishness prevail, then others have no means of living, and ultimately, neither greed nor selfish have days of life.

Regularly done is perhaps cheaper to make than versatile. But the combination of art, humor and form can pay more. However, the product must be practical, potentially multifunctional and safe. Versatility is also ecological, because the same material and energy used are more beneficial. Nowadays, 3D printing can produce very individual designs, products, and quite quickly, as 3D technology becomes cheaper and more advanced, at a low cost.

There is regularity and deformity in nature. Individuals have genetic variation. Learn from nature, but you can develop an unnatural one that adapts to the surrounding nature.

Get some design protection for your design before publishing images if you are going to start marketing your design results! There is an idea in informal, humorous, artistic design. Start making products and put them up for sale.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 2016