Current and new direction in the world, estimates

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.5.2020

Swan in the spring
Swan in the spring


Map the current situation and how it may or should change! It can provide stimuli for change and reform in your life, communities, companies and society.

The current situationChange of direction
Strong urbanization and rural-urban migration. Dense urban structure.Rural areas stronger, decentralized housing. Direction from urban to rural. Decentralized urban structure.
Globalization in production. Tourism lively from one country to another.Localization in production. Tourism in homeland more valued.
Too little cooperation in solving common problems.Increase cooperation in solving common problems.
Waiting and emulating others too much.Efforts are also being made to solve problems more independently and to reconcile them locally.
Dependence on other countries, remote productionMore independence from others, more self-sufficiency, local production
Large rigid organizations and production unitsSmall agile players work together a lot, tailor-made local production
Overconsumption, a lot of pollute causing and not so necessary production.Basic needs for all, reduction in bragging consumption. Let’s settle for less.
Too bad preparedness for crises. Low and unsuitable emergency stocks.Better preparedness for risks and possible unexpected problems in the future. Larger emergency stocks.
Values ​​confused. Are followed the same track, even if the direction is wrong. Morality in many things socially improved, but deteriorated from the point of view of eternity.Revision of values, new selection and emphasis, which ones are good, most relevant and most important. Morality improves somewhat in temporal matters, on the other hand, deteriorates from the point of view of eternity.
The world is guided chaosically and under the guidance of market forces or dictators. Unsystematic.More conductive, more considerate, more systematic, more based on science and practicality. The weight of civil society is increasing.
Areas where risks were not considered.Risk-free sectors are increasing.
Inadequate health care. Funding and appreciation of science and education at the same or reduced level. Basic research is not valued so much and rapid commercialization is desired.Healthcare is evolving faster. The value of science and education is emphasized and they receive more funds and attention. The importance of life sciences and basic research is growing, with relevance to future problems.
The risks of infection were not sufficiently taken into account in the construction. Large common areas.Construction that protects against the risk of infection. More isolated compartments.
Large crowd events and gatherings.Events for just a few people.
Things are solved in outline, the grassroots level is not paid enough attention. Small omissions cause big problems.Details and grassroots level more involved. From the food market spread the virus that revolutionized the world, even the small things, which can be followed by big problems, must be taken into account.
SelfishnessWe are in the same boat
Little involvement and brainstorming. Ideas are not appropriate, often for vain consumption.Participation and brainstorming are increasing. Completely something new and really significant to the solutions to the current threatening problems.
Common things do not interest or touch everyone. Indifference, carelessness in someone.Everyone is affected and has to be involved in some way in the management and impact of common issues.
Finding out things, causes, consequences, and interdependencies is not enough. Experience and knowledge are needed where things will develop.A thorough explanation of the causes, consequences, and interdependencies of things. More information and experience have been gained and new solutions have been developed.
Indecision, slowness.Determination, faster action.
Problems are not solved effectively.Problems are solved more effectively.
All the benefits already achieved are not easily given up.Many of the benefits achieved have to be given up.
There is room for war and it will destroy the infrastructure and harm people.There is no room for war and weapons, because there are so many problems in the world anyway.
Digitization and networks underutilized.More use is being made of digitalisation and networks.
Companies have no plans and contingency plans or alternative forms of earning. Poor conversion ability. No contingency funds for bad times.For companies, plans and preparedness for exceptional circumstances and alternative forms of earning. Conversion ability faster. Collect contingency funds for bad times.
Too much debt and little savings for individuals.Individuals take on less debt and increase savings.
Striving for continued economic growth and monetary policy and a market economy at the center. Indebtedness has not been brought under control. Collecting property for a few. The pursuit of enrichment in some. Rapid growth not taken all risks into account.The pursuit of quality of life and the search for other means of maintaining and increasing the well-being of society than economic growth and monetary policy. Property to accumulate for several, albeit smaller, but reasonable. More stable development and risk mapping.
There has not always been an immediate compulsion for change.There will be new problems that force change.
Predictability reasonable.Predictability even more difficult.
People have imagined that things are under control by people.Become problems that are difficult for people to manage and need more wisdom.
Many, though not all, have had a very good time.There will be new unexpected problems. A good time is not a matter of course.
Not all strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, both internal and external, are known. Too little ideation, systematic review and concreteness. New and current situations unstructured. Waiting for what happens and what others are doing is holding back the activity of individuals and communities.Internal and external opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses become clearer and better addressed in more detail. There will be more participants in the work. More and more individuals and communities are doing something concretely and not stopping to wait for what others are doing.

Map more! Examine the present and evaluate the future. Time will tell where we are really going. There are winners and losers, but everyone should be allowed to survive and to have a reasonable life at the very least.