Veikko J. Pyhtilä,19.3.2020.

Development, Idea, Evaluation

This is where things that are under development or in need of development can be brought together from several different sites. You can put links wherever you go, for example what for difficult problems are being made. Problem solving methods can also be added to this but more exactly on page METHODS.


Veikko J. Pyhtilä, June 22, 2017, a few thoughts that have sometimes come to my mind. There are only a few problems with this list, but more solutions that can help you solve many problems.

P Customers do not always know exactly what they need.
P Automation and rationalization reduce jobs, require a great deal of capital, sophisticated training, and software and hardware development, unless by the profits from them are not created something else to give new jobs and capital.
P Fruits are brought from far away, often picked raw and matured artificially so their nutritional value may not be good.
P The fine graphic and abundant flood of information make you tired and blind.
P An idea is only meaningful once it has been put into practice and then can be useful.
P People are not enthusiastic about solving problems together, things are not progressing and unemployment cannot be eliminated.
P There is a lot of information on the internet and the same repetition, it takes a lot of time to search.
P Self-explanations, but in practice, are not acted to save in good times, that in bad times could afford for consumption from savings.
P Everything has to be entertainment and gaming even work and study, where do we go?
P Transport requires more energy and consumes the environment the longer the transport distance.
P Excessive, irritating advertising can even drive away customers.
P Too much visual information can get tired.
P The sound of traffic takes peace of nature.
P Agriculture and forestry problems
P The market situation changes and fluctuates, and tasks may be project-like and the projects are not necessarily replaced with new employing projects.
P Many pages are cluttered with ads, with too many scattered links and things on the same page.
P Can society afford to leave the unemployed untapped.
P Many are passive and indifferent, not actively involved in dealing with common issues.
P Advanced home automation with robots can also consume more energy and raw materials and maintain healthy daily exercise less.
P There are risks that can only be revealed over decades.
P The amount of information is large, you should be able to pick up those necessary, even in a small field there is a huge amount of study.
P Hobbies in science are not only possible by reading theory, you have to be in university books.
P There is a lot of information and ideas, but they are fragmented.
P Often people mimic others and don’t do things on their own.
P New technology requires studying, tools for implementing ideas.
P Things that seem difficult are dreaded, though they evolve you as you concentrate in them and then new technology may seem almost easy to use, even those programs seeming hard to use.
P Erroneous investments are a loss for individuals, businesses and society.
P Underestimating everyone’s own significance, but even a small spark of ideas can create a lot of jobs and profitable business.
P One purchase can have a chain reaction effect. It removes the vicious circle and provides employment and money for consumption, while also having a negative impact on the environment.
P One person takes a tremendous amount of time to develop an advanced product.
P Over-enthusiasm for an idea, but as you explore the potential of an idea more closely, you may find that the idea was not very sensible or marketable.
P Environmental problems will become more pronounced in the future and solutions will be urgently needed.
P An entrepreneur can also do a lot of free work before starting to make a profit.
P An intelligent robot of the future will get malware or disorder and become violent, break places, and mistreat its users. Such risks do exist, but how likely they are.
S In the brainstorming, one can deviate from the ordinary and find new strange ideas by making oneself even laughable.
S You also need to learn how to manage your time by doing a lot, exercising a lot, finding the fastest and best ways to work, which will save you time in the future, even though it has taken time to read and learn the instructions.
S Thinking is educational, writing is educational, developing yourself.
S Increasing activity and knowledge to deal with common issues
S Activity: study, brainstorm, acquire information, gain good social relationships, and join networks.
S At first, you do not always know what the product will eventually become and will have to do a lot of experimentation and demos on different options.
S At first, you could do a demo to see if your customers are enthusiastic about the product and then start developing.
S Skills need to be constantly developed and kept up to date as technology and methods evolve at a rapid pace.
S Stimulates what is done elsewhere, what others have accomplished.
S Values, ethics in job creation and retention
S Customers need to be helped to find the products and services they want and to be stimulated with new goods and new uses and objects.
S Automation and rationalization reduce work, and if it increases income, that income should create something else, otherwise society will inevitably go to the point where not everyone has a job.
S Automation is suitable for high-quality standard products, for mass production, where precision mechanics are more accurate than human beings and cannot always be done by humans.
S The benefits of automation need to be taxed more heavily to cover rising social costs.
S An automated intelligent idea generator that combines things in a new way, but their reasonableness has to be explored by humans unless artificial intelligence goes so far that it can assess its rationality.
S Biobased and biodegradable process chemicals, fillers and binders
S There is a lot to explore and develop in life sciences -> improving health, solving environmental problems, etc.
S Proceed from both the bottom up and the top down.
S Affordable to make factory prefabricated elements, but become 3D, which will allow for small-scale individual production at a profit.
S Unnecessary work must not be done, but work that is profitable.
S Do not duplicate work or take bread from others.
S The product developer does not always have to be highly educated.
S You do not necessarily need to read and learn a lot of theories, but start practically thinking with healthy common sense independently what to do.
S You should not rely on having well qualified and good aptitude tests, but you should continue to develop yourself throughout life and use your skills to achieve results.
S It could more afford for pensions, if everyone capable had a productive job.
S Life in its diversity is varied, rich, it does not get bored.
S I don’t think Finns and people of the world are poor at ideas.
S Continuous use and reading of the English language are essential in today’s internationalized world.
S Introducing and selling several major products and services to solve problems.
S Directory of products and services for the widest possible range of solutions to problems.
S When fine-tuned, it can save energy and raw materials, especially if recycled materials and renewable natural materials are used as a raw material and resource efficiency.
S Furniture design could combine practicality, humor and art.
S By jumping to action and acquiring knowledge, more realistic ideas are created at the grassroots level, not just on paper and possibly unrealistic.
S Well-structured, coordinated and organized solutions help you manage the jungle of business.
S There is ample room for improvement in welfare services.
S Good classification and structuring to better locate and manage information.
S Good division of labor.
S It is good that we are investing in developing countries, so that they can afford to buy products made in homeland as well, and the company is gaining market overseas.
S Good relationships, both at home and at work, keep your mind free from worries, burdens and being healthy, help you to cope at work, focus well on work.
S The idea can be simple.
S Ideas start to do runners as you begin to think and discuss.
S There are many ideas and product development methods available on the web.
S Idea-promoting art
S Ideas do not have to be afraid to disclose, the details of their implementation are professional secrets so that competitors do not benefit from resource-intensive development work.
S Ideas and job opportunities can be found by mapping problems and finding solutions.
S Though ideas can be found in chaos, by chance, by deviation from the habits, but also purposefully in a very systematic, orderly, structured way.
S Ideas can be taken forward by further development.
S People need mental hobbies, brain training and physical exercise to stay fit.
S The more a person acquires knowledge and experience, the greater the opportunity he has to create new combinations and ideas, and the more inspiration he has to create new and improve the old.
S The information should be concise, clear and concise at the upper level, from which you can then go to the lower level for more detailed information as needed.
S Finding business ideas by searching the Internet.
S Intuition, self-understanding and reasoning develop as you learn to use difficult-to-learn objects.
S Already developed product ideas and researched information for utilization.
S Even as a child it would be good to learn to work and to labor.
S If you can afford to spend it is worthwhile to put money into circulation unless it does not consume the environment.
S Every unemployed to some useful activity
S Every unemployed person or person at risk of unemployment should find a specialization in which to concentrate.
S If prosperity can be distributed more evenly and people give up unnecessary consumption, people could cope with lower incomes and save the environment.
S Flexibility in pay in good times to higher incomes, in bad times to lower incomes to maintain jobs.
S Systematic, well-organized advancement speeds things up.
S Systematically mapping from a needs perspective what products and services might still be available and which ones need improvement.
S Systematic research and brainstorming of all the work that is not done in Finland or some other country and the design, creation and brainstorming of new jobs.
S Comprehensive classification and inventory of existing products and services worldwide.
S It is not possible to try all areas of the world at the same time, although it is good to have a holistic and interdisciplinary approach.
S Gifts of all citizens for use.
S Let all parties be blown together, patriotism!
S Dig as many employment ideas as possible from the grassroots to the outline.
S You should carefully consider what you are doing to avoid wasting time.
S All citizens be involved in brainstorming
S All citizens to bee, to voluntary work.
S People’s Brainstorming for Finding Unemployed Jobs and Creating Jobs.
S Identify all meaningful work and then form groups to design and develop work to make a profitable business.
S Identify meaningful areas for improvement.
S Identify needs and related commodities and areas for improvement.
S Stimulating environments for those growing up and working to generate new ideas and skills.
S Cities as eco-cities and vitality to countryside.
S Develop more competitive better products and services by addressing the underlying problems.
S It’s developing oneself and maintaining vitality to be active and have hobbies.
S More environmentally friendly production of chemicals by microbes.
S Focus on exploring ideas in one area and others in another and taking ideas from areas.
S Discussion provides inspiration that can lead to additional ideas and can be evaluated and further developed.
S Recycled and natural materials and designs from nature in craft ideas and products
S Competitive food.
S Writing is a good way for handling matters and thoughts can be refined all the time.
S Highly Processed Wood Products by Materials Science and Polymer Chemistry Diversification of Biomass, Commercial Biorefinery, Nanotechnology Applications
S In a society of high technological know-how, more tailor-made production could be increased, but at a reasonable price.
S There are many travel destinations in one’s homeland and at the same time domestic tourism is supported, or you can go wild and pick berries for free.
S Domestic, environmentally friendly, high quality commodities.
S Increasing domestic energy production reduces dependence on imported energy.
S The numbers of trainees should better match the demand of the labor market so that they are not trained for unemployment.
S Training costs and time are saved and things roll out better as you practice self-study, self-reliance, independence, self-initiative.
S Those with training and experience should without delay apply for vacancies for which they are well placed.
S There should be more consumer education to guide the market economy towards sustainable production and consumption.
S When an A buys from a B, the B can afford to buy from a C or the A and the chain can continue.
S If people could make more active, more activity and more ideas and jobs start to emerge.
S When everyone has a job, even the disabled, society is better able to pay for social costs.
S Like gyms, there could be idea halls.
S Browse through words from a vocabulary from begin to end to find an idea: Commodity ideas 30000
S You can save on traffic costs by using ridesharing and traveling as much as possible on foot or by bike.
S Increase learning by doing and self-study when there is good learning material.
S More stimulations, impulses!
S Read a lot, get information, ponder
S Let’s list any work that has not been done.
S It is worthwhile to self-study natural sciences, languages ​​and mathematics.
S Trust and encourage even the long-term unemployed.
S Steps for creative problem solving.
S Identify new needs and demand.
S Find commodity-related commodities and see what is associated with what.
S Extensive use of modeling and simulation in process design and optimization.
S The use of berries in the diet is worth increasing.
S Market economy alone is not capable of driving employment, but better governance of civil society is needed to create jobs.
S The market economy should be more steered because of periods of boom and bust and dependent on continued economic growth.
S Mass production has the advantage of cheaper price.
S We should invent the objects which have to develop.
S Go and come to work!
S New products and operating models for the forest industry.
S Mind map is worth using when handling matters and perceiving things.
S An association network, everything is connected to everything in some way or at least indirectly.
S By thinking about what else a product or service could be used for, it is possible to find new markets for the commodity.
S What went wrong, how to heal?
S What is our strength, what we could export and where we could increase our export.
S A mini refinery where you can experiment with the separation, processing, development of chemical products and biomaterials of useful chemicals.
S Mini factories where you can learn and experiment with different manufacturing methods and processes and also produce batches for test marketing.
S What you do, do it properly.
S How to bet, invest, spend that is reflected back for greater gain for yourself.
S The more things and participants, the more you can combine things with new connections and transfer ideas from one area to another to get more ideas.
S The more trade the more work and income.
S The more participants become to a site, the more search engine crawlers will rank it and gain visibility
S What is there already, what is there not?
S Whatever you could do.
S What would you buy, where else you would spend your money, if you could afford it? This way also one can find needs.
S What is missing, what problems need solutions, gives topics for product and service development.
S What is imported from abroad that could be manufactured profitably in homeland would increase self-sufficiency and increase independence from foreign trade.
S What would you do if you had the power to decide?
S What more can be done to improve citizens’ health, citizenship and skills? How do we improve existing approaches?
S The less import from abroad, the less export earnings would be required.
S Many products and services require long-term development to become competitive.
S Many well-selling products are the results of long-term research and development.
S Many people can get a job through good relationships.
S You need to get the right group involved, because alone is often more difficult to be an entrepreneur.
S With lots of talk and insight, the result can be good or bad.
S Others evaluate and improve the feasibility, rationality of ideas.
S Cottage in the country and around vegetable garden, fruit garden.
S Sleep overnight and see what ideas come in the morning or sometimes on other nights or days.
S On this page you could see what is needed and where a solution has already been found.
S The instructions are worth reading, but intuition will work well for a long time, especially if the interface is made intuitive.
S Carefully reading the instructions and following the advice will help.
S The most essential thing is to create jobs and to preserve existing jobs.
S Further develop business with existing companies or institutions.
S We are on the same planet (in the same boat), if everybody gave a thought for the common good.
S Be useful even to some.
S There is the Internet, there is a good chance of influence.
S Identifying the problem and identifying opportunities for improvement
S Problems / Concerns and Solutions
S Learn how to use new technology, useful computer programs to help with anything they could help.
S Learn many professions in one’s life.
S Studying, acquiring information and reasoning are good brain exercises.
S Learning to retrieve information and twigging skills are important to develop.
S Learn to structure your writing well and express it in an understandable way.
S Also learn how to filter large amounts of data, evaluate reliability and quality.
S There is room for improvement in learning materials so that self-study can be increased.
S Have to organize: Leaders, Activators, Researchers, Designers, Coordinators, Supervisors, Ideas, Developers, Creators.
S Some of the profits are used to create jobs, thus increasing purchasing power, and generally increasing the sales and profitability of corporate goods.
S Knowledge in many different fields, if only one have time to learn in one’s life.
S Knowledge can be acquired independently and by doing, not necessarily on the school bench.
S Shareholders sometimes receive good dividends, and it should also sometimes be satisfactory to have no dividend in order to maintain jobs.
S Take part in even one inspirational, thought-provoking, or judgmental suggestion from others
S Can a little, but nothing properly, you need to find a specialization where you really go thoroughly and into depth.
S Buying can influence what business areas you want to promote and what kind of production and services you want to promote.
S Take good rests after meal if it comes up with an idea you can’t be without expressing.
S Places to build prototypes and experiment for a small fee by reserving time, space and equipment.
S Lots of listings to find companies, products and services on different criteria.
S Even in cities cultivation on plots, balconies and indoors you can advantageously produce food.
S Simplification of papermaking processes
S It is better for an unemployed person to do something of general interest and to receive even twice the amount of labor market support available today than for the unemployed person to lose his / her contribution.
S Justify your case well, it works better.
S It has to establish development groups.
S Let’s hold national bees to map undone works.
S A long-term job would make it possible to move to live close to the workplace, where could go afoot or by bike, reducing the environmental impact of traffic and reducing costs for the worker.
S Long-term job, he can focus on developing the skills needed for the job without unnecessary over-training.
S Long-term job so you don’t have to study so many professions and can focus.
S Perseverance, carefulness and accuracy are important to success.
S Advanced technology and know-how can help save the environment and repair environmental damage.
S Over a long period of time, a lot of thoughts accumulate.
S There should be systematic mapping of what is needed, what already exists, how to improve.
S There should be a needs database, a deficiency database with commodities provided for needs.
S There should be a new internet where the same information is only once.
S Good, interest arousing, oral, visual and textual communication, in a clear, reasoned and well-structured way should be learned.
S Must be well organized.
S You have to be satisfied for a less, lower standard of living, plus a craft workshop, etc.
S The project can be accurately planned and tasks assigned to different people, and their importance and demandingness assessed.
S Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of automation and craftsmanship in a comprehensive and holistic way.
S The leaves of the tree may be of different colors, which would indicate the degree of maturity and goodness of the solution.
S Try to express things clearly and concisely.
S Be able to place the unemployed in suitable areas, which have to be developed.
S Wholeness and detailed plans can be searched through outlines.
S More capital could accumulate for investments with more savers and opportunities to save.
S More capital should be invested domestically and not so much abroad, so there would be more work at home.
S The main groups, under which the public can start to invent lacks and needs and solution options to them.
S Get more self-sufficiency, not be so dependent on world’s economy fluctuations.
S Reasoning requires an enormous amount of background information, source data, facts to draw from.
S Deciding on the Best Option
S Money needs to be spinning for more jobs.
S Let’s build
S Constructive discussion, positive thinking.
S Solutions can be found at the grassroots level, which are coordinated and organized into entities.
S Solutions are attached at appropriate points.
S Sufficient certainty about the market, demand, needs, whether customers want to buy the product and at what price.
S You can also save on food expenses by making the most of your food yourself and choosing cheap but healthy basic foods.
S Let’s start drawing a prototype and verbally describe the idea.
S Group by regions.
S The team has more capital, resources and know-how, and things can be discussed and planned together.
S Groups should be organized by society or one of the experts so that the jobs fill a niche market or improve the competitiveness, quality, etc. of existing products / services.
S Get into the group with people with long experience.
S Including, for example, 1000, can be used to share information, who will find out what.
S Being at work can inspire new ideas.
S Provides a good things collection for everyone to use.
S Nowadays, we get a lot of free material for reading on the web, and each of us can share something for free.
S The same information in many different contexts is already different information, different point of view.
S The same commodity has multiple uses.
S Even verbal communication is of great importance as it can make a huge influence.
S Disorder Against Order: Finding from the organized is always better than from the scattered disorder.
S Find out what went wrong with the experiment and improve the job search project.
S Find out what is already there, then what is missing, which require improvement.
S Find out what already exists teach and stimulate development.
S Identify what are the necessary and ethically acceptable needs and the products and services associated with them.
S The content should be carefully considered, what to communicate and how.
S Commitment, even for a very long time, can become quite a life task.
S Application-optimized, customized commodities.
S Knowing how to use the opportunities offered by modern technology helps in finding a job, working, doing business.
S In Finland, you may not need to use as much plant protection products due to the cold winter.
S Homeland to be more self-sufficient, have to investigate whether products and services imported from abroad could produce in homeland.
S Favor nearby and domestic products and services.
S Greater reserve of talent to avoid a shortage of talent.
S Great group force, it would have power.
S In big cities, housing prices are expensive, if more jobs were created in small towns and rural areas, wages would not have to be so high, because living would not cost so much money.
S Saving is productive, saving you money on something else.
S Saves in good times that there are savings in bad times that can keep up with normal consumption.
S The economy should be smoother and more stable.
S There should be good information about the products and services offered so that customers can make sound purchasing decisions.
S A more detailed subdivision and mapping systematically could bring in new ideas, areas for improvement.
S By observing what is happening in science, what is happening elsewhere in the world.
S Observing what’s new or recently come can help you find business opportunities.
S Needs and related commodities and areas for development.
S There is a need for increased activity and knowledge, more experience in managing common issues.
S Multidisciplinary but also highly specialized are needed.
S There is also a need for growth sectors that will employ redundant workers and young or older workers.
S It takes a great deal of time to acquire and map information.
S Spreadsheets, word processing, database programs, drawing programs, utility programs, learning to program, computer maintenance and servicing, etc.
S Doing free work, helping and volunteering.
S Effective action alone, sometimes co-operation, requires both.
S Undone work should be made profitable.
S Authors, professions of vocabulary of what could be -er and other suffixes. 30,000 Utility Ideas: What Would I Buy, Sell, Hobby, Study, Do?
S There is a lot of similarity in technology, as a few systems learn, and at the same time learn to use other systems, at least in the basics, intuition and twigging.
S Increase healthy physical activity and improve air quality and decrease noise in the urban environment.
S Improving health and citizens abilities
S Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Physiological needs (physical conditions for survival, such as food, drink, breathing air) Security needs (protection against various hazards) Social belonging (friendship, love, belonging to a group) Self-esteem (self-esteem, respect for others). Self-actualization (getting full use of one’s abilities, for example, at work or parenting).Transcendence (fullest realization in giving oneself to something beyond oneself – for example, in altruism or spirituality)
S Using a computer program
S Doing the good for others and yourself and getting a decent living will keep people happier.
S The actors compete with each other and produce their own repository of information and homepages on sub-portals.
S One initiated can be further developed.
S Other professions leave and new ones replace.
S Facts Finding
S Implementation begins with the details even in small details.
S Implementation, enforce the decision.
S With thousands of participants in attendance, the time spent per person becomes small and at the same time several views are obtained.
S Environmentally friendly construction should be promoted, even here through a comprehensive life cycle assessment.
S Wiser use of income and capital
S Results into a hierarchical information system.
S Results can be grouped and structured by topic and by a variety of criteria.
S The production process from raw materials to consumers and long-term use and recycling must be assessed by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and LCC (Life Cycle Costing), based on the principles of sustainable development.
S Doing product and service development and research work one becomes trained and workmanship develops.
S A product that lasts a long time, does not need as much money to purchase them so your paycheck doesn’t have to be as big as it is today and you save the environment by not having to produce so much energy and raw materials.
S Even in product development, learning how to make good clear guidelines and instructions will help with marketing and documentation.
S The product development project needs good organization and coordination.
S Productivity must be about all productivity, not just short-term economic productivity, but productivity in the general interest.
S Productivity is not always economic, but it can also provide good environment, health, safety and well-being in general.
S Productivity is not just about wages but also about developing skills, maintaining health, improving the environment, benefiting society, developing new ideas, etc.
S Productivity cannot and must not be measured in monetary terms, although generating general well-being requires a sound financial basis.
S Productivity is about generating health, safety, order, environmental well-being, maintaining mental, good morals.
S Products and services need to be well-marketed to generate income that can generate additional employment or keep existing jobs.
S Products can be made less automatically.
S Products must be of good quality, with good service and meet current and future customer needs, the company will gain customers and thus be able to employ.
S Products and services could be developed in partnership.
S There is a wide variety of products, and you can always make a different version that can have a good sale.
S There is endless research and development work
S From thinking to actions.
S Work is profitable if it provides its employees with even a minimum income, it is better than labor market support.
S Employment education appropriations for work and learning in work.
S Doubling of labor market support and participation in activities that generate income, improve the environment, promote health, raise morale, etc.
S Good work ethic, diligence, quality, promotion of common good, etc.
S Continue to rationalize work to be competitive
S The joy of work, the joy of life
S Workers, companies, and public finances should have the goal of the common good.
S Jobs to survive better.
S The workplace should already be known to the trainees in order to make better use of education money.
S Job creation brainstorming
S Job creation is therefore a co-operation issue also in Finland, if all those capable could be brought to developing bees and well organized, there could be many employment ideas.
S There are workshops for the unemployed, but we would need a larger and more diverse outfit.
S There would be more on-the-job learning, long-term employment relationships, savings in training costs and the development of employees into top professionals.
S Use the resources of the unemployed and the underemployed to improve purchasing power!
S Unemployed people, unless they can otherwise find work, should join a group to move forward with the resolution of the unemployment problem.
S There are top experts among unemployed people or they become highly skilled when they are in a position to develop skills in the long term.
S Unemployed groups to work on entrepreneurship, brainstorming, planning.
S Unemployed, even for part-time work.
S Unemployment, too, could be divided equally between citizens, which would at times allow those overworked at work to take a break and develop themselves, and the unemployed to practice and their skills would not rust.
S Unemployed people can apply for jobs through various channels.
S The unemployed are not inactive.
S The unemployed start to work for one another and exchange products and services, but the taxpayer has a share in not having a moonlight contract.
S There is no shortage of workforce, but through targeted and transformative training and keeping people learning in reserve in companies, skilled workforce can quickly be obtained when needed.
S Priority, first the most pressing problems
S Work that is dangerous and consuming for human health is good to automate.
S To buy from abroad, so we may be able to export more to a country.
S Imports from abroad are replaced by domestic imports
S Being involved with multiple people to make products and services marketable and meet customer needs.
S Dare to depart from the masses and the general public, and even walk in peculiar ways of brainstorming.
S Finding and creating something new, reviewing and improving practices will help the company and the employee to develop and remain competitive.
S New energy efficient resource saving processes.
S New, more durable materials.
S New ideas and improvements.
S New Products and Services
S More new businesses and expanding existing ones, improving competitiveness could bring more jobs.
S The latest knowledge, know-how and sound basic knowledge are competitive.
S Weighing up alternatives and seeking solutions
S Though produced domestically would be more expensive, so the money leave (hopefully) rotating in the domestic economy, hence it benefits the whole society.
S While there is something in the world, it remains to be seen whether there is an even larger market.
S Even though you have a job and a good livelihood, you must also take responsibility for the state of society as a whole, because we are in the same boat.
S Even though on the face it may appear modest, as it is not overly advertised and otherwise, a quality product and service may be hidden inside.
S Affects decision-makers, corporate executives, public opinion by writing e.g.
S For people with disabilities, home automation is useful for staying independent for as long as possible.
S Stable economic development would remove many uncertainties.
S Ready to accept criticism and dare to criticize constructively.
S Cultivation of vegetables, berries with the highest possible level of health-promoting phytochemicals and no pesticide residues.
S Green would represent a fresh solution and yellow would represent a half-mature solution and red would indicate a mature solution.
S Green economy, bioeconomy, green economics, clean technology
S Cultivation, felling firewood from the forest is done by manpower, providing healthy exercise, outdoor activities, natural living, and low investment costs.
S Stimulations, Inspirations.
S You can search for solutions online, and almost all computer problems can be answered online, at least in English.
S Can also use a network structure and their nodes are commodities and lines indicate connections.
S There can be a tremendously of features and you don’t need to learn them at first as a fraction, what you can already take advantage of.
S Can pick up ideas from these pages
S It is possible to find out if there is something similar around the world and whether it is worthwhile to start with an improved and modified version.
S One can think in respect of happiness and health as well
S The weighting of each work share can be evaluated and voted on.
S One can try and see how far people can go.
S Small grass-roots issues can also be collected from which can be developed.
S The Internet could compress and in co-operation unite similar directories.
S Less things and clearly is better, but there should be links to more in-depth information.
S The poor can save on their expenses by buying furniture, crockery, clothing, sporting goods, books, materials for making, etc. from a recycling store.
S Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, that is life.
S It will take one person a thousand years – impossible, but a thousand people one year – possible.
S Together, one can do wonders better than alone, but it requires a great deal of activity, morale, and all the skills and efforts of all the shareholders to align with one another to achieve common goals.
S There must be basic livelihoods in society that generate funds for other livelihoods.
S Society is changing rapidly, some professions are disappearing or no longer needed as before and new professions are emerging.
S Society is changing rapidly, new information is coming in massive numbers, it is lifelong learning alongside work and one has to know how to pick up what is necessary and essential from the knowledge jungle.
S Social peace is an important value and a form of productivity.
S Social peace and opportunities to deal with all sorts of problems such as environmental problems.
S Collaboration between competitors once quotas have been agreed could lower the cost of product development.
S Collaboration increases opportunities
S Collaboration between several experts
S Collaboration works wonders.
S One good idea can inspire others
S Custom made for a small clientele, art, design, etc.
S A site of common interest that can give anyone an incentive to try and get things going.
S The public good produces something other than economic benefits, which should be financed.
S For environmentally friendly products and services.
S Through entrepreneurship, many unemployed people can be employed if business will become profitable.
S If you get active people to collaborate, it becomes more possible to try.
S You have to find your own strengths that you focus on and specialize in entrepreneurship.
S Adding other industries to the company so that you are not just one foot away.
S The company must have good ethics to make its customers more satisfied.
S Company shares should remain domestically owned and increase employee ownership, so that shareholders who do not think for the common good, but rather the size of dividends they receive, will not have control.
S Companies would raise a reserve fund in good times and not distribute as much dividend, so in bad times the reserve fund could be invested in research, product development, staff training and business development.
S Companies, society and the world could agree on production quotas and which production is best suited to which region in the world, would reduce too much competition, could already make the economy more stable, and companies could develop their activities in the long term.
S You could buy something from companies or do counter-services or even paying by work if you don’t have the money to pay.
S Businesses go bankrupt and new ones come into play.
S Smart papers, paperboard and wood products

Consider whether the development object, problem, defect, fault, product, service, method, instruction, communication, situation, condition, state of affairs, risk, etc. could be:

bigger, smaller, self-made, made by others, new, newer, modern, younger, old, old-fashioned, better, best, bad, worse, worse, first, last, totally or partial, different, similar, kind, such, general, rare, taller, shorter, important, possible, impossible, clearer, darker, next, domestic, foreign, right, wrong, easier, harder, special, ordinary, equivalent, substitute, best, stronger, weaker, faster , slower, higher, lower, customized, continuous, ending, more beautiful, uglier, more abundant, more scarce, minor, more economical, obvious, wider, narrower, current, future, more mature, more unfinished, common, private, adequate, inadequate , more appropriate, single, international, harder, softer, noticeable, unnoticeable, free, bound, relative, left, right, more powerful, stronger, weaker, real, simpler, more necessary, black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, purple, orange, holy, warmer, cooler, deeper, lower, final, infinite, more accurate, more social, political, more fun, internal, external, known, secret, early, late, more interesting, normal, rare, cleaner, dirty, stronger, weaker, smoother, uneven, natural, artificial, more empty, fuller, more complete, spiritual, material, excellent, official, nicer, heavier, lighter, open, closed, more expensive, cheaper, technical, valuable, more valuable, drier, moister, wetter, public, firmer, more practical, more direct, more crooked, sure, unsure, necessary, hotter, colder, significant, interim, finer, more central, more visible, serious, happier, more numerous, some look, local, less expensive, less frequent, denser, darker, lighter, more permanent, more durable, more complete, rare, independent, healthier, sicker, more severe, gentle, closer, farther, dangerous, less dangerous, probable, unknown, minor, domestic, reliable, impossible, happier, quieter, louder, steep, gently, brighter, dimmer, calmer, scientific, for adults, for children, essential, non-existent, regular, irregular, appropriate, satisfied, satisfactory, uniform, intermittent, detached, original, cheaper, more expensive, personal, detailed, miraculous, urgent, simultaneous, incomplete, dead, living, lower, higher, modern, old-fashioned, national, richer, poorer, stronger, morbid, healthier, useless, huge, positive, negative, darker, lighter, thinner, thicker, narrower, broader, more profound, more active, dense, more inactive, fresh, historical, chemical, written, positive, negative, dependent, modest, lively, communal, kind, long-term, temporary, genuine, separate, diverse, theoretical, social, extraordinary, all sorts, outward, late, early, clever, unnecessary, necessary, nationwide, wise, smart, smarter, prone, sensitive, reasonable, more pleasant, exceptional, etc.

Formed from the most common adjectives in Finnish.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9/9/2017