What are you like, you want or not want to be?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, September 21, 2017 

There is always room for change, development and improvement. Study yourself or the other targets and estimate! You can also score from 0-5, from fewer to most of a feature, and yes is y and no is n. You can evaluate yourself, others, the company, the actor, the institution, the society, the world, the state of things, the activities, etc.

What kind are you that you do not participate or do not contribute to the promotion of this site with your descriptive phrases, thoughts, ideas, advice or links? How do you do or act? Stimulates exploration, thinking, development, ideation.

Read thoughtfully the following list, it tunes your thinking, attentional ability. As a chain reaction begins to generate ideas, thoughts, actions, if more participants will come along. Do I lead with propriety, essence, inventive positive action, inspiring or making reluctant? Words have power, words have affect, with words can one influence. Words convey information. Extracted from the most common words in the Finnish language, translated in English and supplemented with phrases from basic words. However, the words are dispersed order, but that’s what world can be chaotic, and it must be parsed in a way. When solving problems, we may encounter chaos that needs to be understood and resolved. In the second left column in the following table there is not always positive and in the right column not always negative expressions. You can customize the table and delete and add expressions, sort it in a better order. Does this make sense or is it so wise that you do not understand it? You can also handle feelings and they can evoke emotions such as thoughts. It is good to learn how to deal with negative emotions and utilize positive emotions. A good state of mind and a variety of thoughts help you to be innovative and active.

Examples I AM, IS y0 I AM NOT, IS NOT n0
Not evaluated, not appropriate YES y0 NO n0
Character Positive Y3 Negative n2
Attitude to this site Positive Y4 Negative n1
Attitude to case 1 On behalf of Y3 Against n2
  Parallel   Inverse  
  I do something   I am doing nothing  
  Diligent   Lazy  
  Active, devoted   Passive  
  Eager, fervent   Perfunctory  
  Lively, cheery   Undrawn  
  Voluntary   Forced, compulsory  
  Responsible, obliged   Irresponsible  
  Conscientious   Numb  
  Lively   Not lively  
  Bothering   Do not bother  
  Wise, reasonable   Stupid, crazy, fool  
  Understanding   Foolish  
  Understandable, clear   Difficult to understand, unclear  
  Representational   Concealing  
  Aware   Unaware  
  Positively different   Normal, usual, medium  
  I love, I like   I hate, I abhor  
  Love   Not loved  
  Willing   Reluctant  
  Joyful, happy, blessed   Sorrowful, unhappy  
  Humorous   Humorless  
  Fun   Not funny  
  Sentimental   Insensitive  
I can   I can not  
  I’ll come with   I won’t come  
  And also: I, you, he / she, we, you, they   Not: I, you he / she, we, you, they  
  All   No one  
  I give to others and I get from others   I don’t give and get  
  Must do   Should not do  
  I like this, it, him / her   I don’t like this, it, him / her  
  Large, big, huge   Small  
  New   Old  
  Young   Old  
  Fresh   Spoiled  
  Fresh   Musty  
  Like, uniform   Different, other kind  
  Do myself   I am waiting for others  
  Cooperation, together   Alone, separate  
  In bunch of friends   Lonely  
  Good, kind   Evil, poor, sinful, destructive  
  Acceptable   Exceptionable  
  Better   Worse  
  Best   Worst  
  Human   Crude, brutal  
  First   Last  
  I do much   I do little  
  I do wholly   Partially  
  I ask   I answer  
  I have already done   I do it now   
  I always do it   I never do it  
  I will do it for the future   I’ll do it sometimes  
  I have good means   I make it bad  
  I know already everything   I do not know anything about the subject  
  I know something      
  I need   I do not need  
  I describe   I do not describe  
  I want to live   I want to die  
  I say, I talk   I don’t say, I don’t talk  
  Many   Few  
  Countless   Counted  
  General   Rare  
  I am doing something   I am not doing anything  
  I’ll increase   I’ll decrease  
  Comments m i oin   I do not observe  
  I pay attention   I don’t pay attention  
  I know the causes   I do not know the reasons  
  I know the consequences   I do not know the consequences  
  Yes attitude   No attitude  
  Yes it is   It is not  
  Important, essential, primary   Minor, non-existing  
  Possible   Impossible  
  Successful   Unsuccessful  
  I want   I do not want  
  Often   Rarely  
  Clear   Indistinct  
  I am in the beginning   I’m at the end  
  More   Less  
  Right   Wrong  
  Right, legal   Illegal  
  Political   Right, left, central  
  Real   Counterfeit  
  Finn   Foreign, nordic  
  International   European, western  
  English   Foreign language, swedish, english  
  Calculation   I do not count  
  Statistical   Roughly  
  Easy   Difficult, complex  
  Think of   I do not think  
  How   This way  
  I’ll build   I’ll not build  
  I’m a constructive   Am tearing  
  I’m on behalf of   I’m against  
  I study, acquire knowledge and skills   I don’t study and get knowledge and skills  
  Worthly   Worthless  
  Commercial   Free  
  Powerful, strong   Weak, mild  
  Double   Simple  
  Spectacular   Void  
  I develop, I devolop myself   I don’t develop, I don’t  develop myself  
  Above   Behind  
  Fast   Slow  
I lead   I don’t lead  
  Little   A lot  
  I notice   I overlook  
  High   Low  
  Exalted   Low  
  Topmost, upper   Lowest, lower  
  I act   I wait  
  I make, I prepare   I do not make, I don’t prepare  
  I come on   I’m leaving  
  Useful, usable   Useless, harmful  
  Continuous   Ending  
  Beautiful   Ugly  
  Wonderful   Disgusting  
  Abundant   a little  
  Change   No change  
  Organize   I do not  organize  
  Systematic   Vague  
  Consistent   Scatterbrained  
  I find   I can not find  
  I am able to   I can not  
  I’ll inform   I’ll not inform  
  Economic   Wasting  
  Factor   Occupant  
  I belive   I do not believe  
  Credible   Suspicious  
  Always   Never  
  Eternal   Momentary  
  Wide   Narrow  
  Good position   Poor position  
  Significant   Not important  
  I take care of   I don’t take care of  
  I choose   I do not choose  
  I understand   I do not understand  
  Too much   Too little  
  I teach others   I hide my knowledge  
  Competent   Incompetent  
  Solving problems   Not solving problems  
  I’ll start   I’ll stop  
  I will renew, I will make progress   I am in a standstill  
  Ready   In progress  
  Ripe   Raw  
  Yourself   Common for all  
  Long   Short  
  My condolences   I do not share  
  Sufficient   Little, incomplete  
  Suitable   Inappropriate  
  Unique quality   Forged in the same shape  
  Private   Public, municipal, state  
  International   Local, regional  
  Hard   Soft  
  Significant   Small, non-important  
  A lot   Little  
  Prominent   Unnoticeable  
  Free   Slave  
  Sovereign   Dependent  
  Relative   Disproportionate  
  Effective   Inefficient  
  Right   Left  
  In the middle   Aside  
  Immediate   Qualified  
  Good relations   Bad relations  
  Calm   Aggressive, violent  
  Patient   Impatient  
  Interesting   Boring  
  Nice   Not comfortable,  
  Pleasant   Disgusting  
  No delay   Delayed  
  Average   Extremity  
  Known   Unknown  
  Personal, individual   Like other  
  Known   Unknown  
  Defined, certain      
  Respectful   Shameful  
  Simple   Complex  
  Necessary   Unnecessary  
  Colorful   Colorless  
  White   Black  
  Green   Yellow  
  Blue   Red  
  Orange   Violet  
  Patterned   Plain  
  Real   Formal  
  Well shaped   Poorly shaped  
  Shaped   Formless  
  Round   Angular  
  I claim good   I claim evil  
  Modest   Demanding  
  Loose   Tight  
  Warm   Cold  
  Hot   Below freezing  
  Deep   Low  
  Thorough   Surface, outside  
  Final   Endless  
  Exact   Inaccurate  
  Deliberate   Incorrect, incidental  
  Careful   Sloppy  
  Precise   Inaccurate  
  Hire a lot   Hire low  
  Have a satisfactory salary   No hire  
  Social   Antisocial  
  Order loving   Anarchy loving  
  Biased   Impartial  
  I participate in policy   I do not participate in common matters  
  I’m civil activist   I am indifferent  
  Unselfish   I am selfish  
  Future   Gone  
  Historic   Nothing to remember  
  Traditional   Transforming  
  Internal   External  
  Known   Unknown  
  Early   Late  
  Normal   Abnormal  
  Typical   Abnormal  
  Living   Death, stopped  
  Biological, organic   Inorganic  
  Clean   Dirty  
  Smooth   Uneven, rough  
  Natural   Unnatural  
  Full   Blank  
  Perfect   Ragged  
  Mental   Material, physical  
  Spiritual   Secular  
  Sizable   Low  
  Excellent   Weak  
  Satisfying   Passable  
  Official   Unofficial  
  Heavy, pressing   Light  
  Open   Closed  
  Bare   Covered with  
  Expensive   Cheap, free  
  Technical   Little technology  
  Valuable   Worthless  
  Royal   Common people  
  Wet, moisture   Dry  
  Fixed   Liquid   
  Practical, convenient   Difficult to use  
  Direct   Circle, curve  
  Sure   Uncertain  
  Necessary   Not necessary  
  Supervisor   Subordinate  
  Christian   Pagan  
  Ideological   No ideology  
  Religious, church   Irreligious  
  This way   On the other way  
  Southern   North  
  Western   Eastern  
  Nearby, nearest   Distance  
  Always, continuing   Run out  
  Temporary   Eternal    
  Prolonged   Brief  
  Permanent   Substitute  
  Fine   Unfine, rough  
  Thick   Thin  
  Tire, strong      
  Lean   Fat  
  Key   Side issue  
  Visible   Invisible  
  Serious, true   Don’t take it seriously  
  Competent   Incompetent  
  Numerous   None  
  One or two      
  Like   Different  
  Budget   Poor price-quality ratio, unfavorable  
  Dense   Few  
  Light   Dark  
  Permanent, unchanging   Variable  
  Durable, strong   Destroyed  
  Independent   Dependent  
  Automatic   Manual  
  Gentle   Harsh, cruel  
  Friendly   Mad  
  Harmless   Dangerous  
  Probable   Unlikely  
  Domestic   Foreign  
  At close range   From afar  
  Reliable   Unreliable  
  Quiet   Loud  
  Gentle   Steep  
  Bright   Dark  
  Scientific, academic   Practical experience  
  Theoretical   Practical  
  Abstract, conceptual   Concrete  
  Adult   In its infancy  
  Essential   Nonexistent  
  Principal   Side issue  
  Relevant   Irrelevant  
  Proper   Not suitable    
  Regular   Irregular  
  Appropriate   Inappropriate  
  Pleased   Dissatisfied  
  Grateful   Ungrateful  
  Uniform   Mixed  
  Original   Adapted  
  Personal   General  
  Detailed   Rough  
  Important   Unimportant  
  No hurry   Urgent  
  Simultaneous   Asynchronous  
  Previous   Latter  
  National   Global  
  Living   Dead  
  High   Low  
  Modern   Old-fashioned  
  Current   Futuristic  
  Rich   Poor  
  Healthy   Sick  
  Wide   Narrow  
  Close   Loose  
  Spacious   Cramped  
  Chemical   Physical  
  Written   Oral  
  Versatile   Unilateral  
  Multiple   Single  
  Social   Private  
  Extra   Lacking  
  Sighted   Blind  
  Skilful   Inept  
  Sensitive   Unsensitive  
  Reasonable   Unreasonable  
  Unanimous   Different opinion  
  Safe   Insecure  
  Loyal   Not loyal  
  Absolute   Conditional  
  Well-mannered   Extraordinary  
  Sharp   Boring  
  Careful, careful   Incautious  
  Honest, honest   Dishonest  
  True, real   False, synopsis  
  Truthful   Untruthful  
  Brave   Fearful  
  Not terrible   Dreadful, terrible  
  Exciting   Not exciting  
  Schematic   Natural  
  Fertile   Bear, fruit-free  
  Homely   Not feel at home  
  Flexible, flexible   Stiff  
  No pain, no fear   Sorry, sensitive  
  Continue list   I do not continue the list