Better interaction between entrepreneurs and customers could revive economy

Entrepreneurs should look for and develop new products, services and needs. They have also constantly to inform customers of the opportunities, benefits, and better features what their products and services bring to customers. Customers should also express their wishes, needs and concerns to entrepreneurs so that they can better meet customers demand. The slow development of the economy and the accumulation of problems are due to the fact that different parties do not meet each other well enough and actively.

Today’s interaction between people is very passive. No comment, no feedback on both sides. You don’t want to hint at an idea for the benefit of others. But one may be eager to pick up the ideas of others for one’s own benefit. The cooperation does not work in the world well enough. If the people of the world had a strong co-operation with each other, everyone would benefit. Significantly better and livelier cooperation between all actors, producers and consumers would boost the economy and employment. But it didn’t just work to get people active for the common good. There is an immediate demand for a reward, the result of even a little effort for the common good or for another. Especially those who can afford should increase demand from and feedback to companies.

It could also be the case that customers provide companies with something that companies would similarly give customers an advantage. If people’s rigidity and lack of interaction were to be revived into active interaction, the treatment of things would also recover, accelerate and intensify. Cooperation could work wonders. Even current structures and practices can be so rigid that people are not able to co-operate with each other or the world to solve common problems. Selfishness, greed, on the one hand, envy and bitterness, on the other, the habit that prevents active interaction. What I can do alone, when no one else and everyone comes along, is how they think. But with a little spark, the reaction could trigger a chain reaction that would activate more people involved. One should be altruistic at first and when a thousand people start to cooperate with each other, what would it do. 10 people may be still too small, with too few resources in time, wealth, knowledge and ideas and their processing. Now the internet offers tremendous opportunities for interaction, could it not be used much more.

Now there has been a showcase of Finland-actions, but there is always a lack of who will actually put them into practice. And how it works and become realized in practice. No people, actors, bodies, businesses, decision makers may be mobilized. And even though decisions are made, they are not implemented properly or there are bad decisions. Everything must be developed and refined all the time, as the world around us is constantly changing. What worked well in the past may not work well today. Much information is needed to promote good decision-making and action. And that information is available to citizens, businesses and institutions. All information for use and utilization!

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Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 12/4/2016