Future living – imaginary and realistic


Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.2.2019

Requirement specification for a private home in the near future

Materials, structures and the house itself

  • use materials produced by nanotechnology or suitable natural materials, composites, etc..
  • rot-proof, mold-free, non-perishable, hygienic
  • non-toxic, harmless
  • stainless, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant
  • lightweight yet durable, even thin
  • non-combustible in normal risks
  • easy to clean, remaining clean and even self-cleaning
  • non-destructive and even self-repairing
  • affordable throughout the life cycle and long life
  • making materials and building blocks is also environmentally friendly
  • reusable or recyclable
  • materials can be made into blocks, which make the house easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, so that with the move the house can be transformed into modules of different sizes into rooms
  • joints of parts from adhesive surfaces
  • the materials provide spaces that are warm in the frost and cool in the hot
  • external surface, walls and ceilings energy-absorbing cell surface, which remains clean and snow does not stick
  • there is no foundation, but a sturdy base with height-adjustable feet, upholstered
  • water pipes and sewers are not needed because all the waste is treated in the bioreactors in the house, a designated water reservoir is charged and the water is cleaned for drinking and washing
  • little washing water required because dishes, furniture, textiles and clothing are easy to keep clean, no cleaning agents needed, no more than dry wiping or rinsing with a little water
  • continue to define requirements, design, develop in team and implement a first prototype that can be varied and calculate cost, time, ecology, etc.

An imaginary distant future unless the end of the present is there

All human housing and other production are transformed into nature-like services. The materials are grown and the house and objects can grow leading by bio-scaffoldings. Likewise, vehicles can be grown giant insects, so roads are not needed. A house can move, then it has a gas bubble and wings and tail open, so it flies in the air to its new place of residence. The house can be anchored on a rock, field, swamp, water or air. There may be bio-organs in the house that produce food, clothing, objects, recycle waste, purify air and water, etc. The house is streamlined so that the storm does not grab easily and when flying, the resistance is low. The materials themselves are self-repairing and purifying, they can change colors, even if they can have some kind of pattern and color when stimulated somehow. Likewise, the shape of objects and the house can be resized, stretched and shrunk and enlarged or reduced in size. The exterior of the house connects and absorbs energy and forms substances, taking in air pollutants, carbon, nitrogen. The house breathes by taking in and releasing oxygen. The outside and inside surfaces are equipped with biosensors that monitor the condition, purity, temperature, humidity, pollution, and trigger control processes in both the outdoor and indoor air.

The place of residence is self-sufficient and provides almost everything a person needs in the form of local production. There is no need to do business as they are remote services. People spend time developing even better, maintaining their current state, socializing, exercising in the surrounding paradise garden, picking natural products, experiencing nuances of life, mental and spiritual pursuits, etc. Even the knowledge, wisdom and experience can be transferred directly to the brain. Humans have developed intelligent easy-to-learn logical language. Ethics and morals have advanced to a high standard. Emotional states can be stimulated, people sometimes need to cry and laugh and in between. Diseases can be pre-identified and treated with gene therapy. Worn and diseased members and organs can be re-raised. There may be many more organisms and humans in the world than they are today. If you run out of space, you have been transformed into space and other planets. From the dangers of space, meteorites can be safely taken to Earth as raw materials or altered orbit so that they do not cause destruction. There is no war, disunity and competition for living conditions when all human beings have sufficient basic needs created by artificial means.

However, since man does not receive a superlative and good world to be built, man nevertheless desires to be transformed into a resurrection body and a heavenly bliss which the wise, good God of all ages has prepared and made. This present material condition cannot be made so good that man is ever happy in it. God creates something that we cannot even experience and foreshadow. This world is a testing ground to decide if the ultimate state of man is infinitely good heaven or infinitely bad hell.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9.2.2019