Good basic knowledge is needed for artificial intelligence to solve problems optimally

What is the route to the solution?
What is the route to the solution?

First, a thorough description of the problems and their interfaces is needed. In this way, artificial intelligence can be used to accurately select the destination to which to look for solutions.

Problems need to have data from several different solutions with different weights. For example, if the emphasis is on price, quality, eco-friendliness, etc., different scores will give different results.

The problems for which solutions are sought must be suitable for artificial intelligence and necessary for resolution.

One can first look at how many different experts, together with lay people, would solve the problem. Sometimes the problem and its solutions have to be taught to the artificial intelligence from the vast mass of knowledge that artificial intelligence draws from, seeks the laws of. In such cases, the human being may not be capable of what artificial intelligence can achieve.

Even with traditional programming, by searching the database for information, and by reasoning and calculating the program, one can search for solutions and choices from different options.

One can also solve and search for solutions to problems and choose the best one by inferring and calculating without artificial intelligence. But that, too, requires knowledge on which to base reasoning and knowledge.

So, all data processing needs information that is processed. If we could assemble a massive repository of different problems and their solutions, we could start practicing artificial intelligence to solve the problems. Or to make choices in the human brain, as we have done so far based on knowledge. Experts’ own opinions may distort information, so the whole population, with tacit knowledge, is needed to evaluate and supplement knowledge. Do you want to be backward or progressive, reduce problems and improve the world. Even if you have a say and experience about a problem and its solutions, get involved with even a little knowledge of how to solve problems, so take part in the hive.

The information itself must be clear, understandable, well structured, reliable, so that it can solve problems, make choices and draw conclusions. And there must be knowledge, if you do not know, you cannot act rationally.

If I had enough time and fitness, I could study artificial intelligence in depth and focus even on medical knowledge. But even in this case, a data warehouse is needed, on the basis of which artificial intelligence makes decisions. Gradually studying medical subjects, it helps to understand the field of application in which artificial intelligence techniques could be practiced. I am already aging person and health issues are emphasized more and more, even though already since childhood health issues need to pay attention to. Therefore, it is of interest to study medicine. Environmental issues are also a necessity, as healthy nature is a prerequisite for a healthy human life, and environmental issues can also create new jobs, as well as solving problems in general.

Theoretically thinking, handling and researching knowledge, language and expressions in general can be of interest. What is it that you can tell from the language, what you can deduce from it? How to structure text for artificial intelligence is a challenge and a study of what the world has already developed on the subject. Let’s turn a paragraph into facts, which facts would be helpful in making a decision on a particular issue. So, you need to be able to extract useful information from the chapters and to summarize the sentences. This skill is also needed when studying.

Oh, I wish I had more time. Acquisition of knowledge and learning go slow ahead or at all, as everyday essentials already take time and exercise and rest are required. There is a lot of interesting study and exploration in the world, in nature and in our own body.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 9/9/2017