Good macro-, micro- and nano-level solutions together give a good result

Log work on swamp
Log work on swamp

I have written guidelines, and my views on the macro level mainly. Now is the time to get into practice at the micro and nano levels. By getting players to present in detail their products and services that solve problems and improve the world, we are already at the mini or micro level. The nanoscale is already the level of atoms, molecules and cells. Health and environmental issues also need to be researched at the nano-scale and problem-solved. Nanotechnology has become more advanced, and atoms, molecules and cells can already be seen with devices designed to look at them. However, top-down solutions are needed, as are grassroots and nanoscale approaches and solutions.

Macro-level plans have also been made in health care reform, but at a practical level what doctors, nurses and other staff do, and what skills, methods, tools, medicines, etc., have a great impact on a good end result, both economically and healthily. The same is true of environmental issues, or of any industry and human activities. Therefore, there is a need for upper and lower levels, their control and detailed work.

When it comes to the details, there are a huge number of items waiting to be improved, developed, and problems solved. I wish it were not too much to keep professional secrets so that good invented and developed solutions can reach as many people as possible. The learned methods can then be further developed. Greater openness would promote development and problem-solving. We can give to others and receive from others.

What larger entities and details do you or I focus on. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. One can strengthen one’s strengths and weaknesses if one does not by one’s own actions then adopting from others. As we strive to do our job and study as best as we can, we are on our part solving also the problems of society.

As a Laboratory and Computer Science graduate, I want to focus mainly on computing, health and the environment. Of course, the economy and many other things are of interest, and it is necessary to take note of them and, for their part, to take them forward. You can also go backwards if you are going in the wrong direction while going forward. I hope that there will be participants who are specialized and cross-disciplinary, as I am. Can also express opinions and views, not just products, services, methods, etc.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, September 12, 2017