High IT unemployment and apparent labor shortages

In computer work in 1993

In recent years, there has been too much training in the IT industry. For a moment there was no job for everyone, both self-taught and educated. A few years ago, I applied for a job in the computer industry, there were over 600 applicants so I couldn’t get one. Since then I have applied for many other jobs in the computer industry, sometimes I managed to get a job for the summer, a year or two. Employers nowadays require at least engineering education, although 90% learn programming by doing and only 10% in theory. However, you need to know enough English to be able to find out on your own. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, then there is in internet solutions to almost all problems. I have an experience that an engineer was hired to solve a software problem, he tried for 2 years and got out because he couldn’t get the software developed ahead well enough. By the way, an experienced programmer who was not an engineer, but a good working experience, was the most qualified and skilled programmer. I sometimes asked him for advice on C ++ issues. I myself have a few computer course and vocational training, but my experience is that I learned the most self-studying, finding out things and experimenting. At least in the past years, there were no qualified teachers for computer training, nor were they familiar with the demanding challenges of working life. Work experience and hobbies have taught me the most in the field.

Age discrimination can also affect the labor shortage, for those in the 40-65 age group. There is also a lack of confidence. There are a huge variety of methods to make applications in the computer industry. There are many different programming languages ​​and development environments, and they are constantly being updated. The programmer also needs to become familiar with the application areas and there are a huge number of them. If the employer expects to have an IT expert who would immediately be prepared to do demanding work for the employer without even a little familiarization, the workforce will be lacking. Many unemployed people would be prepared, even in their spare time, to study and learn more. methods and areas of application, if a secure paid job was then obtained. There is no point in doing unnecessary study, which has been done already so much. Due to the high level of unemployment in the IT industry and the large number of top specialists released by Nokia, many are no longer focused on the industry. There is ready-made software for nearly all kind of industries, and there are free ones available that can be supplemented with commercial pieces. As a result, programming is rarely needed anymore. In programs, you can configure their functions and add or remove features. There are also a lot of graphical features that can be dropped and adjusted the settings to create a program. However, basic programming skills are essential if you want to understand, modify and supplement the code itself. Programming languages ​​all share the same basic features with slightly different syntax and markup. Then they have a lot of snippets ready to use. Object-Oriented Programming is used, where you can inherit predefined classes by modifying them when making a new application.

There are already many different methods, programming languages ​​and tools available for artificial intelligence. Everything that is demanding can be learned when the time and the need are. Artificial intelligence requires a valid knowledge base from which conclusions can be drawn. It probably takes the most time to develop and acquire knowledge. However, there are many mathematical methods in artificial intelligence that require not only linguistic competence but also mathematical competence. Knowledge itself can be sprawling and contain a lot of uncertain and incomplete information, so the results can become skewed and erroneous.

Programming can take a long time. I have a picture that there are computer gurus who can work long hours, even at night. Finding a bug in a program can take a long time by those inexperienced. The programs have good debuggers, which can be used for finding errors. In fact, as an experienced programmer, I have learned to find errors very quickly. I’ve done a lot of demanding error clearing and programming, but for employers this experience is not enough. There are a lot of recruiters who are not very familiar with the computer and the programming area. As a result, their recruitment fails, qualified self-study and learning-capable applicants are not recruited and their skills rust. Instead, we take DIs and engineers and other highly educated people, many of whom may have less self-study ability than self-taught students. Some people need to have a teacher who can explain it, although many things can be found in books and other materials when one bothers to study English enough. There is a great deal of time spent on engineering education and a relatively short period of time in vocational training. Usually, all types of vocational education bring only basic skills and the school has tools that could be expensive to acquire on your own. I once bought a commercial programming environment for my home computer and it has helped me to become an expert that I have coped with the programming tasks brilliantly, what the employer had. When my employer made a lot of investments in buildings and after that they did not get enough new deals, I was made redundant because I was not an engineer despite my skills.

Now, when I have not been for many years in the IT industry, but I have made hobby programs, so it will take some time to learn the latest development environments and methods. However, my learning ability is still good and the English vocabulary broad, but because I am 62-year-old, I am no longer valid for employers, though I have 50% wage subsidies possibility as long-term unemployed and over 60-aged. I could at least work part-time even when I retire, because my pension will be small, if I’ll not become suddenly ill. At the moment I have a good physical and mental condition, blockage of blood vessels is a risk, for which I am prepared to exercise, diet and medication. Years of unemployment and course-school years have come a lot, and since I didn’t have a college background, my employer didn’t have to pay me much salary compared to engineers, so much pension has not accrued. I studied and graduated as a laboratory technician 52 years of age, because I am interested in the natural sciences, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, ecology, medicine and the like. However, I have not got job in laboratory because I am so old already. Nor have I applied for college or university because of my age, even though my undergraduate education and qualifications would otherwise have made it possible. By doing some self-study in life sciences, the bottom line of the lab and computer science creates good prerequisites for it.

Even now, I have a few job applications going on, but not just for any kind of job. I am obliged to seek full-time job, because I can get a small daily unemployment allowance, by which I cannot live alone, without a small part-time work for what I do. It would be nice to get a full-time job, but it will no longer be available in the IT and laboratory industry at the age of 62. Maybe I’ll get to the demolition of the building for a while. Physical work and exercise prevent blood vessels from clogging, I have already had one tube inserted into the coronary artery 3 years ago with a balloon dilation. I’ve added exercise, almost every day I go jogging and walking for about 40 minutes at least. Before, I spent so much time studying and developing that exercise left less.

I have set up this website, therefore, that if I could get enough advertising links and nutrition programs for selling it, I could start a business. But I haven’t received any paying customers yet, even though this site has been on the web for almost half a year. Should I close this site and stop sharing free thoughts. At least for the time being, I will keep the site unless I get so poor that I can’t pay the 120 euros annual fee to the service providers. There may be unexpected medical expenses, home and car repairs and maintenance costs. I don’t have a lot of savings in my bank account, but enough to do without debt with little subsidies and extra income. Many Finns live below the poverty line I’m not the only perfectible expert in this 100-year-old independent Finland, yet in a welfare state with more than 100 billion sovereign debt, not to mention municipal, corporate and household debt. If all debts were settled at once, we would be a poor and miserable developing country. As morale declines in Finland, Finland will have no cheer in the future. Are Finns going to be extinct because birth rates are falling. Finland is filled with foreigners and we mix and adapt to the larger nations.

On the other hand, even the end of the world will come sometimes, because the Bible’s predictions will surely be fulfilled as they have been until now. One factor may also be that I do not get the job, the customers or keep a job, because I am a believer. According to the Constitution, there should be no discrimination based on religion. It seems that rock-holists and alcoholics are hired rather than those who don’t want to go out their social evenings. Although not “holistic”, many people are bound to light music and alcoholic beverages because one cannot be without them. Peace of mind and soul, when nothing is depressing, helps you to concentrate and top-perform, without the need for bad entertainment and drugs. Even if not forged in the same mold is a bit peculiar, it is discriminated against. They prefer to employ ordinary and usual people. If you are something different in your behavior, speech style or whatever, they will not trust you. Lack of trust prevents and does not know exactly to which job another person might be able to employ. Young employers are reluctant to hire older people. Yes, there should be in workplaces of all ages, young people, middle-aged and old to learn and practice. The world is changing rapidly, with new knowledge and methods are coming more and more, everyone today has to do lifelong learning. No one is a blacksmith when he was born and no longer any experienced today as well.

Conclusion: There is no shortage of labor, but employers are too demanding and expect top-notch professionals, even though they are not made otherwise but doing the jobs. If no one can get to work learning, there will never be top professionals. It is accustomed to the fact that the labor force has been plentiful and there is a lot to choose from because of high unemployment in Finland for a long time. Now that the situation is changing, the baby boomers are retiring and fewer young people, due to the low birth rate, there may be a shortage of labor. Knowledge needs are changing rapidly, and they do not have to adapt as effectively as employers would like them to. Competition is hard. Is the present young generation ready for hard work and study, what the earlier generations have had to do, and yet with low incomes. All of these can be considered together, but not only, but really work must be done to get for all the unemployed a job, a decent livelihood for all, including pensioners, and all debts to be paid.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 21.10.2017