Privacy policy

The privacy of the visitors to ( is very important. This site is a site and blog hosted by the Problem Solving Community. See Contacts. This Privacy Policy describes what information is collected from visitors to the site and how it is used, as well as information on security.

Like most websites, collects information about our site visitors and traffic to our server logs. Problems Solving Community collects information such as your IP address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the Internet browser you use (eg Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox), when and how long you visited, and which pages on your site you viewed. This information does not contain personal information and is only for visitor statistics and shows which parts of our site are popular or less viewed. No does not use cookies for site visitors, and if the use of any piece of software requires cookies, we do not use them in any way for the collection of personal information. External link webmasters are responsible for their own personal information and privacy.

The information on the feedback and contact forms is used only for potential contacts and contains only name and email information and information provided by the contact person. The Problems Solving Community does not share information with others. The information will not be used for purposes other than the security of the feedback, the permission to link to external sites, the link descriptive phrases, and any future billing and communication will be with a firm with which we’ll cooperate. As we will then have to process personal data, we will notify the Data Protection Officer of this. There is currently no billing and we do not maintain personal records.

Our site is https-protected if the site is accessed using:  Because sensitive information is not routed through this site under normal use, https security is not always enabled. The problem solving site is protected by security software and web hotel provider security and has security settings.

Currently, the site is an experimental site and blog hosted by the Problems Solving Community. The community currently has no revenue and Veikko J. Pyhtilä, the initiator of the site, has paid for its own costs from the maintenance of the site. We will update this privacy statement as our business changes. If we process personal data, we will provide notice to the Data Protection Officer in the following cases: Credit Information, Commercial Debt Collection, Business Market or Opinion Surveillance etc. In addition, we will consider changes in laws and regulations when we process personal information. If personal records are to be maintained, it should be maintained  by Veikko Pyhtilä, see contact details. Currently, we do not maintain personal records.

On behalf of the Problems Solving Community Veikko J. Pyhtilä,9.3.2021