How do we advance the common good and at the same time our own good

Green and blue globe
Green and blue globe

The big Internet communities have made a lot of quick progress, for example, in the development of computer software, many have been evaluating and developing. And in general, just giving feedback outside the community has taken the development forward. Without these, we would not enjoy well-functioning and varied, affordable and even free programs today. Even a small amount of investment from millions of people will make a huge difference together. If you have the attitude that you wouldn’t want to give anything to others for free, and if everyone did, nothing would be free to anyone. The more billions people give for free for the common good, the more they get for free. If people were to meet their needs reasonably, they would not need to be produced beyond the capacity of the Earth and nature.

All communities, individuals, and infrastructure should work together effectively and without harm to anyone or anything. Could a huge amount of information currently available help here. And artificial intelligence, which could be used to evaluate, and with indicators, how the whole world works together and how it could be further optimized. Creating good operating models and instructions for people and equipment could save time, costs, nature, health, etc. It required billions of actors to work together. Even now, extensive and effective international cooperation is needed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 and to find and develop therapies. There can be no delight when the competitors’ economy suffers because they cannot afford to buy so much from us. And before long, we may also have a large viral infection.

Each industry specializes in managing and developing its own. But beyond that, all of them should be made to work together optimally for the common good and to prevent common problems. The market economy has emphasized competition and the world has developed, but there have been many common drawbacks and problems. There is still poverty, malnutrition, low levels of education, wars, environmental problems, inequalities, etc. We should move from selfishness and self-gain to the pursuit of the common good, which also benefits in the long run. The market economy should be transformed in an optimal way into a cooperative economy for the benefit of all. Could the Internet of Things and the Internet of Persons help with stored information and artificial intelligence in these. In addition, of course, people would be active and knowledgeable actors. We need to learn how to work effectively and efficiently together and to master big entities.

How to act as individuals. Ideas can come to mind without pinching them when one is relaxed and even while walking. In others, an idea can generate new ideas and ideas in a chain reaction. Ideas can be evaluated and combined with new, refined ideas. Globally, we are able to brainstorm through mobile devices and the Internet. You don’t have to hold brainstorming sessions and meetings, but you can stay connected with others over the long term, when it is suitable. People have a lot of attitudes that prevent them from working together. Selfishness is firmly anchored in people, not I’ll do, because the others also do not. And successful chain reactions will not occur and many problems will remain unsolved and new problems will arise. People say they do not have the time, money, knowledge or resources. But it will come also to one’s own profit, for it is more together than alone. When everyone gives a little into the pile, it becomes a huge chunk of time, money, knowledge, and resources to push goals forward. People with disabilities, retirees and the unemployed can also volunteer a little, even by taking part in feedback and participating in a global or appropriately sized group to brainstorm, produce, evaluate and develop ideas.

One of the purposes of this site is to encourage people and communities to work together. It is planned to make this site global initially at least in English. This will bring in more visitors and give your site much more visibility. This site can also be used to build a community where you can learn how to work together optimally for your own benefit as well as for the common good. We can give and receive ideas, evaluate them and use them. It is short-sighted to think only of your own interest, because in the long run it is sawing under its own twig. Economic, environmental and social problems and inequalities in the world are witnessing this. There is, however, much that humans cannot, but the laws of nature and the good and evil spirits fight. People should always have a good spirit to guide themselves, that’s what people could at least do.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 25.2.2020