How do you get participants to come up with ideas and propose solutions to the challenges?

The jumble of problems and solutions should be sorted out.

This site has been available since spring 2017. Material has been gradually added to it. On October 10, 2017, there were over 1,000 unique visitors a day. The site should be developed in such a way that the operators would like to participate in the search for development targets and problems and to present solutions on this site.

If we had 10,000 players and everyone had at least one item with links and structured it into a clear directory, we would have already identified a lot of problems and to them solution alternatives. Then the number of visitors would be much higher. If each of the 10,000 participants received € 24.80 / year (VAT included), it would make € 200,000. That would be good crowdfunding. By doing so, we would employ ourself and it would be possible to develop and hire employees to take on assignments and find solutions to problems. In such a case, one could establish a Problem Solution Ltd. If there is no income or not enough, it is not worthwhile to start running the business. If a few just provide a link, you should not even start billing. We won’t start billing until there are at least 1000 participants whose links can be billed. Thus, the first 1000 participants will not receive an immediate bill, they will have a payout period as long as the 1000 participants will come. Expression of opinions is free, though we reserve the right to choose what is presented and we monitor the forum for ethical principles.

That is, if there were 10,000 participants, it would not be too much effort per participant. If they already had their own home page, they would only need to provide a statement describing the problem / development and a solution statement, of which we would link to the participant’s home page. Participants would attract more participants. If the company were to spin, it would know what new job opportunities it would create as innovation and niche markets were found. Not only would webmasters and Problems Solving Ltd get jobs, but anyone who visited the site and the reader could get the spark of an idea that could turn into profitable business and gain strength to current business.

We speak so freely and openly about things; We don’t want to be too formal and important. We are not afraid to tell ideas, only when an idea has been put into practice will it benefit. The expression on this site is free too. A free atmosphere is good for brainstorming and developing ideas, it can also reduce unnecessary stress. But if we don’t get participants, we keep this site as our own blog where we can write our thoughts and ideas. We do this now as volunteers and hobbies with no income. We hope our output, references and links would even be useful to some and inspire further development, thinking and evaluation.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 13.10.2017