Identifying problems and development needs – solving and implementing solutions

Problem mapping, solutions and implementation of solutions
Problem mapping, solutions and implementation of solutions

Think about the items first

Time, health, work, processes at work, efficiency, quality, how could I improve an item or part of it, what new technologies, products, services and methods to develop, how do I reduce costs? The list can be continued. There are endless problems and areas for improvement as well as yourself, your neighbors, the environment, society, work, leisure, etc. Which items are worth taking into consideration? Some of life’s little problems can be solved spontaneously, but there are also some ideas and niches that can be found.

Find out more about the items

Photograph the subject, examine the subject for cause and effect, and its interfaces. Take into account environmental considerations, healthiness, properties, use cases, ease of use, etc. Carefully investigate, it will provide a basis for improvement. You can put items in order of importance, urgency, or priority. You can categorize whether it is usually possible to better solve the problem at this time. You can divide the problem into main problems and sub-problems.

Develop the item and rate it

Get information and experience. Try and simulate different options. There is always room for improvement, in order to stay competitive, you need to improve. Even health should be promoted, you should avoid bad habits and for example you can optimize your nutrition, increase your physical activity and sleep better. Which factors affect a good night’s sleep, endurance, resistance, brain function. There is a wealth of information already studied and experienced around the world. Develop constantly and improve. What new solutions already exist or are coming in the world. What you can do and come up with. What are your strengths. What support you can get from others. You can pick features and give them ratings. For example, you can do spreadsheet modeling and calculate results with different options.

Use the new, old information and experiences you have discovered to solve problems

Really implement first by testing your problem solving. Something has to be added, something has to be reduced, something has to be removed, deficiency has been filled, defect has been corrected. This Problems Solving site could also be better utilized when you get involved. You can search for partners. You can market and commercialize solutions to your problems. You can make your own homepage and it could be linked from Problems Solving Portal. The more links and content your site receive, the more visible search engine crawlers place it on the Internet. Put descriptive titles, express descriptively, briefly and clearly. Get customers from different types of customers. When this Problems Solving site has a lot of participants, links, to this top portal will improve its visibility. You can create your own sub-portal, which will be linked to from this top portal. We can also make sub-portals to this Problems Solving site. You can provide suggestions for improvements to develop our site. We can post more interesting and useful content to get more visitors. Feedback on this and other posts!

Do you take it for granted?

But problem solving is not so obvious when you start to do it. On the other hand, your problem-solving ability develops as you focus on things. Problem solving can be a fun and interesting pastime. There can be many gaps in knowledge, skills, finding products, services and methods for the market. What is the best possible, has the best price-quality ratio, the most durable, the most environmentally friendly, the healthier, the most practical, has the long-term benefits and disadvantages, etc.? What can you do yourself, what you buy ready and let others to do, how could you collaborate? Everything requires obedience, time, action. If you do not invest in time, money, things to do, etc. you will not be able to make a profit.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 4 September 2017