In what direction would you like to take this site?

Is the ball lost?
Is the ball lost?

I tentatively put different ideas what kind this Problems Solving site could be. Not all suggestions are carved in stone. Anyone can invent ideas and suggestions on how to develop this site and in what direction to take it. If no attendees are involved, maybe this good idea will come to nothing. No one alone has the resources to push such a big project forward.

Here we see that perhaps the biggest problem is not getting people together for constructive cooperation to work for the common good. As a result, there are wars and numerous other problems in the world. People’s deeds and actions greatly influence the direction the world is heading. But much is the fate of the world in the hands of nature and God. Such a universe does not happen by accident, everything is so systematic. Its Creator must be an eternal might with the great wisdom to make this present and future much better, new heaven and earth. Humans have been given the task of cultivating and protecting the earth, and above all, of seeking eternal values, rather than the values ​​that are disappearing at this time.

In this short time, we live in this time, we want to make sure that all people will have a satisfying life even in this time and have a good place and condition also in the future and eternity. I hope that good spiritual power gives each person the mind and will to do something significant. Even mentioning few religious and ideological issues can drive you away, but don’t go away, religion has always been of great importance in the world. If we take away the perspectives of religion and ideologies, we will not deal comprehensively with problems, their causes and solutions. Don’t be afraid of being stigmatized by any opinion, idea, religion, even if you participate in promoting this site and provide links to solutions to problems. On this site we can deal with issues from a political point of view as well, without having to worry about being labeled as a party supporter. Usually, a commercial site focuses on the importance of only presenting the product and leaving out the spirituality and ideology. On the other hand, practicality and efficiency leads to such solutions.

This site aims to be different and new. Sustainable development also encompasses the spiritual and cultural dimensions, in addition to the ecological and socio-economic dimensions. In addition to experts, mapping and solving problems requires a broad public, multi-stakeholder, broader view that all dimensions of sustainable development should be taken into account and the results better, at all points of view. Materialism, too, can have the spirituality to serve good or evil. And good and evil may be material, mental and spiritual. If we consider only the presence of the physical-chemical senses and the perception of human-made devices, we have a narrow view. From the spiritual we can verify with the senses of the soul, the conscience in that significant position being illuminated or obscured by invisible spiritual powers. We can bring things both materialistically or more spiritually, variation refreshes. I personally am tired of the same mold forged to the sites, which have only materialism and sensuality. There is not much dare to disagree with the majority of the population because of the fear of losing customers.

We need this site precisely because problems, development needs, their causes, consequences and solutions should be addressed in a broad forum. This kind of new site can bring new customer groups to the business as well. I suppose that eco-disasters and other major problems in the world will lead people to think and pursue more than just materialistic values. This can increase the demand for various mental services.

Could we start with one or a few problem areas and / or development needs, where we would come up and try to find solutions! Later, the participants can concentrate and cluster into the area that suits them best and specialize in moving it forward. On the other hand, it is a good idea to take matters broadly and interdisciplinary manner in many areas abreast. The same solutions are applicable to many areas and solutions can be transferred from one area to another.

So, it is up to us all – the contributors – to promote and develop this site! Post your comments in the email:

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, August 11, 2017

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  1. Tämä sivusto voi toimia ilmoitustauluna ongelmille, mitkä kaipaavat ratkaisua. Toimijat voivat kilpailla kuka tarjoaa parhaimmat ratkaisut.

  2. Sama ratkaisu voi käydä useaan ongelmaan ja samaan ongelmaan on useita ratkaisuja. Ongelmat voivat muodostua osaongelmista ja ratkaisut osaratkaisuista.

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