Market From a Problem Solving Perspective, Link to Your Site From One Centralized Directory!

There is a 30,000-word commodity ideas directory for Problem solving Websites, which sells links to entrepreneurs and other actors. The directory is extensive for smartphones, too. Together, let’s map and identify ideas and solutions for problems and development targets in the world around us. Certainly, many customers expect competitive solutions, products and services. The world is never complete, there is always something to think about, develop and improve. As technology and methods evolve, they must be learned to make full and effective use of them.

We want to stay stagnant and our competitors will go ahead. Sometimes, in spite of being busy, let’s stop to think about all the processes and commodities offered. When all stages from primary production to the end of the life cycle are mapped, there is certainly room for improvement. Thinking about things from many different angles, both in new evolving and old tried and tested ways. Studying and acquiring new knowledge and exploring where the world is going. Learn how to structure, evaluate, classify, organize, make better use of time, quality, efficiency, environmental friendliness, healthiness, practicality, user friendliness, customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness, etc.

Isn’t problem solving interesting and challenging at the same time. It develops thinking, it develops talents, knowledge. It is educational. Knowledge, experience and research are of great value. One should learn to conduct a variety of valid, reliable research. And to use the research results already obtained. Investigations should not be biased and dishonest to support only a few points of view. Everything can be structured into problems of some sort and solutions to them. If we are left alone to solve problems, the solutions may be skewed in the wrong direction. We need mass intelligence, the world and being in general are so complex that we rarely do it alone. However, it is worthwhile trying to solve problems yourself and bring in your own input, ideas, abilities and combine the good of others.

There are also challenges in assessing the future. Of course, we may not know where we are going, but it is good to have plans for a “bad day”. The near future can be more accurately planned than the more distant future. There is also an aspect of who is the first to introduce new innovations can gain an advantage. On the other hand, it is expensive to try and develop something new. What has already proved to be workable and profitable in the new should be put in place, provided that there are no excessive barriers. There is a lot of information and ideas about, who would summarize them and maintain a list of them and their service providers. This is a problem-solving website, but we can’t do it alone. It would be a great help to let us know what challenges you might have to offer. What prevents You from having confidence in what we are starting. No one is perfect at birth, unless the environment provides opportunities for development, then there will be a disruption to growth and development. If we’ll get many links, we could finance our operations for still better service. That depends on the small payments that we would get from your links. Initially, we should get at least 1000 customers with links that we dare to start a business, even as a part-time. This acts as a kind of “crowdfunding”. Billing would only start when we get at least one thousand customers, so there would be a payment period at first.

Together, we make a site that serves you and us all for information acquisition, tracking development and competitors, innovation, promoting commodity marketing. Getting long-term paying, satisfied and dissatisfied customers is one problem. Dissatisfied customers are welcomed as they provide information on development needs. Let us dare to talk about problems and raise them. All companies try to show only the good in themselves. And even on the web, we try to make the pages honed as much as it is expedient. It can seem boring; you need some variation. Let’s hope that companies also bring their problems to light and that communication is more transparent. Also, trying to be in the same shape with others and everything is so formal and conventional can make you tired. At least smaller companies could be more people-friendly with their strengths and weaknesses. However, we are all defective people and our attempts are not perfect. I believe that all companies and staff strive to do things as reasonably as possible, not to show a glossy image of the company. I think it will increase confidence in companies when the issues can be publicly discussed and hoped for ideas and suggestions from customers for better service and product selection.

Let’s also hope for handmade products that reflect a personality trait. Variation refreshes in this forged world of the same molds. Deficiency reflects a warm humanity. Products that require technical precision and communications such as healthcare, airplanes, safety, etc. require as much assurance of perfection as possible. While emerging production technology has the potential to create top quality and more personalized products for the individual in the future, works of traditional craftsmanship are also needed. New technology requires energy, know-how, investment that cannot be accelerated. Big players initially have more resources to develop artificial intelligence. IoT, the Internet of Things, requires total security, which is a big challenge. Currently, industrial automation is managed by internal systems that are disconnected from the public network. Many promises for the future are still under development and can already be tested. They will be more widely adopted as they become cheaper and more reliable and feasible for small and medium-sized operators. The challenges of the future and the new methods will also have problems that require solutions.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, April 21, 2018