Meaning of life

Trees and stump in winter
Trees and stump in winter

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 29.3.2019

Even if one gets all temporal good, he is not happy after all. Only the fact that man has the hope of eternal life really gives meaning to life. There are so many people in this time who lack the sure hope of eternal salvation. People who have the peace given by the Holy Ghost in the soul can also help those, who have not this peace, to achieve it. Once this is achieved, it is also good to do temporal work and build society and solve problems.

So, try to get your own things in order first by the help of God and His congregation, so then you have the enthusiasm to help others as well. But also solving one’s own problems is helped by cooperation and active participation with others. Not all of their problems can be solved by the individual alone and by their own means.

This site has been around for a long time, but unfortunately there has been no contact, feedback, links or enthusiasm to participate. However, we have not been active in marketing. If we already had a lot of participants, it would attract others. Man is but a herd of souls, if nothing else, I will not participate. Collaborating on this site and the services it provides would be much better. But as before, all exhortations echo like deaf ears. When no one gets excited, so does the rest. It is difficult for modern people, including Finns, to become involved in constructive cooperation. Yes, there are many people in social media, but does it lead them to useful activities for society and for themselves. Even today’s society will not survive if people become more passive and even fewer people even bother to vote and participate in common affairs.

Today, so many global problems of all kinds are faced that all possible people needed to be solving them. This site has tried to get different actors to meet through links too. But when no one gives links, you can’t even create them into rich directories. It has been tried that links were provided for free, but that didn’t help either. Attempts to receive orders have also been attempted, but there was no single contact. If this continues, this site will continue for a few more years as a blog, opinion site and stimulating ideas for people. They also want to influence people’s values ​​and lead them to find the best purpose in life.

People should be aware of their condition. What kind of spirit drives a person. May his / her own corrupt nature, the evil world, the evil spirits lead him / her astray and ruin, both temporally and eternally. Be aware of the motives and powers that make evil look good and feel good by lying. One can be so blinded, so wrapped up in the shackles of the powers of darkness, that one does not even worry about what state one is in. Or maybe the person is completely hopeless and does not even seek to achieve better. Some may even hope for death, even though death does not solve the problem if after death there is no certainty about heaven. Many people think that there is everything in this life and that there is nothing after death. But after death, there are really only two places where only one ends up. God has revealed it through His prophets, apostles, and above all, His Son, Jesus, by His Holy Spirit. God also reveals Himself in conscience, in nature, in the phases of peoples and individuals.

Since our site is not meant to help solve this day’s problems alone, there are also many links and writings on solutions that will last forever. How empty if we only focus on solving the problems of this disappearing time. If religious matters expel people, then let them be foolishly doing so to themselves and their neighbors. It may be nice to live this time in illusion, but when it doesn’t last forever. Therefore, it is imperative to consider eternal aspects as well. It goes already to harping, but understand that heaven is the most precious goal and it is hoped that in time of mercy, people will make the right choices, because in eternity you cannot change sides. And yes, here we are still actively participating in solving the problems of this day’s world and enjoying this life as a gift from God as much as is reasonably possible without compromising the ultimate goal.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 12.2.2019