Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 23.4.2018

Problem solving strategies, methods

Identify the problem, gather information, search and evaluate different solution options, test and implement solutions! The solutions can then be further improved.

One can come up with their own approaches to problem solving. Solution options may come to mind or when you let the problem brew. Create a well-tuned, peaceful atmosphere for problem solving. Explore the possibilities for solutions. One can ask for advice and think in a group. It is good to learn to solve problems as much as you can. On the other hand, it is not worth spending too much time on solving a problem on your own if the experts already have good and affordable solutions.

Nowadays, the internet allows you to find solutions to problems, but it is time consuming. If our site could be compiled with general and less common problems, and with descriptive phrases and links, it would be a great help to many. If we were to bring in thousands of participants, let’s roll it up, then together we would create a comprehensive knowledge base of problems and solutions. Everyone could sell their own solutions and make money from them. Good advice can also be commercialized to gain visibility on the site. The more links you get to your site from external pages, such as, the more visitors you get from different customer groups. Having multiple solutions to your problems can help you find the best solution. Problem solving often requires products, services, information, education, etc. Money can solve many problems, but first you have to make money. You have to make money spin when you buy from us, so there is a better chance to buy from you.

Creating a model using e.g. spreadsheet software, programming, using artificial intelligence techniques can solve problems that could take several days or years from a human point of view or even where it would be impossible to find optimal solutions. A massive amount of information is needed to find the laws of artificial intelligence.

Common ways for solving problems

  • Solve a problem as a system model before applying it to a real system.
  • A solution to a similar problem.
  • In the brainstorming, several solutions or ideas are combined and developed in a group until an optimal solution is found.
  • Dividing a big, complex problem into smaller, problem-solving problems.
  • Assume a possible explanation of the problem and try to prove or, in some cases, reverse the assumption.
  • Approaching solutions indirectly and creatively. Select a function for each step to get closer to the goal.
  • Synthesis of seemingly incompatible properties of various objects.
  • Evaluate system output and interactions.
  • Let’s try to prove that the problem can’t be solved.
  • The point where the proof of fact fails is the starting point for its resolution.
  • Turning a problem into another problem for which solutions exist.
  • Utilizing existing ideas or adapting existing solutions to similar problems.
  • Identifying the causes of the problem.
  • Testing possible solutions until the right one is found.

You can invent other and even better methods to solve problems. This site gives inspirations for problems solving.