How problems can be solved?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 4.12.2018

Biologically, biotechnologically, nanotechnologically

You can take a model from nature see Biomimetics. The natural sciences and their methods are evolving and much research is being done around the world. The objects can be developed and studied at the nanoscale level.

Chemically, materially, physically by the principles of Green Chemistry

12 key principles of green chemistry as formulated by P.T. Anastas and J.C. Warner, in Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, 1998.

  1. Prevention. It is better to prevent waste formation than to treat it after it is formed.
  2. Atom economy. Design synthetic methods to maximize incorporation of all material used into final product.
  3. Less hazard. Synthetic methods should, where practicable, use or generate materials of low human toxicity and environmental impact.
  4. Safer chemicals. Chemical product design should preserve efficacy whilst reducing toxicity.
  5. Safer solvents. Avoid auxiliary materials – solvents, extractants – if possible, or otherwise make them innocuous.
  6. Energy efficiency. Energy requirements should be minimized: conduct synthesis at ambient temperature and pressure.
  7. Renewable feedstocks. Raw materials should, where practicable, be renewable.
  8. Reduce derivatives. Unnecessary derivatization should be avoided where possible.
  9. Smart catalysis. Selectively catalyzed processes are superior to stoichiometric processes.
  10. Degradable design. Chemical products should be designed to be degradable to innocuous products when disposed of and not be environmentally persistent.
  11. Real-time analysis for pollution prevention. Monitor processes in real time to avoid excursions leading to the formation of hazardous materials.
  12. Hazard and accident prevention. Materials used in a chemical process should be chosen to minimize hazard and risk for chemical accidents, such as releases, explosions, and fires.

Environmentally friendly

There are already many methods for solving environmental problems. You can develop them further and deploy them, market them to others.

Energy saving, energy efficient

Many solutions already exist and can be searched for, improved, evaluated and deployed.

Healthily, medically

Better medicines, fewer side effects, targeted drugs. A high quality, healthy, clean, well-dosed and suitably timed. Research and experience with proven and useful nutritional supplements. Good habits of life. Exercise. Adequate rest.

Consciously, scientifically

Find out about the different options. Study. Explore. Take advantage of the knowledge already studied and practical experience.

Administratively, politically, fairly, socially, societally. You can influence by your opinions, actively participate, justify your decisions.

Mentally, spiritually, ethically

Evil comes with a lot of problems. Nations with good morals are more successful. How could morale be improved?

Slowly or fast, diligently

Invest in time and activity. Thoroughly or hastily.

Systematically, logically, thinking, pondering, simply or complexly, mathematically, structurally, modeling, innovating

Put in order of importance. Sort. Model. Develop. Calculate. Evaluate.

By software, automatically, digitally, with artificial intelligence

There are items, which are worth to be automated, to take advantage of digitalization, information technology methods.

Practically and theoretically

Convenient, user friendly. Study theories and try it out in practice. Good practice can also develop theory and model. Test it, give it a try.

Technically, industrially, handcrafted

There are a lot of technical solutions, they have to be searched and developed worldwide.

Locally and / or globally

Local and global problems are pressing. Find out what solutions have already been developed. 

Economically, expensive or cheaply, qualitatively, commercially

Learn more about commodity opportunities. Good value for money. Where to save. Where not to be stingy. If you do not invest financially, you may not be successful. However, avoid mistaken investments.

Artistically, graphically, humorously

Art can give new impetus by illustrating, creating new architecture, design, etc.

Alone or in partnership.

Solve both individually and collaboratively. Take advantage of social networks, network among actors.

The above were just a few examples. Below is a list that you can go through and pick out things to look out for.

More to think, how or not? Underline what you want to focus on. This can give you ideas for improvement and it will improve your attention. There’s also humor involved. Solve it well or better, but don’t do it badly or unethically! May be accompanied by vulgar words that is programmatically picked from common 100 000 Finnish words and translated in English. Do not take them a bad example but, if you notice improvement, develop! 

After automatic translation words are not checked and edited well enough! Change them adverbs with -ly or other way, where words and expressions are not describing the way to do! You may pick even more words and expression from larger English dictionaries. That stimulates your brainstorming and you can make check-lists for evaluating commodities.

alphabetically; ideologically; eerie; in absolute terms; the abstract; absurdly; adequately; adjectively; aerodynamically; affectively; affective; aggressively; agnostic; cramped mentally; dogmatically; narrow-sighted; anxious; diligently; greedily; greedily; overcrowded; truly; rightly; unduly; tastefully; sensually; time; in accordance with the time; thoughtlessly; timeless; intellectually; unthinking; academically; axially; axiomatically; actively; actually effect; acoustically; acutely; area footing; mournfully; condescendingly; condescendingly; lower; constantly; primitive; primitive; originally; allegorically; altruistic; regionally; tentatively; professionally; professionally; the anachronistic; analgesic; by analogy; analytically; anarchy; anatomically ; anemia; severely; anomalously; deservedly; to his credit; undeservedly; dedication; inexcusably; lavishly; anti-militarist; a rewarding; anthropologically; apathy; apocryphal; a priori; timidly; aristocratic; archaic; archaeologically; daily basis; architecturally; mercifully; graciously; mercilessly; unpredictably; predictably; cautiously; precariously; cryptic; with dignity; critically; indiscriminately; good faith; prestigiously prestigious; manifested; aseptically; with propriety; duly; expertly; inappropriately; ascetically; astrologically; astronomically; asymmetrically; Atheist basis; attractive forces; authoritative; readily; brightly; automatically; authoritarian regimes; authoritarian; irretrievably; instructor’s help; blissfully; blissfully; an open mind; generously; frankly; lavishly; open-minded; plainly; open-hearted; helpfully; helplessly; bacteriologically; brutally; barbarously; bilaterally; organically; biochemically; biodegradable; biotechnologically; with botanical; bureaucratically; deductively; defensively; definitive; decoratively; demagogically; demographically; democratically; demonically; a demonstrative; depressive; dermatologically; descriptively; despotic; deterministically; diagnostically; dialectically; didactically; digitally; dictatorial; diplomatically; dogmatically; dramatically; dramatically; drastically; dualist; dynamically; irresponsibly; progressive; advantageously; representatively, ethically; effectively; egoistic; an egocentric; conditionally; absolutely; with integrity; wholly; natively; ecologically; econometric basis; economically; be exactly; eccentric; exotic; expansionary; explicitly; exponentially; expressive; ecstatically; elastically; blankly; elegantly; electrolytically; electronically; elementarily; organically; vividly; non-living; animal way; experiential; philosophical; life closely; life in a positive way; vividly; Embryological; emotionally; empathy; empirically; basically; endemic; endocrinologically; increasingly; energetically; prejudiced; open-minded; prematurely; never before; to unprecedented levels; a record; a record; icing on the cake; primarily; a significant omen; epidemiologically; imitation; inappropriately; undemocratically; unfavorable; an aesthetically unattractive appearance; indelicate; historically inaccurate; unhygienically; skeptical; suspiciously; inhumanely; selflessly; dependently; inconsistently; eccentrically; invidious; impolitely; uncritical; unchristian; disrespectfully; immature; impractical; illogically; unnaturally; unreliable; suspiciously; unmanly; unpleasant; undesirably; uncomfortably; informally; vaguely; unfeminine; abnormally; wrongly; insignificantly; unorthodox; apolitical; out of tune; incompetent; unrealistically; dishonestly; unfairly; unclearly; untidily; Obscene; discordant; unforgiving; antisocial; unconventionally; disproportionately; ill-; indirectly; unfavorable; unfavorably; asymmetrically; by fits and starts; uneconomically; inaccurately; inappropriately; Rough; unnaturally; unhealthy; unfairly; unscientific; unlikely; desperately; unsatisfactorily; imprecisely; incompletely; unsportsmanlike conduct; in disbelief; unconvincingly; unsteadily; its changeable; uncertainly; unwisely; informally; detuning; non-uniform; unkindly; undoubted; ergonomically; falsely; at different times; to varying degrees; especially; extraordinary; divided over; irregularly; excellently; and divide; the bizarre; in different orientations; different levels; specially; of different types; erotically; inseparably; an exemplary way; an exemplary way; aesthetically; without restraint; etherically; cleverly; ethologically; ethnically; ethnographic; ethnologically; up-front; etymologically; remotely; euphemistically; The euphoric; factually; facultative; fanatically; fantastically; pharmacologically; developed fatal; fatalistic; the feminine; feminist; the phenomenal; phenomenologically; feudal; figuratively; smartly; fictitious; philanthropic; philological; philosophically; Final basis; phlegmatic; phonetically; phonologically; formally; formally; formalistic manner; fragmentary; frontally; fundamentally; the fundamentalist; functionally; functionalist; futurologically; phylogenetically; physically; physiologically; physically; galvanically; gastronomy; Gemological; genetically; geodetically; geophysical; geologically; geometrically; geomorphologically; geopolitically; a geriatrician; gigantic; on a global scale; globally; graphically; graphological; dream of urgency; nostalgically; adverse; harmless; absently; piecemeal; odorless; tropic; administratively; in a controlled manner; meanly; willingly; unwillingly; degrading treatment; toothless; with a will; sourly; forethought; deliberately; entreatingly; funny; frivolous; the grave seriously; fun; graphically; noticeably; fruitfully; weakly; hectically; luxuriated; crimson; persistently; rioters; affectionately; with kid gloves; easily; with ease; easy to understand; a sultry; like hell; sexy; damn; the tender; fatally; more spirit; Spiritual; personally; mentally; lightly; incessantly; delicately; easily; hermetically; nervously; mansions alongside; graciously; uncontrollably; momentarily; subtly; finely; sophistication; tactfully; subtly; crouching; yeasts; quietly; uncontrollably; with restraint; airily; dimly; lustfully; terribly; terrifically; terribly; slowly; like hell; a whisker; glamorous; recklessly; enormously; dissipated; precipitously; madcap; tremendously; absurdly; amiss; humanely; humorous; with honey; caring; carefully; lightly; negligently; imperceptibly; thoughtfully; notably; poorly; fun at your; funny; wildly; charmingly; pious; sense of humor; hydraulically; hygienically; bring in a cold; with hypertext; hypnotically; hysterically; virtuously; acceptably; with good wish; good-naturedly; good humor; well; kind-hearted; in good faith; to good purpose; uselessly; offensively; maliciously; ruthlessly; at an alarming rate; vaguely; shamefully; unashamedly; obstinately; without shame; hastily; shamelessly; lax; loosely; blunder will not occur; batty; forever; idealistically; identically; idiotically; idyllically; admiringly; to admiration; lovingly; ideally; lovingly; miraculously; marvelously; humanely; human-like; Let it all hang; forever; bored; boring; unpleasantly; disgustingly; maliciously; mischievously; vandalized; hermetically; climatically; hermetically; airily; blankly; with expression; show vividly; obviously; phenomenal; merrily; mirthlessly; implicitly; impulsively; individualistic; humanly; imbued; heartily; enthusiasm; half-heartedly; intensively; interactively; intertextually ; intimately; passionately; dispassionately; enthusiastically; intuitively; ironically; loosely; irrationally; debauchedly; loosely; grotesque; percussion; big; paternally; patriotically; self-centered; selfishly; independently; persist; obstinately; selfishly; more self-sufficient; self-consciously; a self-satisfied; autocratically; selflessly ; self-confident; with sarcasm; eternally; perpetual; intermittently; magnanimously; continually; consistently; smoothly; flexibly; in a moment; solemnly; festively; presumptuously; publicly; ruthlessly; with a vengeance; divinely; ungodly; godly; smoothly; smoothly; consecutively; I drink to the full; a shrewd look; legally; firmly; sharp; sluggishness; rigorously; spot on; firmly; excitingly; in a funny way; strongly follow; robustly; rationally; systematically; unreasonably; sensibly; rationally; steadfastly; tragically; adamantly; delay to changes; rigidly; residue-; obstinately; icily; ghastly; curved; schematically; bilaterally; twice; wistfully; echoing; bashfully; two poles; double; awfully; hideously; stiffly; internationally; nationally; popularly; popular style; democratically; chaotically; narrowly; by capillary action; roughly; aversely; naturally heavily; cartographically; bitter; treacherously; categorically bitterly intermittent; terribly; foresight; nicely; eloquently; commercially; the townspeople; treacherously; poorly; praiseworthy; artificially; imaginatively; worthily; corruptly; chemically; airily; zealous; with pleasure; -fold; once and for all; centrally; centripetally; on average; averagely; mutually; centrifugal; sustainably; linguistically; loose-tongued; Grammatically; negative; a perverse; helically; passionately; dispassionately; in an interesting way; fixedly; Interestingly; urgently; a matter of urgency; unhurriedly; urgently; in haste; clearly; irrefutably; commendably; ungratefully; violently; Kindly; shrilly; shrilly; elastically; sorely; tensely; literally; in writing; accounting; bodied; Letter of urgency; bright; a church; Cursed; surgically; smoothly; bitterly; meanness; stunted; angrily; awkwardly; nicely; painfully; painless; classically; clinically; cozily; -specifically; moderately; fatally; in a polite way; perpendicularly; moderately; unduly; experimentally; by experience; expertly; comprehensive; collectively; thrice; three times; threefold; three voices; in state; mechanically; mechanically; concrete; conservatively; wrinkle; comically; haughtily; is knocked; haughtily; gaily; ornately; irremediably; highly; accented; properly; severely; the humid; pleasantly; tangibility; a tangible; spasmodically; roughly; the harsh manner; hard; hardness of heart; loudly; critically; Christian way; uncritically; in chronological order; chronically; retorted; drily; angularly; The Golden Mean; culturally; curiously; strangely; irrevocably; royally; honorably; honorably; ambitiously; dishonorably; respectably; yours truly; properly; death seriously; fatally; with discipline; disorderly; wretchedly; cursorily; six times; obediently; a voice; inaudible; audibly; hotly; hot blood; frantically; cubic; cubically; figuratively; pictorially; qualitatively; quantitatively; coldly; a cool head; coldly; cold-hearted; in cold blood; a dozen occasions; maturely; questioningly; cynically; hoarsely; harshly; poignantly; avidly; impatiently; patiently; crusty; hand industrially; conceptually; incomprehensibly; manually; conveniently; right or left handed; practically; suitably; turning point; inversely; clumsily; poor life; wanting; high quality; in quality; extensively; quality fair; dexterity; integrity; legally; in accordance with the law; unlawfully; lazily; blameless; against the rules; required by law; laconically; sheepishly; childishly; childlike; child consciously; calculation; completely flat; mellow; are singing; mercifully; with broad words; broadly; jokingly; for fun; playfully; gently; Models of airplanes; entreat; gently; implacable; lax; cheesy; easy; uneasily; lax; liberal manner; liberally; mildly; business case; movable; movingly; intimately; approximate; delineated; glibly; slickly; slidably; inconsolably; fine; in style; gently; loyal manner; loyally; locally; There are cozy; logically; to an endless; finally; forever; strongly; is rich in; read only memory; numerically; easiest to handle; naturally; organically; unnaturally; naturally; characteristically; quasi-; naturally; unapproachable; reliably; confidentially; confidently; creatively; a promising; jovial; jovial up; probably; lawfully; unauthorized access; numberless; in brief; briefly; faint-hearted; faint-hearted; short-sighted; succinctly; merry; lyrically; intimately; indelibly; warmly; warmly; as in the West; thoroughly; pervasive; medically; loosely; loosely; magically; world history; globally; foreigners; rustically; the picturesque; geographically magnetically; with a superior air; possibly; a great deal; pompously; mightily; pompously; renowned far; appreciably; public knowledge; Ad text; affectedly; flattering; majestically; make up; free of charge; an exemplary manner; nicely; moderately; impatiently; impatiently; continental; manually; markka; act depressed; masochism; massively; low-indulgence; obsequious; materialist; materialistic; touristy ; a tasty; tastelessly; the zeitgeist; mechanically; melancholy; quite a few; melodically; melodramatic; noisily; successfully; successfully; mentally; a naval; mercantilist; strangely; significantly; significantly; masterfully; metaphorically; methodically; civil-culturally; mildly; manfully; manly; gamely; meaningfully; uninteresting; interestingly; ostentatiously; with mental; madly; A prudent man; imaginatively; madly; -minded; arbitrarily; comfortably; pleasantly; Favorite; gladly; per man; in force; be masculine; thoughtfully; thoughtfully; mime; microscopically; immeasurably; modern; at fault; properly; reproachfully; mutually; frequently; often; more numerous; ambiguously; polysubstituted; versatile; in so many words; several hundred fold; a thousand times; monotonically; a monumental; morally; immorally; grandly; immersive; in accordance with; comfortably; middling; revolutionarily; fashionably; according to the fashion; technically; daggers; mournfully; crush; the dialect; musically; musically; jealously; straightforwardly; intricately; toxic; turbulent; mysteriously; positively; not consent; in the affirmative; along; sympathetic; compassionately; overbearing; denominated; quantified; determination; indefinitely; decisively; naively; feminine; feminizing; primitive; firmly; narcissistic way; neatly; ridiculous; enjoyably; enjoyably; negatively; immaculately; four hands; fourfold; four voices; four times; flippantly; ingeniously; neutrally; imaginatively; sluggishly; so to speak; nominally; specifically; pickily; marginally; laconically; impertinent; cleverly; embarrassing; quickly; instantly The; normally; nostalgically; nimbly;  upstart-like; uprightly; numerically; youthful; cart before the horse; doeth greater wrong; foolishly; contemporary; sullenly; seemingly; apparently; invisibly; prominent; neatly; slickly; firmly; nicely; tamely; objectively; as expected; unexpectedly; in accordance with the expectation; , contrary to expectation; transient; software; of barley; thinly; real-time; uprightly; orthodox manner; for real; legally; fairly; unlawfully; unlawfully; rightly; capriciously; capriciously; with distinction; essentially; presumably; on its own initiative; spontaneously; complacent; characteristically; first hand; by hand; distinctively; an original way; presumptuous judgments; independently; arbitrarily; own responsibility; characteristically; originally; possessive; strangely; problematically; ultimately; happily; unhappily; successfully; hollowly; operatively; instructive; instructed the; doctrinally; learned way; optimism; optically; organically; slavishly; slavishly; sympathetically; part-time basis; aptly; supposedly; pleasing; peculiarly; subtly; pathetic; maliciously; evil before the horse; badly; pants off; maliciously; bad humor; badly; vices of urgency; damned; locally; emphatically; weights; emphatically; -weighted; deck up; unthreatening; thickly; block tests; without pay; worship; panelist; ministering; paradoxically; incurably; parliamentary scrutiny; parodic; pacifist; passively; pathetically; pedagogically; pedantic; thieving; softly; puppylike; perfectionist; traditionally; in depth; traditionally; traditionally; periodically; personally; personality tests; impersonally; thoroughly; unduly; constitutionally; irrevocably; sequentially; successively; falsely; relentlessly; pessimistic; fraudulently; fraudulently; monstrous; certainly;; without any restraints; restraint; with reserve; thorny; subliminal; painfully; recklessly; quickly; petty; meticulously; derisively; illicitly; superficially; superficially; evilly; hell; pungent; the long view; in the long term; his patience; at length; boring; long-winded; plastically; pneumatically; smartphones; insatiably; boyish; differently; by way of exception; polemical; politically; outpatient; bomb for sure; forcibly; vigorously; gimmicks; at staggered intervals; infinitely variable; bourgeois; positively; by post; potentially; pragmatically; primary; on primary; primitively; privately; s problematic; prophetically; prophylactically; progressively; prosaically; in percentage terms; provocatively; provocatively; psychologically; psychotic; mentally; purely; drily; persuasion to; -sided; semi-automatically; half-heartedly; half-heartedly; half-baked; semi-officially; bias; without favor; defensively; caustically; puristically; puritan-like; wood chips; gust; inadequately; sacredly; vertically; an enduring; altruistic; roughly; day surgery; day clearly; mainly; aimlessly; on general terms; mainly; determinedly; resolutely; endlessly; foolishly; brutally; radically; radically; radioactively; more sensational; in terms of money; freight paid; for the common people; feeble; rail up to contrasting; sober; furiously; furiously; limited; unlimited; limited; violently; lovingly; reciprocally; heavily; racist; and strain; heavily; rationally; vitally; enjoying having; quietly; restlessly; languorously; cowardly; an iron; nutritious; in real time; realistically; a reflex; honestly; fair; luxuriantly; boisterous; well; lustily; casually; thrilling; recitative; rhetorically; boisterously; gleefully; a thrill; rending; independently; argumentative; High capacity; insufficiently; sufficiently; possessed with demons; richly; broken wisely; criminally; in parallel; quickly; crosswise; chivalrously; at a brisk pace; racially; boldly; tumbled; villainous; drastically; romantically; rough around the edges; royally; badly; poetically; in abundance; generous; in great numbers; on a routine basis; routinely; plenty; physically; good posture; too seriously; on the beat; rhythmically; rhythmically; blatant; a sequence could; exponentially; reckless; rude; brazenly; sadistically; for the fairy tale; said up; morbidly; ill-; secretly; insidiously; surreptitiously; as fast as a lightning; surreptitiously; mysteriously; Silent; tolerant; armchair; simultaneously; similarly; coaxially; parallel; -worded; verbally; literally; word for word; non-verbally; heroically; unspeakable; appreciably; sarcastically; hundredfold; one hundred per cent; at random; home; randomly; seamlessly; in detail; seven times; mixed up; distractedly; in an uproar; confused; sexily; sexually; secular; secondary; secondary; selectively; inexplicably; clearly; in plain language; invertebrates; with encoded form; clear-sighted; clearly arranged; loud and clear; clearly; sensitively; sentimental; separatist; ceremoniously; seasonally; regionally; as follows; sociably; tolerable; outright; soulfully; mentally; unbearably; prettily; neatly cleaned; unclean; filthy; soundly; smoothly; prominently; visibly; hot under the collar; by rule of thumb; simply; simultaneously; naively; hardily; sister of urgency; the bitter; internally; inwardly; domestic politics; persistently; binding; morally; obscene; meekly; barbaric; in a civilized manner; scenaristically; skeptically; schizophrenic; sonorously; tonally; unvoiced; melodiously; in sound; blindly; blind tests; jointly and severally; neatly; out of turn; with agreement text; suitably; amicably; harmoniously; harmoniously; socially; warlike; militant; militarily; military policy; messily; aptitude tests; chauvinist; conservatively in; amicably; conciliatory; spatially; Specialist basis; spontaneously; sporadically; sporty; statically; stereotypically; sterile; The Stoics; strategically; structuralist; subjectively; subjectively; suggestively; relatively; with sense of proportion; disproportionately; swimmingly; swiftly; sexually; gracefully; sweet; gracefully; summarily; checksums; indiscriminately; Finnish prevented; intravenously; favorably; directly; directly; bluntly; in a straight line; with favor; favorably; restrictively; poorly; surreal; sadly; melancholy; without care; swimmingly; rich in words; orally; infinitely; systematically; unplanned; direction; large depth; nobly; greatly; grandly; pompous; indiscreet; in a big way; vociferously; big capitalist basis; generous; intolerance; tolerant; tolerant; sovereignly; sovereignly; sexually; asexually; cordially; heartlessly; symbiotically; a symbol; symmetrically; sympathetically; synergistically; gloomily; Aside; innately; synthetically; sinner; innately; systemically; systematically; profoundly; profoundly; without cause; electronically; e-mail; at blazing speeds; meticulously; faceted; radially; good-natured; gentleness; meekly; with propriety; immodestly; relentlessly; a decent way; regularly; as a rule; irregularly; sparingly; frugally; -adjusted; cutely; söötisti; densely; reactionary; certainly; maliciously; unintentionally; tact; tactless; sticky; naturedly; magically; Art historically; with finesse; to knowledge; underskilled; superstitious; flexibly; without knowledge; ably; artistically; skilfully; heavenly; in conscious; if he is unconscious; the most backward; backward; matted; tactically; economically; firmly; fashion; accident; a loss; precisely; carelessly; attentively; attentively; perceptively; with a keen eye; on purpose; appropriately; unintentionally; deliberately; with a will; needlessly; legendary for; equal; evenly; DC continued basis; more uniform; in a balanced manner; unbalanced; in a monotonous; equally; evenly all; in equal proportions; synchronously; republican; on an equal footing; on an equal footing; toe to toe; non-stop; a disease; usually; in accordance with the method; conventionally; exceedingly; goal-oriented; theatrically; artificially; unpretentious; factory; power rating; effectively; inefficiently; technically; hypocrite ‘s; -made; hypocritically; the text; telescopically; industrial; theoretically; bouncing; bouncing; healthy; in a healthy way; mentally healthy; a sharp wits; a sharp tongue; sharp-sighted; outspoken; sharply; test; unconsciously; scientifically; consciously; by computerized means; data-sided; technical information; known; knowingly; densely; closely; temporarily; statistically; Statistical scientifically; spaciously; rigorously; strictly; of rigid; actually; sense of reality; truthfully; likely; truly; in a verifiable manner; actively; more enterprising; in the alternative; repeatedly; hopefully; hopefully; hopelessly; inconceivably large amount; carefully refuted from inside; tonally; diligently; topographically; their rejection; in fact; humorlessly; beyond recognition; totalitarian regimes; verily; obediently; truthfully; truthfully; happy, happy; comradely; tragically; traditionally; trendy; a thousand times; a thousand times as much; devastating; costly in; scratchy; sore; stable; cluttered; ardently; ambiguously; duty-free; successfully; effectively; meddlesome; intrusive; emotionally; emotionally charged; notoriously; delivering a responsive; scrupulously; scrupulously; indifference; confessionally; emotionally; emotionally; callously; emotion; it sensitively; -feelingly; of finality; considerably; a fresh way; unproductively; negligence; productively; powerfully; productively; twice; vainly; too closely; The unfortunate fact; deleteriously; safely; painfully; painfully; painfully; painless; searchingly; familiarly; a familiar way; familiarly; wind securely; at full length; trivial; reckless; foolishly; obtusely; shortly; flavorlessly; fondly; tyrannical; girlish; satisfactorily; style; stylistically; Style in mind; style,; without style; with unruffled calm; typically; discontent with; contentedly; hardly; Starred; staring; by a hairbreadth; cocky; big importance; promptly; perfectly; completely; complete dentition; fully; fully; fully; full time; to their full potential; fully; level-headed; full time; full and rich; smugly; bluntly; seriously; filthy; shortly; threatening; reckless; defiantly; sacrificially; shyly; gallantly; externally; externalized; from hypocritical; external memory; outwardly; foreign policy; indiscriminately; both solid; drowsily; sleepily; unforgettable; magnificently; obstinately; ground-breaking; urbane manner; urban-like; gamely; valiantly; often; daring; -I; faithfully; incredibly; religiously; credible; curiously; utopian; Your tireless; diligently; dangerously; demanding; in a small way; demandingly; maliciously; damage cheerfully; strongly; wise manner; Alternatively; impenetrable; difficult; abstruse; effectively; -effected; incompletely; – instinctively; by instinct; weakly; silently; silent; a barely; hard; with ease; underutilized; an incomplete; imperfectly; firmly; conviction; seriously; permanently; regularly; convincingly; under oath; falsely; optionally; unfortunately; revolutionary; like crazy; prevalently; captivating; preliminary preparation; brightly; photographic; vigilant; enormously; incapacity; nationally; vastly; the state wisely; rampant; antiquated; the old fashioned way; The conservatives; firmly; steadfastly; voluntarily; liberal; informally; freely; with plenty of money; reservations; wholeheartedly; certainly; in an unguarded moment; carefully; carefully; strictly speaking; left wing in; left-handed; expressly; receptive; receptive; unspoken-like; similarly; respectively; grudgingly; in violation of; oppositely; mutually; reluctantly; reluctantly; their exposures; by reluctant; irresistibly; resistance willingly; responsibly; irresponsibly; responsibly; irresponsibly; apace; richly; watertight; vegetarian; playful; mischievously; brotherly; earnestness; dutifully; bloodthirsty; blood; blood tests; leisurely; leisurely; as well as; for tax purposes; proportionally; incomparably; by peers; metaphorically; lazily; curb appeal; innocently; with grace; attractively; cunningly; softly; hospitably; strangely; message; seductively; be exported; angrily; hostility; wretchedly; five times; entertainingly; comfortably; coolly; judiciously; on a slant; bothering-like; suggestive; -lined; line directly; rush; Victorian; in a lively manner; wildly; sincerely; a cooling; a cooling; furiously; hammer and tongs; awry; with abracadabra; officially; actively engaged in; incorrectly; bureaucratically; much red tape; brisk; visually; carefully; Vital; jokingly; fan shape; unreservedly; nuanced; by far; strongly; mightily; intensively; powerless; victoriously; at a profit; triumphantly; certainly profit; victoriously; profitably; profusely; surely the mountain; interactively; a minimum level; low-obviously; Very few; recessive; unavoidably; mightily; permanently; non-violently; violently; temporarily; indirectly; indifferent; direct; loosely; of necessity; colorfully; in rich colors; achromatically; tirelessly; wearily; irrevocably; the unjust manner; consistently; once; simultaneously; jointly; socially; jointly and severally; with solidarity; uniformly; at the same time; consecutive; suddenly; equally; at a stretch; consistently; individual centrally; on an individual basis; individually; with one voice; simply; exclusive; autarchic; alone ; simplistically; unilaterally; unambiguously; hype; monotonously; one indeed; individually; with one voice; privately; in detail; plainly; simplistic; generally; universally; universal; in laymen; luxuriously; scornfully; profusely; excessively; noble presence; over-humanly; supernaturally; transcendent; superficial; arrogantly; aristocratic; with contempt; by far; surprisingly; unexpectedly; with pride; attacked fanatically; abundantly; nobly; not unreasonably; not understand; understanding; understandingly; around and  circular way; unfriendly; enterprising; kindly; an amicable manner; concisely; maternal; angrily; suddenly; suddenly; precipitously; instinct; with intelligence tests; intellectually; intellectually; freak; morosely; capriciously; irritable; law course; loud; sound securely; noiselessly; sound manner; infinitely;