Networking within tight communities could solve many problems

Networking within communities and the outside world
Networking within communities and the outside world

When the whole nation, for example Finns, is not allowed to network and act together and for the benefit of all, it can still succeed within communities of the same mind. Communities can have a wide variety of members in many different life situations. The community could come together to think together and network so that the unemployed in the community are provided with jobs, caring for the sick, knowledge can be shared, learning from others, etc. The community is rich in skills, entrepreneurs, rich, poor and so on. There are certainly many ideas that can be refined and promoted within the community.

The community may come together in the spirit of its ideas and faith. Could it also come together in a practical way to identify those in need of community assistance and those who could provide assistance. There are entrepreneurs who need workforce and company development, and there are those who need work and students. Close networking would help. Many times, one does not want to share ideas and things with the whole people and the world, but within a community it could already succeed if the members of the community form a loving and respectful group.

Community members could seek to buy from and sell to other members. If assistance is needed outside the Community, the Community could do so in cooperation. After all, the community can still be divided into different committees that specialize in solutions to a particular problem area.

So, community and communities could offer much more than what they currently offer their members. It is harder for disagreements and people with different ideas and values ​​to work together than circles of the same mind.

Is it that they cannot get into fruitful co-operation within the communities, but there is so much disagreement, which can be rich when it can be settled? This gives you a versatile image and a variety of solution options that can be further refined and tested in practice. Many have not even come up with the idea of ​​community opportunities, everyone just wants to curl up on their own problems and issues, without talking to others and relying more broadly within the community to solve problems together.

Leaders, organization, and the activity and enthusiasm of members for their own benefit and that of their fellow members are needed. The community must be of an ethically and spiritually high standard so that to this noble service of love could be gone, for the benefit of those around us, and for themselves. Whatever you want to do for yourself, do it for others. Prejudices, attitudes, doubts, etc., can be reduced together, and as results are gained, it will give more faith in the benefits of networking.

Within the community, it is possible to think more closely and plan how to proceed in detail, what issues and problems to focus on, and how to resolve them.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, January 22, 2018