Nutrition optimization

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NutrOpt3 is not for sale now and is not delivered, it is for personal use only. If you are interested in Finnish version, please contact us!

Eat healthier and cheaper! Study your own nutrition and that of others! Learn and Do Phytotherapy! Etc. See: Usage possibilities

Three years of work, planning, huge compilation of data, translation, database transfer, programming, testing, documentation and instructions. Extremely versatile, easy to use NutrOpt3 software, see below!

Veikko Pyhtilä has developed NutrOpt3 nutrition software with information content as a hobby in 2003-2017. It has been installed and has been used for experimental purposes by more than 20 people. postdoctoral researcher, nutrition therapist, domestic science teacher, diet chef, personal trainer, diabetic, IT specialist, wellbeing marketer and many more regular users. The experience has been mostly positive and feedback has been taken into account in the development, the latest version being made in 2016.

The following icon will launch the program after installation (TietoVeikko software brand, describes data filtering)

Nutrition Optimization NutrOPT3 TVi

or from the menu Veikko J. Pyhtilä / Nutrition Optimization.

The program must be activated on your computer, see the installation instructions below.

Login Window

1. Enter the Administrator, User, or Guest ID and Password. The same software package is sold to everyone, with different usernames controlling what information can be added, deleted and updated.

Login NutrOPT3
Login NutrOPT3

Main Window

From the main window you can access various windows and the user manual.

Main window
Main window

Common buttons and functions in windows

The window-specific help you get with the ? button provides more details. On tables you need to click the line button so that the line will be selected, if you just click on the content field, the line will not be selected for actions. If you ever get error messages, reply with OK and correct the situation and continue as usual. The program has versatile error handling and has been thoroughly tested over a decade. If an exclamation mark appears in the input field on a red background, the information is missing, fill in the field, and save from the floppy disk icon.

Common buttons
Common buttons

Eaters or Diets and Review Nutrient Intakes

2. Provide basic information about diners or diets and calculate recommendations with the program. After filling your diet lines, update your intake and compare your nutrient intake with the recommendations. You can view the over-intakes and nutrient information for the selected nutrient for guidance. You can see which foods you are getting the nutrients from and how much. You can then go on to change the amounts and thus optimize your diet for nutrients. Fully automated optimization cannot be done because there are a huge variety of options, but you can choose which foods you add or subtract. These windows display the nutrient values ​​for which there are the latest Finnish nutrition recommendations or modified recommendations entered by the administrator, using one of the names of the recommendation criteria. In addition, there are worldwide recommendations for essential amino acids. There are other significant nutrient values ​​in the window that have no official recommendations or information, in which case the recommendation is set to zero. Other nutrient values ​​such as phytochemicals, antioxidants can only be viewed in the Nutrition Study window.

Eaters or diets and review nutrient intakes
Eaters or diets and review nutrient intakes 1
Diets 2
Eaters or diets and review nutrient intakes 2

Maintenance of Diets or Menus

3. Fill in your current diet or plan a better one. You can search for foods by icons, keywords, or the healthiest foods in the world by different health effects, and then click the appropriate table row. You can click on the column headings in the nutrient table and sort by selected nutrient from highest to lowest or vice versa. You can update the default portion sizes and give guide prices or edit the ones already entered. When choosing, you can compare prices, nutrient values, and the food itself to optimize prices. You can copy the diets you have already entered into the template in different ways, see the program’s window-specific help for more details, the question mark button for instructions. You can then draw a graph to see if your daily nutrient intake is below or above your recommended levels. You can also search for health tips and information on the effects of nutrients. If health claims are made with food, they will appear in the right text box. Once you have entered your diet you can go back to step 2.

Maintenance of diets or menus

Collection of Dieats of Various Meals

You can also view the menu as large, where you can reduce or increase the percentages with multiple line selections or delete rows. You can access it from both the diner and menu entry windows.

Collection of menus of various meals
Collection of menus of various meals

Health Tips

You may want to look at health tips while eating diets. The administrator can supplement and edit the basic information tips. There are also medicinal effects and substitutes for not suitable foods that can be accessed and edited with administrator privileges.

Health tips
Health tips

Help Directory

Help directory, opens from the main window and links to help topics. Also included are information packs, some of which you can now read online, even on your smartphone, to take a look at Soul and Body Wellbeing.

Help Index
Information pack and instructions

Food Groups Distributions

You can view the proportion of vegetables, fruits, berries, meat, drinks, etc. in the diet of different individuals or groups of people in the diet by weight of foods and drinks. For example, cancers and cardiovascular diseases are less likely to be affected, and the resistance to and the coping with diseases are reduced by eating large amounts of fresh vegetables, berries and fruits. But all groups are suitably needed for good general condition.

Food group breakdown
Food group breakdown

Shopping and Ordering Lists

You can print shopping / ordering lists for selected diners or as menu dishes for selected diners and for hundreds of thousands of people, including guide prices and weights added together.

Shopping and order list
Shopping and order list

Nutrient-relevant Health Information

You can search and update nutrient-relevant health information that displays information on various screens for nutrient information searches.

Nutrients Information
The importance of nutrients for health, information

Food recipes

General basic food recipes have already been entered. You can change them or enter new recipes and calculate their nutrient content, taking into account cooking methods. The foods are then selectable in the input of the Maintenance of Diets window. You can update also food weight information.

Food recipes NutrOpt3
Maintaining food recipes

Nutrient content of food recipes

Nutrient content of food recipes
Nutrient content of food recipes

Nutrition research

You can do a thorough nutrition study. You can compare nutrient intake between individuals and / or diets with many different choices and scales. There are also many phytochemicals, antioxidant values, etc. for which there are no official nutritional recommendations. I do not know of other general nutrition programs that have these levels of phytochemicals available, but their effects on health are widely researched worldwide. By choosing a large amount of nutrients for the drawing at a glance, you can quickly see the differences between different individuals, such as phytochemicals and common vitamins, trace elements, and main nutrients, when doing a comparative nutrition study. Scaling gives you a clearer or sharper look at the differences. Because nutrient values ​​are in so many different size units, you have to scale to make them appear in the charts. You can make a model diet that you compare to your nutritional intake, here it is compared to a weight management diet. So you can do a lot of research, very quickly and visibly – you need a researcher’s grip and a researcher’s joy. You can use Alt-PrintScreen on your computer to take pictures from program result windows, paste it into Paint or other drawing programs, or directly into your research article. At the bottom of the scoreboard numbers you can get your document by clicking on it inversely selected in the upper left corner and Ctrl-c on the clipboard and Ctrl-v on your document.

Nutrition Research
Comparison of nutrient intake between individuals and / or diets

Nutrient Information

For example, you can search for bioflavonoids in the Nutrient Information and draw an illustrative diagram of Nutrient Differences where you get from the Nutrition Research window. See Nutrients Differences below!

Bioflavonoids information
Bioflavonoids information

Nutrients Differences

Below are the nutrients differences drawn from berries with a scale of 1-100. You can use the Multiple Choice to select the BERRIES group, then the Flavonoids group, and draw a chart. Similarly, each of 128 different nutrient values ​​can be plotted with different scales. For drawing options, you can sort by group in the column header to get the Berries one after the other and Flavonoids in the second. You can make multiple selections one at a time by holding down the ctrl-key and clicking here from the rows in the selection table by the row button, or by pressing and holding the capital letter button in your computer keyboard in succession and clicking on the row button in the table’s first row and end row. Then, click on the Draw Graph button. You can also use the keyboards buttons to select, for example, the vitamins selected and to draw the vitamin contents of the selected foods. There are tremendous opportunities for choices and drawing. Other drawing windows have the same selection features.

Bioflavonoids in berries
Bioflavonoids in berries

Product Tracking to Compare Price, Quality and Origin

You can use product tracking to compare price, quality, origin. You can enter information such as purchase receipt, price tags, advertisements. This allows you to save a lot on your food expenses if you still opt for healthier, but cheaper, diets. If you are planning menus for a large group, then a little effort is worth it.

Product Tracking
Product Tracking: Price, Quality, Origin and Comparison

Nutrient Intake Levels or Proportions

You can compare nutrient intake levels or proportions with many different choices. If your energy supply is like a roller coaster, it will consume and age your body. It is also important for people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar levels steady at different times of the day. At first, especially when eating sugar, there is, for example, overactivity in children and then over-fatigue. For help with the program, see Adjusting the Glycemic Index and Load. What food combinations you eat also affects your blood glucose levels.

Evenness of nutrients intake
Evenness or fractional intake of nutrients

Herbs and Medicinal Plants

In the Herbs and Medicinal Plants window, you can search for the health benefits of herbs or their products, concentrated or diluted, obtained and studied over the millennia. A phytotherapist and other trained medical practitioner can record herbal dosing instructions for a variety of illnesses, and identify and record side effects, toxicity, and interactions with different drugs.

Herbs and Medicinal Plants
Nutrition Optimization NutrOpt3, Health Effects of Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Profiling of effects and uses of herbs and medicinal plants

Profiling of effects and uses of herbs and medicinal plants. In the picture, herbs, which are also normal foods, have been selected for the illustration, and can already be used for phytotherapy in addition to nutritional therapy. However, beware of the use of medicinal plants, you must be sure what you are doing beause of adverse side effects. Information can be found in phytotherapy non-fiction books.

Herbs and medicinal plants
Profiling of effects and uses of herbs and medicinal plants

Most nutrients and other substances in foods

The most nutrient and other substances in foods window you can see for example the oxygen scavenging capacity, it is antioxidant capacity. It is most present in many spices, but they are used in small amounts. Berries also have a lot. See more with the program. You can also check the Other Nutrients Included option when entering diets in Maintenance of Diets window. Click there the column heading to get the foods from the most antioxidant to the least rich as you make your food choices. On the other hand our body uses radicals to kill microbes . Likewise, you will see useful phytochemicals in foods that have positive health effects. You can read more about them from Nutrition Information window.

Most nutrients in foods
Oxygen radical suction capacity, most, NutrOPT3

The NutrOpt3 software also has many other windows and functions

Basic data
Basic data

Basic data

Basic information that can be edited or serviced with root privileges. You can make your own individual or for different groups, although different nutritional recommendations, depending on your health problems, update the nutrient losses in different cooking methods that affect the calculation of the nutrient content of a food. Account management allows you to change passwords, create new user accounts, eg guest cannot delete or change basic information. The Help folder must be C: / NutrOpt3 / Help by default to appear in the program. If you want to move the instructions elsewhere, you need to change the directory paths here. You can add and edit health tips. You can add healthy foods to your food suggestions based on your various health needs in the body, so they will be available in your diet when you search for healthy or suggestions. You can also remove choices. You can target effects to different herbs.

Food with Nutrients

You can standardize, add, delete, and modify the health claims of foods. The following Food with Nutrients window can also be updated with standard user rights, you can add more food. The information is mainly obtained from the USDA, the US Department of Agriculture’s authorized database. Some foods have environmental impact assessments as examples, but not exhaustively filled, the information can be supplemented. The environmental impact is also affected by how far food is transported, as transport increases the environmental burden. A lot of food imported from abroad is used in Finland as well, so a global database of nutritional values ​​of foods is in place. The words in the original database are translated into Finnish and categorized by food category, you will see the original text in English. The link to the original source is in the database as a single key, which can be verified by a different program, if necessary, to verify the source and how the information was obtained. The nutrients in foods with a dietary intake are roughly calculated based on the staple foods and cooking methods, reducing the nutrient levels according to the Nutrition Loss Table in the program and the fluid reduction is calculated.

Foods with nutrients
Foods with nutrients

Customizing the NutrOpt3, Data and Information

So you can customize the data content of the NutrOpt3 environment and use it as a software platform for collecting knowledgebase. After installation, you can replace the database that comes with the installation with this customized database. With the permission of the author of NutrOpt3, you can market your customized database to customers who purchase NutrOpt3. There must be enough many changes that marketing of a custom database is accepted as an additional feature of NutrOpt3. You can prepare a huge number of sample diets that you have thoroughly researched on the health effects. Missing foods can be added programmatically at different charges, as long as there is a reliable source to take from, and where information is also provided for important phytochemicals that are missing from many nutrient databases.

If you weigh carefully and keep a diary for a month for 1-31 days, you will get a more accurate picture of nutrition. A long-term sample smooths out nutrient fluctuations between meals. You can observe by sampling, for example, the diets of winter, spring, summer and autumn, diets of a long-term and healthy person, and those who are ill. Other factors should be included in the study as an explanation that you can take away their distorting effect from the study. Nutrition data on foods are averaged, influenced by variety, soil, cultivation, industrial agriculture versus organic / bio-intensive cultivation or directly from nature, harvest time, storage, cooking method, etc. The new Food Scanner technology can be used to find out the nutrient content of a meal, Finns have won a major victory in its development competition, see from Internet for more.

You can also add information about the nutritional supplements available on the market. vitamin, trace elements and fish oils nutraceuticals. The nutrients are always fed per 100g, so you should first calculate the tablet’s nutrients per 100g and set the tablet weight to the default dose size. So it is possible to put together a varied collection of supplements to choose from to complement your diet under the Supplements group. I have found that I need nutritional supplements moderately and in appropriate mutual propotions, that I stay in top good condition and I do not need to eat too much energy. Excessive intake of one of the trace elements from dietary supplements can prevent the other trace elements from being properly absorbed and may even be toxic. Therefore, NutrOpt3 is also required to monitor the use of supplements.

Buying the NutrOpt3 Nutrition Optimization, Planning and Research Software

Now NutrOpt3 is not for sale, it is for personal use only. If you are interested in it, contact! The software package is now available only in Finnish language.

Nutrition intake, price, healthiness can be optimized. Lots of information on the health effects of nutrition. The included database contains more than 4,000 foods, 128 different nutrition information. The program calculates the nutrient values ​​and compares them with the latest Finnish nutrition recommendations, which can be updated by the user. It is possible to make a shopping list, calculate the nutrient content of the instructions, search for information on the effects of nutrients, observe the prices. You can add and edit information. The program has versatile chart-drawing capabilities for eg a researcher. Information on pharmaceutical herbs has also been collected for purposes such as phytotherapy. The program has been in private use and has been developed over 10 years. The program installs on Windows Vista, 7-10 operating systems.

A huge amount of work done over a decade, running as long as MS Windows 7-10 operating systems support it. Lots of free, compiled, translated information and ideas to develop even better and perhaps compile more new research data if funding is obtained.


Comes with 40-PAGE BROCHURE AND GENERAL GUIDE TO NUTRITION OPTIMIZATION NutrOpt3: NutrOpt3EsiteGeneral Guide.pdf. See the information pack and window-specific instructions that come with the software installation package for more information.

Contents of the Health Information Package (Now only in Finnish)

Use the Ctrl-F key combination to find a search box to search for and browse for words and parts of words on a web page and on your smartphone via the Search Page menu, etc. With a wealth of information, you can build an optimal diet with NutrOpt3, move and rest properly and avoid toxins. Certain foods enhance the removal of toxins from the body, as you can see in the information package that comes with the Intake and Removal of Toxins.

  • Food Health Claims
  • Phytochemicals (plant nutrients) in foods and their meanings.
  • Importance of Nutrient Intake
  • Recommendations for Health Problems.
  • A little about Functional Medicine
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Retardation of Aging and Degeneration.

Get in shape with NutrOpt3, data and experience!

Flow Chart NutrOpt3
Flow Chart NutrOpt3

Action Sequence

If you have an incurable illness or a weakness in old age, they can be alleviated if you can optimize and experiment with the best possible diet for your condition, that is, your bottom condition. An appropriate diet can prevent and promote disease. Getting to the peak requires proper rest and exercise, and otherwise a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful substances.

It also requires knowledge and experience on how to eat. Even though you are studying knowledge, knowledge is often left unused in practice, and things can not be remembered and controlled from here and there other than by making model diets, optimizing, experimenting and researching their effects and really following them. What you eat and your lifestyle affect both you and your offspring in the short and long term. There is a constant increase in scientific knowledge around the world, and the relationship between nutrition and health is also being clarified at the biological individual level. Nutrition recommendations are for the average person, but in order to be in top shape, you need to find your own optimal diet and recommendations, and also for your loved ones, who are different biologically. With diet, you can control the function of genes, your genome, turn the gene on and off, etc. You can study epigenetics, nutrigenomics, system biology, medicine, phytotherapy, biochemistry, nutrition therapy, nutrition science, etc., if only time and interest are enough. Diet affects the functioning of the brain, too, and the brain receives exercise, even when solving diet problems.

Installing NutrOpt3 Software

When you have installed the program, you will not be able to use it until you have paid the agreed price, received the activation code, user IDs and passwords from the program creator.

First, read:

  • NutrOpt3 License Agreement
  • NutrOpt3 Terms of Delivery

There are two packages for screen sizes:

  • Installation kit for 15.6 inch screen
  • Installation kit for 17.2-inch screen

The zipped installation package can be unzipped with eg 7-zip or Windows 8-10 comes with the unzipping program itself. Keep your internet connection open, as prerequisite packages (see below for details) will be installed first if they are missing from your computer. Double-click setup.exe to start the installation. You will have to accept the Accept button for licenses and the installation will start in the window that opens with the Install button.

The security warning comes because expensive certification has not been done, but the program is reliable when its installation package is obtained from Veikko Pyhtilä. When the installation has completed successfully, the Login window of the program will open and you will be able to use the program. In the future, you can launch the program from the desktop icon or menu. Create the C: \ NutrOpt3 folder and move the Help folder included in the installation folder to find the help pages.

After installation, the program must be activated

Program activation
NutrOpt3 Program activation

The Activation menu in the Login window will take you to this window.

When you come to this window and you have not yet activated the software, the window already has an example computer ID and an activation ID that will not work on your computer.

First, read through the brochure quick guide to see if the program will meet your requirements, as once you activate the program, you will no longer have a refund because it corresponds to opening the program package seal.

First, create a unique identifier for your computer using the Create Your Computer Identifier button.

Get your computer’s unique identifier via email Veikko Pyhtilä,, your name (and in addition to the company’s, institution’s name), address and e-mail address where you want the bill.

Select the (reverse) tag and use the Ctrl-c key combination on the keyboard to copy it to the clipboard, where the Ctrl-v key combination will copy it to your email message. When Veikko Pyhtilä sends an invoice, pay the price of the program to the given account.

When Veikko Pyhtilä declares that a payment has been made to the account, he will send a receipt of your payment, username, password and activation code to your email, which you can copy using the Ctrl-c keys and paste the Ctrl-v keys into the Activation ID field . Then save using the floppy disk button. Close the window and you will now be able to access the program after entering the username and password provided by Veikko Pyhtilä.

If your computer hardware changes partially, your computer identifier may also need to be changed, requiring you to request a new activation code from Veikko Pyhtilä.

However, even if the program is not activated, you can read the instructions in the Guide window under Guide. You can also read the instructions in the Help folder in Internet browsers outside of the program by double-clicking on a help file ending in .htm. The brochure / general guide is also available in .pdf format.

If the installation does not want to be successful, it is due to anti-virus programs that ask for permission, answer in the affirmative, or their settings must specify the installation folder from which to install the program and the folder where it will be installed. Install and then reinstall when folders are set as an exception in your antivirus program settings otherwise the program will not work or install properly. When using a high-quality antivirus program, it is sufficient to give permission when prompted for installation without special steps.

When the installation has completed successfully, the Login window of the program will open and you will be able to use the program. Create the C: \ NutrOpt3 folder and move the Help folder included in the installation folder to find the help pages.

Screen sizes: The program is adapted to both 15 “and 17” screens. On a 17-inch screen, using the program is the smoothest, as the selection lists and tables are longer. For screens smaller than 15 inches, some areas of the window will be unseen, but you will be able to experiment with the program and study.


You can uninstall from the control panel under Add / Remove Programs, Nutrition Optimization. If a new version of the program is installed, you must first remove the older version, unless the newer version of the program is named as distinct from the older versions of the program. Removal will destroy data that you have added or changed to the database using the program. Before deletion, you can make a copy of the database and, after installation, repalce the database coming in the installation package, provided that the new version has not made any changes to the database structure and that no new information has been added or updated by the author.

Database backup

The NOPT3.sdf database will go to the following folder during installation: C: \ Documents and settings \ User \ Local Settings \ Apps \ 2.0 \ Data \ Folders created by the system with number-name series \ Data \ (depending on the operating system) from which the database can be copied and replaced, if you want to restore the backup data. Folder names can be different on different computers, you can search the database using the search or search functions of the operating systems. The reinstallation takes the database from the installation package. If the new software version has not changed the structure of the database or added content, after the reinstallation, you can copy from the backup to the one that replaced the database. This way, the data you have already added to the database will not be lost.