Nutrition Optimization NutrOpt3 software usage possibilities

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, April 28, 2018

Use Ideas

Healthy food, menu and diet planning, healthy – cheap – grocery shopping, fitness improvement, healthy nutrition and cooking study and hobby, research, herbal hobby, herb cultivation, nutrition therapy, phytotherapy and more.

The program can search for answers and be used e.g. for the following questions and purposes

The main purpose is to study what is a healthy diet and plan it and put it into practice and follow how the condition changes and makes changes etc. As a result: having more strength, resistance, retardation of aging and degeneration, mental well-being, good brain function, good blood circulation, cancer reduced probability, well-balanced digestion, more economical, greener diet, etc. And the diet also affects offspring.

  • Do I eat according to nutrition guidelines?
  • How would I change my eating habits so that I eat at least according to the recommendations, and in the conditions where I am ill, in the long term, to prevent illness?
  • Do I get enough essential nutrients and do I get too much to be harmful?
  • Can I lower my food expenses for myself, my family or my clients and still have a healthy diet?
  • Is the daily energy intake distributed among the meals according to the guidelines of the recommendations?
  • Do I get a steady supply of nutrients on different days, such as water-soluble vitamins, which are not stored in the body for a long time?
  • How much antioxidants can I get to prevent aging and degeneration?
  • What should I eat, what nutrients to get enough when I get tired?
  • What should I eat, what nutrients to get enough to increase my resistance?
  • How diverse should I be to eat to stay healthy or to promote healing, to prevent myself and my offspring from becoming ill in the long run?
  • How do I boost or change nutrition in different health problems?
  • Does a person’s diet correlate with illness, general condition?
  • What are the effects, benefits and drawbacks of foods, herbs, spices?
  • What herbs could I collect, cultivate or buy to help alleviate my health problems?
  • What business could I come up with in food, herbs, spices?
  • Could I still improve the competitiveness of the food, agriculture, horticulture, etc. business?
  • What foods would I offer my clients to keep their nutrition healthy?
  • What is the nutritional value of different foods roughly?
  • What is the nutritional value and cost of my recipe?
  • Which foods would I get the most essential nutrients from?
  • How would I eat to be in top shape?
  • How do I lose weight and still eat healthy?
  • I would organize a feast and should make a shopping list of supplies and estimate the price for 200 people, with some special diet needs.
  • The accessories and price estimate for 1,000 to 100,000 diners, customers, should be calculated.
  • I would like to price my menu, design an inexpensive menu, and place orders for supplies for suppliers.
  • A healthy, balanced and financial monthly menu should be set.
  • I would like to quickly adapt the menu to the nutritional recommendations and to the individual.
  • I would like to update my nutrition recommendations.
  • I’d like to study nutrition and draw curves, columns, and pies in a variety of diets, for diners.
  • I want to make spectacular representations of nutrition with charts and tables by copying them to the clipboard using alt-printScreen and text using the ctrl-c keys and then transferring them to my documents and drawing programs for editing with the ctrl-v key.
  • I need a good menu design program that I can tailor to my needs.
  • I need a program and materials for household, health education, nutrition education.
  • I need a nutrition simulation program.
  • I want to provide my students, my clients with a service where they can study their own nutrition by writing a food diary and browsing model diets.
  • I quickly want to design a unique diet based on the model diet.
  • I want to introduce the healthiness, nutritional content of my diets.
  • I would like to practice and cultivate herbs and medicinal plants and find interesting plants to cultivate, collect, market.
  • What are the health claims about foods and herbs in the world?
  • I want to find, complete and save information.
  • I want to compile a database of food, herbs, nutrition, nutrients, health with a database set up and a user interface and function with search features and database logic pre-programmed.
  • Examples of foods with environmental toxins.
  • Examples of foods with a high carbon footprint.
  • You can find even more uses.