Original roots of problems and basic solutions

The original roots of problems and their basic solutions
The original roots of problems and their basic solutions

The old wisdom and knowledge of mankind must not be abandoned! In pride and dark wisdom, man is leading himself and others to misfortune, both temporal and eternal. Don’t go along with and along with misleading religions, ideas, and currents, even if they have billions of followers! Hope you find the right, narrow road, which unfortunately has few walkers! One should obey the voice of God and not the voice of darkness, corruption, evil world and the devil.

Spiritual problems

Without the Holy Spirit, man tries to be good by his own power and order, obey the rules, even practice asceticism, force others into the same self-righteousness, or else man gives power to his wickedness, serves idols, entertainment, drugs, mammon, hate, pursues violence, superiority, greatness, being power-hungry, etc., is a slave to sins.

The spiritually dead man needs the revival of the Holy Spirit, who then leads man to believers who have the Holy Ghost and from whom man can receive the remission of sins when man comes to the light of his sins. Thus man receives the Holy Ghost and peace in his soul, becomes a new creation, is freed from the ballasts of sins, and receives spiritual joy. It follows that man wants to fight against sin, wants to keep God’s peace in his heart. By the power of the Holy Spirit, man is able to wander to protect the way to heaven. But along the way, weakness comes, the old corrupt part, the enemy of the soul, and the world wanting to gain victory so that it needs good counsel for the weak moments and over and over, confession of sins, remission, Christ’s alive church fellowship, cares for conscience, the correction of transgressions between God and man. In this way, man retains a living faith, love, hope, and good conscience, and by the power of the Holy Ghost one has strength to go to the ultimate eternal goal.

Secular problems

Humans have been given the powers of the spirit and body, reason, and opportunities to map and solve problems. They have to be used, because not all problems will solve themselves. Collaboration and connection with others can give more time than alone. On the other hand, time and communication with others can be a waste of time, it is up to each of them to address the issues themselves and bring their solutions to brochures for others to evaluate. Time should be used usefully, because there is little time to achieve good goals.

These pages cover a wide range of problems and solutions. You can send a link to your own pages that visitors see what solutions we have for different problems. The idea of this Problems Solving Community site is a good one and it would be really useful if a lot of active participants were involved. Together we could build a good digital platform and create a community that solves problems efficiently and with rich in ideas.

Not all things should be made a problem and they will not become as a problem. Some problems will only be solved in the future, or more and more problems will arise. Our relationship and attitude to problems and how they can be resolved will influence the outcome.

Welcome to solve problems!
Welcome to solve problems!

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 8.1.2020