Privacy Policy

Post suggestions for needs, commodities, problems, areas for improvement, challenges, solutions, ideas, opportunities that you would like to bring to this site on Contact page.

Think about what is sensible and appropriate to put on the site. They should have innovative, economic, practical, social, environmental, health and other benefits.

Suggestions, writings, pictures and videos, etc., must be ethically appropriate and in line with the values ​​of the Problems Solving Community. The person in charge of the problem community site can decide what to post by asking and approving, if necessary, other members of the problem community. The contents of the links are the responsibility of the respective. content providers.

Be clear, concise and include a descriptive title in the link! The texts must be in English on these English pages.

You can suggest where in the frame your suggestions will be placed, you can submit new subheadings and headlines, but together we can finally decide what to put in the presentation, where to go, and possibly delete what has already been added. We can modify and condense the language. Commercial links and ads should agree on how to place them. You can give feedback on everything.

Proposals and opinions on needs, commodities, problems, challenges and development needs are free. Ad Links: Prices until December 31, 2020 for Ad Links: 1-3 links 25.00 euros / year, 4-10 links 35.00 euros / year, 11-20 links 55.00 euros / year from the same customer, plus 24% VAT included in the price on. The link can be placed in several different places, the price applies to the number of link points. When there is sufficient billing, then only billing begins, which is done through a partner company agreed by the Problems Solving Community, which pays the wages to the parties and some goes to the billing and bookkeeping and website overheads (hosting, software, hardware, etc.). If the Problems Solving Community is transformed into a public limited company, cooperative or association, the arrangement will change and this page will be updated accordingly.

When item names are cataloged and structured, they do not include person or other contact information, they are obtained from websites that open links. The list is copyrighted by the Problems Solving Community. Individual words in this list are not copyrighted by anyone. If a thorough description of the objects is made, the text and images contained therein have the copyright of the author. This requires that the name of the author be provided in the description of the item and that the name of the author is also displayed on our site. In this case, the description may be removed from our page or edited on our page at the request of the author.

When writing longer texts, they may include the author’s name or nickname if requested to do so by the proposer in their post, in which case the proposer has copyright to the text and images, thereby authorizing it to be displayed on our site. The proposal may be removed from our site at the request of the proposer. For the materials behind the links the owners of the sites are responsible for their copyright and only with their permission will a link be put to our site.

The site will be updated with commodities, suggestions and solutions as soon as possible. It can take about 1-3 days on average. For example, during holiday periods, the update may be delayed for several weeks, depending on how much data is available.