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KNOWLEDGEBASE STRUCTURE: Problems, development needs, causes and solutions

Title / description of the problem / need for improvement : Swelling of the ankle

Causes: Heart failure, increase in venous pressure, renal dysfunction, inflammatory rheumatic disorders, venous insufficiency, circulatory problems, long stay, flight, fluid imbalance, hormonal, fluid retention, dilatation, dysplasia, diarrhea, diarrhea, osmotic pressure and causes fluid escaping into tissues, liver or kidney disease, drugs such as anti-lime blockers used to treat blood pressure, lymphatic vessels are underdeveloped or lost due to disease or treatment, obesity, pregnancy, menstruation, salt, alcohol, side effects of medicines.

Solutions: Avoid sitting limb on top and tight clothing around groin to prevent venous return flow, exercise, gymnastics, walking, heel walking, walking on the soles of the foot, padding, posture care, grooming socks, special footwear, cleansing of the feet and legs, daily skin cleansing cream for tired feet, lotions, gels, tablets. Remove or replace any medication that causes such side effects.

LINKS: Treatment socks, Lotions, Gels, Tablets. Dietary Advice: Birch Leaf, Field Horsetail, Golden Sticks, Parsley, Pineapple Juice


Veikko J. Pyhtilä, June 14, 2017

The words were taken from about 12,000 most common inflected words in the Finnish language and added a problem and translated in english. Are in ialphabetical order, preliminary list. The list can be edited.

Go through the words and when you find problem areas that need information, services, products, methods, etc., send us a link to your website. You can also come up with your own keywords that we can associate with this list and subpages. You can even assemble a collection of commodities that can solve the problem (s). Links can be placed to pages that open from the root directory above. You can invent more problems by continuing list.


administrative problem; adult problem; aid problem; air problem; alcohol problem; animal problem; architectural problem; army problem; art problem; author problem ; auto-problem; Baltic Sea problem; banking problem; batch problem; biggest problem; book problem; boundary problem; budget problem; building problem; business problem; business problem; Candidate problem; career problem; central problem; change problem; character problem; chemical problem; children problem; church problem; city ​​problem; clock-problem; color problem; common problem; common problem; community problem; company problem; company problem; competition problem; connection problem; consumption problem; Content problem; contractual problems; cooperation problem; cultural problem; current problems; customer problem; debate problem; decision problem; demand problem; design issue; development problem; disease problem; doctors problem; domestic problem; economic problem; economic problem; electrical problem; emotional problem; employee problem; employer problem; energy problem; engine problem; environmental problem; European problem; event problem; example of problem; export problem; factory problem; family problem; father’s problem; financial problem; fitness problems; food problem; Forestry problem; Form problem; friend problem; friend problem; girls’ problem; group problem; growth problem; handling problem; health care problem; heart problem; home problem; hospital problem; house-problem; housing problem; image problem; impossible problem; income problem; individual problem; industrial problem; industry problem; inflation problem; information problem; interest rate problem; interesting problem; international problem; job problem; kitchen problem; labor problem; lake problem; language problem; later problem; leaf problem; legal problem; light problem; little problem; machine problem; main problem; majority problem; management problem; maritime problem; market problem; medical problem; meeting problem; member problem; memory problem; men’s problem; mental problem; message problem; message problem; metropolitan area problem; military problem; mobile problem; model problem; mothers’ problem; municipal problem; music problem; national problem; natural problem; need for problem; new problem; night problem; Nordic problem; not a problem; notification problem; number problem; oil problem;; old problem; operation problem; opportunity problem; organization problem; pace problem; page problem; parenting problem; patient problem; personal problem; personal problem; philosophy problem; place issue; plant problem; police problem; political problem; population problem; power problem; practical problem; presentation problem; price problem; private problem; problem of agriculture; problem of aliens; problem of armed forces; problem of authorities; problem of boys; problem of broadcasting; problem of day; problem of democracy; problem of earth; problem of employment; problem of EU; problem of experts; problem of forest industry; problem of freedom; problem of future; problem of history; problem of life; problem of my life; problem of proposal; problem of province; problem of public finances; problem of reason; problem of science; problem of society; problem of south; problem of space; problem of spring; problem of task; problem of time; problem of UN; problem of unemployed; problem of unemployment; problem of universities; problem of universities; problem of war; problem of working life; problem of world war; problem with rules; problems for entrepreneurs; process problem; product problem; production problem; programming problem; project problem; project problem; project problem; property problem; public problem; quality problem; real estate problem; Recession problem; Reform problem; regional problem; relationship problems; rent problem; report problem; research problem; resident problem; resort problem; result problem; revenue problem; Review problem; right problem; road problem; road problem; rural problem; safety problem; salary problem; sales problem; scent problem; school problem; science problem; seasonal problem; selection problem; serious problem; service problem; service problem; set of problem; setting problem; severe problem; simple problem; social problem; sound problem; speech problem; speech problems; staff problem; state problem; status problem; strike problem; structural problem; student problem; subproblem; summer issue; system problem; taste problem; taxation problem; teacher problem; teaching problem; team problem; technical problem; technology problem; temperature problem; text problem; thing problem; thinking problem; time problem; trade problem; traffic problem; training problem; trust problem; university problem; unknown problem; urgent problem; use problem; value problem; water problem; water problem; way problem; weapons problem; weather problems; winter problem; women’s problem; wood problem; work problem; world problem; youth problem;