Step by step mapping and solving problems

Are problems usually noticeable or not, are they hidden?

Are you having trouble collaborating, working on a team, or working alone?

Are you having trouble combining or separating different entities, parts?

What is the problem with everything, is it dependent?

When we compare to others, is our commodity better, less problematic than the rest of the world or available in the world?

Can the problem be explained, understood, delimited, localized? What are the causes of the problem? What are the consequences of what it affects?

Are there staffing problems, human or equipment issues?

Can something be done about the problem, is it usually possible and how easy or difficult, expensive or cheap, time consuming or quick to solve? Is everything already done?

Are there enough benefits to solving the problem that it is worth solving? Can problem solving become a new business?

Are there any surprises that not everything goes as thought, supposed, planned?

How should the problem be solved, are there ready solutions in the world, can we model?

When should the problem be solved? How urgent is it? Will it only be solved in the future or now?

What other problems need to be solved simultaneously?

What are the different options for solving the problem? What would be the best, optimal solution?

Is it enough to solve the problem only partially, or to alleviate it? Do I have to solve the problem completely and all the issues and other issues involved?

Will the problem be solved by upgrading, replacing the old with a new one, or returning to the old and tried? Is there a problem with spending time, lacking of time or taking too much time? Does the problem vary at different times?

What can we all do together to identify and solve problems? What can I do?

Is the problem so significant or trivial? Is it forced to solve or good to solve?

What? Why? How? When? Where? The problem is, it happens. The solution is made.

What is the root cause of the problem, who or what causes it?

What resources, equipment, resources, time, expertise are needed, can be provided or obtained? Who makes the decision, or who decides?

Has the problem already been solved somewhere, but we just can’t or can’t apply the method?

Is the problem personal, with loved ones, local, domestically, abroad, global? What could Finns not do or Finland could do or your national and state?

Does the problem concern people, nature, infra?

How can the problem be subdivided into sub-problems and sub-solutions?

Is the problem new or old, permanent or temporary?

Does the problem occur at different times of the day? How do day or night or seasons affect the problem and its solutions?

Does the problem solve itself in time or does it need to be done now?

Is the solution good or bad or in between? What are the risks or additional benefits of the solution?

Who performs the troubleshooting steps? How many or who are affected? How many or who are needed to map and solve it?

Does the problem lie with us or others? Whose problem is it?

Who will solve the problem first? Who best solves it?

How much and what work does mapping and resolution require?

Is there only one solution or more to the problem? Can they be ranked in order of urgency?

See if everything has been considered?

Is the problem gender, language, race, ideology, religion, morality, health, age?

Which method, way, approach angle, perspective is selected? Have all views been considered?

Is the problem or the solution to a common or rare, peculiar or plain?

Is the problem related to the forces of nature, the weather, chance, is it a matter of the spirit world?

What are the remaining questions? What questions do I have to ask or wake up?

How before the problem was solved, is there any information? How will the problem be solved in the future? What are the future challenges?

What do people think? What do you or I think? Does the problem or solution affect a person’s mind or opinions?

Who does best know about the problem and how to solve it? What roads to get? Who knows and knows?

Can the problem and solution be presented or solved figuratively, graphically, by numbers, by indicators, by calculation. Can it be verbally presented more clearly?

How does the problem affect nature, human, living, inanimate?

Who will verify and state, evaluate, verify that the problem no longer exists and has been resolved and how well?

Is there information and education about the problem and the solution? Who’s talking about it, communicating it?

Is everything done now, gone through or what else should be done? Need to go from the general level to the details and practical cases to actually implement, look for problems and solve them?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, September 7, 2017