Unemployment issue

There are not enough jobs for everyone so there is unemployment. Unemployment causes livelihood problems and decreases spending and income for society, businesses and citizens. The skills of the unemployed do not develop simply by studying. There is no shortage of workforce, but with precision and conversion training, and keeping reserve in companies, training the workforce can quickly provide a skilled workforce when needed. Businesses should not have the main objective to make big profits, but in good years they should save themselves for bad years and constantly develop products and services in order to remain competitive. All employees, companies and public finances should have the aim of common good. Big enrichment is madness and there is no sustainable development when it happens at the expense of others, at the expense of the environment, health and ethical values. Man is basically not lucky enough to become financially rich. Acting for the good of others and yourself by earning a decent living will keep people happier.

Society is changing rapidly, some professions are disappearing or no longer needed as before and new professions are emerging. Change can be so rapid that at some point there is a shortage of workers in a particular sector and training is beginning to take place, and in a few years the situation may change to not be needed and to be over-trained. The market situation is changing and fluctuating, and tasks may be project-like, when the project ends it may not be replaced by new employment.

When long-term unemployment is the sum of many unfortunate events, and the long-term unemployed are discriminated against in recruitment, the situation becomes even worse. An unemployed person does not develop in his career and does not get accumulated the capital so that he could start his own business or buy an existing one and become a successor. It must be a really good idea to dare to invest in it, to take out a loan. Many products and services require long-term development to become competitive. An entrepreneur needs a good team of co-workers. Together, miracles can be accomplished better than alone, but it requires a great deal of activity, morale, and all the skills and efforts of all shareholders to align with one another to achieve common goals. they could practice themselves and their skills would not rust. This would be a larger pool of talent so that there would be no shortage of talent.

There are areas where a certain number of staff should be constantly present. There is also a need for growth sectors that will employ redundant and new young or older workers. In the last few years, there was a shortage of IT workers, and a short period of specific training and self-study allowed them to enter the field. Now the requirement is at least a university degree or experience of excellence to get a job in the IT industry. Today, there may be a shortage of health and elderly care staff, but there may still be unemployment, not all those who are trained in the field will get a job. Nursing requires public funds unless the client has the wealth to pay for the services. Society must have basic livelihoods that generate funds for other livelihoods. However, productivity is about producing health, safety, order, environmental well-being, and maintaining mental, good morals. Not all productivity can and should be measured in money, but generating general well-being needs a good financial basis.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 2005