Learning by doing and get work by developing

Nowadays are wasted a lot of money on education. Too many would not need to study so far in theory, in so many fields and overlapping. It would be enough to do specific training and learn more by doing. There should be work and development projects for the young, the elderly, the unemployed, studying only what is needed in theory and learning by doing. Could society and / or companies form groups of the unemployed and their staff for learning, researching, developing and doing. There are already many highly educated and experienced unemployed who could be formed into groups that, unemployment benefit and supplementary allowances would be turned into useful activities that further develop their skills. More learning by doing and less by theory, because then practical wisdom would develop. Many things are done on paper and in theory, but in practice they do not work as hoped and successfully. Experiments are needed.

After World War II, Finland has rapidly developed from a poor country, with great challenges, to quite prosperity, even though there was not much higher education. At that time, much was learned at work and only necessary, usually without expensive and time-consuming training. Only the indigenous people were further educated. For example, in a company, when a few have advanced training, they can share information and know-how with others as needed. Top executives and key personnel have also had to become familiar with the practical work and problems that have become top product developers and leaders. Today, highly educated people may lack the practicality, the willingness to take risks, have learned rather passively to receive information, without developing their own ideas, initiative, knowledge acquisition, and increased activity in development and entrepreneurship.

Have to map those areas and details what are worth investing in maintaining and increasing knowledge, improving competitiveness, creating jobs and protecting nature. Much of the money currently being spent on education and training should go to targeted training, product development, job creation and development projects. Precision education, learning by doing and development also need places and tools, and existing educational institutions and businesses should be able to make better use of them. Development projects also need good leaders; for example, the public and private sector should provide good leadership and co-ordination for the projects due to the redundancy of the teaching staff, companies and the unemployed. It is difficult and uncertain for the individual, the unemployed, the capital-poor, to start moving forward. Larger networks should be formed and members should be actively involved by public authorities or larger companies. We need all Finland, all Finns and, if necessary, also from abroad to work together to develop the domestic and world in a favorable direction. Otherwise, Finland and the whole world are changing and have already become a backyard, where war and struggle for scarce resources and a decent standard of living are at stake.

Professional secrecy, copyright issues, including contracts and secrecy, must ensure that competitors do not gain an undue advantage. Businesses and communities that would contribute to the projects would benefit from their knowledge and experience. Activities, information and ideas that would be funded globally could be used by all people and communities. In the case of on-the-job training and skills development, a participant, if employed, would be obliged to remain in employment for at least an agreed period if the organizing body had a job to offer.
Once in Finland, there is academic unemployment, unemployed doctors, engineers and a lot of people who are not in a position similar to their education and in jobs that require less education, does it make sense to invest so much money in current-like education. Many jobs and decisions often only require common sense and simple skills. Simple pursuit of purpose can be overwhelmed by multiple theories and structures of thought and literacy. There is a lot of tacit knowledge and experience that cannot be described verbally and literally in literature without practical experience.

Learning by doing, and development could also be organized in a nature environment without the cost of a large office. At the same time, one should enjoy the nature of Finland and also take care of physical and mental condition. If you need physical exercise in learning, illustrating and work, then it should be maintained. Or during your leisure time in nature you can get new thoughts, ideas and in mind can structure and organize things. Yes, everyone, whether employed, unemployed or retired, should enjoy the short summer in Finland and other seasons in order to be refreshed, as the long dark autumn-winter season is soon to come. One of my suggestions for this is: Berries, mushrooms and herbs in Finnish forests are better for food and health, even with guided groups. There should be more cultivation and use of berries, vegetables and root crops in Finland, even with suitable groups and co-productions. Not so much imported food is needed. Of course, birds and other organisms must always play their part in nature, and cultivation must be in harmony with nature.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, summer 2015