Social problems handling and ideas

The whole people’s brainstorming session should be organized to solve problems and to identify, search for ideas, suggestions and solutions. It should be driven by concrete measures taken by society and not just expected to be addressed by industry or decision-makers. Citizens, government, municipalities, businesses, educational institutions, organizations at all levels should work together to actively tackle societal problems. Actors and leaders in society who bring citizens and communities together to solve problems. New ideas and improvements the former ones are needed.

Unemployment and livelihood

See what is brought to your homeland from abroad to see if there are products or services that could be produced in your homeland. Greater self-sufficiency and independence in foreign trade should be pursued. Groups of unemployed people should be formed to form new businesses or link them to existing companies and institutions. It is difficult to start trying alone, but working together can work wonders. Different experts are put together. Double the labor market subsidy and in return the unemployed would be placed in a group to work on business and non-profit activities. Any work that is not done should be investigated. Work should be rewarding: Generating income, increasing health, improving the environment, raising morale, etc. Young people should be at work or in developmental activities, so that they do not get caught up in the drug, alcohol and crime cycle and would develop themselves in their professional careers. In addition to rest and leisure, it is essential for people to have regular exertion and effort to maintain their health. Research activities should be launched to create jobs. Retirees also have more opportunities to participate in some useful activities, even on a part-time basis.


All persons should undergo a thorough medical examination from time to time. Efforts should also be made to treat minor symptoms and anticipate future health. It should be ascertained whether the person is eating healthy, whether he is exercising, what problems he is having. Have to continue research into health-promoting supplements and diets and develop appropriate diets and programs for different individuals to maintain health and cure and prevent disease. For mental health patients, physical and mental facilities that minimize the use of medications, such as physical work and exercise, are naturally refreshing and uplifting, plus a good diet and adequate rest and opportunity to talk about things. Every citizen has a fitness program that includes diet and exercise recommendations. Healthy food shops and canteens with easy selection of ready-made collections to maintain and promote health. Increase research and policies on how to stay fit, capable and self-sufficient for as long as possible.

Morality and Social Peace

If crime, alcohol, smoking and drugs are reduced, this would save a lot of money and prevent nausea in society. If all people have a meaningful life mission and sufficient livelihood, then peace in society would be better preserved. Even as a child and adolescent, one should learn to become accustomed to work and labor, and also to rest, so that it does not conflict with morality, mental and spiritual values ​​and health. Too difficult or too easy a life, worries, bad conscience and poor relationships can make people feel sick. Must remove age, gender, racial and disability discrimination.

Discrimination on the basis of religion or opinion must be better implemented in practice. Promote marriages and increase the chances of families with children, but also of single people. In a large family, they grow more social, children learn from each other. The good moral upbringing of the child must be taken care of, not the too harsh nor the too gentle upbringing. Workplaces where children can be with their parents and learn to work from a young age, combined workplace and day care facilities.


What can be done to maintain a good environment? All possibilities should be explored and researched. More people in the countryside, detached houses with nice gardens around, favoring rural living, stopping over-urbanization. However, a rural environment with enough friends and safety nets nearby is the ideal living environment for children and adults. The building plots in the city are expensive for living and business, there is traffic noise and pollution, there is no tranquil courtyard and natural life as much as in the countryside. Cities need to be eco-cities and a suitable number of services providing also to the surrounding countryside.


Cooperation internationally to solve problems both at home and abroad. Could be made a shortened, standardized and simplified language that would be quick to learn and better suited to precise communication, knowledge standardization and condensation, data warehouses, big data, computer and AI processing etc. Working group to push the idea forward. The world should develop a new easy language: Basic concepts from which other words are derived. Writing corresponds to pronunciation. Few forms of word inflections and only regular ones. The word more unambiguous. No synonyms or nuances are expressed by additional attributes. No homonyms. As many derived words as possible, however, the words are usually quite short. The words sound beautiful and stand out. For example, Ej = no Je = yes the opposite is obtained by inverting the words. Aj oo = I am.  Ja oo = you are. A development team assembled from different languages ​​of the world to design a new easy world language. Learning a language would not take so much time, the language would be used in all countries.

What suggestions and ideas do others have? Are the ideas workable and how are they implemented? Why not put ideas into practice? Is there a will to move things forward?

When the debate is launched, suggestions could splash out on new proposals. Proposals and ideas should be mapped out and plans made, all possible people coming along. Are problems handled by volunteer work by groups formed by the unemployed, students, pensioners and all those who are willing? Unemployment, livelihood, health, environment and morality etc. problems must be resolved as well and comprehensively as possible.

Veikko Pyhtilä 14.5.2009