About the problems and their weights generally


Ad Artificial Intelligence lacks tact, emotional intelligence, and holiness distinction

Addressing the problem of unemployment

All human beings once face the transition from time to eternity

Antiviral herbs

Artificial intelligence, computing, logic and mathematics help solve problems

Balanced regional development

Ball is now for participants!

Benefits of the Problems Solving Portal

Best solution to all problems

Better interaction between entrepreneurs and customers could revive economy

Bible by Bible for interesting readinng The Longing Of The Soul

Bioeconomy: Agriculture, Forestry & Animal Husbandry, Garden, Natural Resources, Bio-breeding

Boosting Immunity

Causes of future problems and preparedness

Challenges and opportunities in industries

Commodity Ideas 30,000: What Would I Buy, Sell, Hobby, Study, Do?

Comprehensive approach to problems, including interfaces

Construction, Housing

Culture, Art

Current and new direction in the world, estimates

Deepest and most valuable information is hidden

Development, Ideation, Evaluation

Discussing and brainstorming social problems

Economy, Finance, Loss

Education, Science, Research, Design, Skill, Expertise

Energy production, storage, consumption

Environmental problems

Ethics, Ideology, Religion, Morality, Values

Full employment requires more activity, productive and smooth cooperation and organization for everyone, not just the unemployed

Future living – imaginary and realistic

Good basic knowledge is needed for artificial intelligence to solve problems optimally

Good macro-, micro- and nano-level solutions together give a good result

Health problems

Helping customers to solve product, service and selection problems!

High IT unemployment and apparent labor shortages

How do we advance the common good and at the same time our own good

How do you get participants to come up with ideas and propose solutions to the challenges?

How problems can be solved?

How to get sins forgiven?

Ideas for eco-milieu, inspiration for construction and regional development

Identifying problems and development needs – solving and implementing solutions

In what direction would you like to take this site?

Increase and exploit biodiversity globally

Increasing competitiveness within the company and in the business environment

Information about problems and solutions are, but they should be better structured to be found and utilized

Information, Communication, Data processing

Learning by doing and get work by developing

Learning the words of Vosa – Vosa sasi davap

Longing Of The Soul

Malformed and huomoristic desing

Market From a Problem Solving Perspective, Link to Your Site From One Centralized Directory!

Market, Delivery, Competitiveness

Material, Durability, Suitability, Harmlessness

Meaning of life

Networking within tight communities could solve many problems

New Object Model of Knowledge and the Internet

Nutrition optimization, design and research: NutrOpt3-software

Nutrition optimization NutrOpt3: Usage possibilities

Obstacles to repentance and receiving the absolution

Original roots of problems and basic solutions

Pier and waves

Plants with anti-cancer properties and parts of which are used as food or seasoning

Practicing natural therapy to support health


Problems and their weights generally

Product and material durability

Product development, problems and risks reduction list

Product Orientated Life Cycle Assessment

Product, Use, Production, Technology, Technical Problems, Quality

Proposals for a new, easy world language: VOSA

Registry and Privacy Policy

Security, Society, Administration, Legislation, Relationships

Solutions and impacts of the eco-smart city

Solutions to difficult and major problems require collaboration, technology, expertise and modeling

Solutions to world food problems as climate change progresses

Step by step mapping and solving problems

Strategies and methods for problem solving

Study science, knowledge and skills for problems solving!

Stunning materialistic future

The ideal ecovillage

Thoughts about problems solving

Time is a valid competitive factor economically and environmentally

Too much competition can take bread from many

Traffic, Transportation, Travel

Values, factors and effects

Values, ideas, administration

Vosa, developing, new, easy constructed language

We may take on assignments for problem solving and development needs

Wellbeing, Nutrition, Living

What is precious, dearest to me?

What are you like, want or not want to be?

When there is no demand, there is no supply, and vice versa, is there too much stagnation?

While there are more people on earth, there are also more problem solvers

Wishes for Santa Claus, wife of Santa Claus and elves in environmental anxiety

Work, Unemployment, Services, Leadership, Personnel, Time, Process

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