Solutions to difficult and major problems require collaboration, technology, expertise and modeling

System needs to be modeled for management
System needs to be modeled for management

For example, in a human genome project, researchers in the world collaborated. The same applies to solving environmental problems, health problems and even unemployment. Without cooperation, problem solving may take too long or problems may not be solved.

This site can help you identify the causes and factors of the problems and find solutions. The results need to be well compiled and structured and model the world.

Information technology and other technologies help and enable many difficult problems to be solved. Common sense, experience and solid ground knowledge are also prerequisites.

Systems biology seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cellular mechanisms by conducting extensive sets of experiments and combining data obtained using information technology techniques. The goal is to model cells and whole organisms, and even ecosystems in the future. This same idea can be applied to modeling all systems. Although there are many factors, causes, and consequences, advances in technology, methods, know-how, and collaboration allow us to do a tremendous amount of work successfully.

However, managing a large entity is difficult for humans to understand. It helps when you divide the whole into parts and become familiar with part of the subject and then learn how to interface with other parts. It takes time, but it is very interesting and educational. I am now studying medicine one by one. After that, we intend to go deeper into systems biology, biochemistry, artificial intelligence technologies, bioinformatics. But unfortunately, there is little time available. Gradually, however, you will always learn something and the topics will become more familiar.

One can also start with things that are easier for all people to perceive. For example, if a large number of co-operation could identify and model all possible causes and solutions to the unemployment problem, we would have a better understanding of the problem and its interfaces.

Producers and consumers can make a huge contribution to solving environmental problems. Gathering all the products, methods, and services that can reduce environmental issues and provide good information for purchasing decisions would greatly help development and solutions to ecological problems. Why not to get involving actors? Our site is not sufficiently visible or credible at this early stage. If even a few players were involved at first, it would always attract more. If I had time, I would do as much as possible to explain the problems, their causes and possible solutions. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to attract thousands of participants. Besides, without permission, I can’t put links on different sites. Operators would benefit from getting more visitors and potential buyers through this site too. Businesses should seek out different types of customer groups who have various values.

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Veikko J. Pyhtilä, September 19, 2017