The deepest and most valuable information is hidden

Marsh marigolds
Marsh marigolds

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 19.4.2018

People’s common language tells and saves things in a nutshell. Only when done, seen in pictures, sensed and experienced, is knowledge more complete. But not. The deepest knowledge is at the cellular and atomic level, in the laws of nature. There is a huge amount of information stored in the nucleus of DNA and other parts of the cell. This information has been hidden from man, but in recent decades it has become increasingly understood. The greatest challenge in solving problems in time, however, is how to manage these nano-scale issues, and yet as complete systems. However, even at the upper level, the problems of society should be approached holistically and systematically.

Understanding the functions of nature and society can be better managed. But management needs tools, work, energy, infrastructure, people, knowledge. New technologies, data processing solutions, partly help with these problems. But it is a big challenge and time consuming to compile data from an intelligent and comprehensive system. There is a lot of uncertain and incomplete information, and above all hidden information that has not yet been discovered through research. There is certainly a great deal of undiscovered information in nature as to whether one will ever be able to exhaustively discover and control all the information in nature.

At the individual level, one should understand and know in detail what is happening in the human body and elsewhere in nature when eating, taking medicine, being exposed to toxins. We do not see our own cells and the details that go into them. Which future methods and tools would provide individuals with ongoing knowledge of the condition of their cells and organs as a whole and in advance? One should know the effects and whether they are leading to a healthier or more ill direction. Then you could eat optimally, even the food you eat and digest should have accurate information at the nanostructure level.

The condition of cells and the body, both in man and in nature, is reflected in macro-level problems. Nature’s systems are like a black box to us. We know what we are eating, but even that at the macro level and we see the results and also, they at the macro level and some features. The information is hidden and not everything can be observed. Nature revolves around a large automated system; we do not need or even know everything. The kind of information we can use to guide macro, micro, nano and even lower level problems to solutions and avoid future problems is helpful.

If some methods and nano-devices could communicate the cellular level of human, animal and plant status. And when measures are taken, they should know whether they are good or bad. There is endless exploration for humans, the knowledge and wisdom hidden in nature. What does a person seek? Will this fleeting temporal life get the most out of it? Is not, however, a higher purpose for humans in eternity, which is in a different kind of being than here in the material world. Human soul, there is no substance. And its state of being purified and healthy is more important than the purity of nature and the health of the body in this life.

We work, research, develop, spend our free time as long as we are in this life. Man has traveled from the Stone Age and even more to the present day. Do we go to excesses in development? After all, man cannot and will not have the time to realize all that is dreamed. Time is running out, borders are coming. However, let’s do what’s sensible to do in the light of current and future knowledge. And, if we can always go further, which does not cause problems, then let it go.

I’m about to explore the nano-level, and at the same time from there the data management reflecting to upper levels, looking at where are gone. This is where data processing, artificial intelligence methods, mathematics, systems biology and biochemistry are needed. So, for example, good logical, comprehensible textual and spoken language cannot control problems only at the top level. Knowledge of the nano-level language that takes place in cells and compounds in different situations is needed to control hidden knowledge and problems. Many methods and tools have already been developed for these. Finding it out and studying it already takes time. There is enough to do and we are allowed to solve scientific, mathematical and scientific problems. I wish I could even keep up with where we are going, what we already can do and know. It would make it easier to have one central place where all the reliable information that is already known would be available at both the coarse top and detailed bottom level.

Not all information can be published free of charge because producing and researching it takes and has spent money and is commercially exploited to generate livelihoods. However, if all the information we know was made available to everyone the development could be even faster. But not everyone has time to concentrate on everything, they have to specialize. In the end, self-interest and pledged knowledge should become a common good for all humanity when new innovations have got marketed enough.

It would be good to have an even greater division of work between the various states, research institutes and companies around the world. Now everything is based on competition and it has taken the development forward. But it also consumes a lot of resources. If each of them could be firmly focused on their respective quotas, the burden of maintaining competitiveness could be shifted towards more intensive development activities. All of this would require that there would be no conflicts of interest in the world, that all nations would be equal and that they would survive without wars and disputes. All of this should also be at the level of individuals and groups of people.

So, there are many problems in the world to make this an optimal place to live for everyone, both humans and nature. Many things seem to be utopia, and indeed they are, but the point is to act and think best for ourselves and for the world. Reasonable activity and purposefulness are good for people than being depressed, passive and pessimistic. Doing and studying and developing something that is somewhat unrealistic and crazy seems to give us a stimulus and a joy to do. Being constantly idle is not good. But in addition to studying and working hard, you have to get enough exercise, rest, nutrients, and some of your activities should provide a decent livelihood. And mental, spiritual, and social interactions should not be neglected either.

These are not all taken for granted. When structured, planned and dreamed, they can move forward more systematically than chaotically. In nature, too, as in the universe, there is a quest for order rather than chaos. Without order, it could not exist or function.

Now, from words to thoughtful actions. The problem is what you should focus on and our resources are realistic. Hope we are not stupid to work hard and spend our time for wasted and vanity when the wise gets less. Not everything will always produce visible results right away. There are also clutter in nature and lots of coincidences that don’t go right. Experimenting provides more information that you otherwise may not always know and is hidden. Thoughts are flying in the head, what forces of being do they cause? Are they supposed to lead me and us to the good or the bad, the rational or the nonsense? This should be able to be assessed and anticipated, cooperation can help, but it does not stiffen the general perception that new alternatives will be found. Generally tested old wisdom is often better than a bag of new wisdom, but not always.

Now, I will finish this writing, which is parsing and structuring even myself and my thoughts and my follow-up plan here.

Good night!

Good morning!

It is 6.10 am when I started to resume writing. Morning often gives me thoughts of what I would write or do next. I want to be open enough to tell you about my failure. Nobody buys links or my program, so I can’t start a business on them. I don’t make a great cover for my program if people aren’t enthusiastic and don’t need the program, and they don’t have the time and don’t bother to use my program, so good. I believe that I have sufficiently given information about my program. I spent a lot of time developing the content of my program and I think it’s good. Therefore, I will not develop it anymore, at least for the time being, before it becomes an income to finance the development. So at least for the time being I cannot employ myself or others. If someone can benefit from my thoughts and ideas and use them to wrap profits for themselves, then that’s good. But I haven’t gotten a penny of them myself. However, I have received unemployment compensation from society, and I thought that I do something free for public good. I’m not going to impose anything on customers. Anyone who visits my site can judge whether they want to buy links or my program. If they are considered useful, they are torn out of my hands. Something else I should come up with that would sell better.

Nobody will take me to work easily either, I will retire in less than a year. Yes, there is a telemarketing job that tries to persuade customers to buy hard-to-sell products or services. On the other hand, it is good that good deals and new products are publicized. But despite my best efforts, I didn’t get enough shops to get bread from those jobs. The product you are selling should be one that your customers may need. I have been for many years out of the computer programming work and laboratory technician jobs I have not received, the professional skills they have rusted. Things would quickly recover and I could study more due to my quick learning ability and good self-study skills. Jobs of many other industries I have also applied for, but when I am not professional for those jobs, so they are hard to get to. Employers may think that there is no point in hiring a 62-year-old because there are thousands more available. Even when I retire, I could still work part-time because my pension is so low due to long-term unemployment that I do not always have the necessary expenses and I also have to apply for housing assistance.

If everyone provided free goods to others, no one would need money or income when everything was free. There would be no need for banks, insurance companies, no stock exchanges, no payment transactions. We would live like an early church where everything was common. Everyone would make their own contribution to the common good and everyone would be given a place in society. People with disabilities and the sick would be helped. Nobody would be too greedy for themselves materially, which would save the environment. We could freely take from the store for what we might need. But because man became corrupt in the Fall, it could not succeed. At least some kind of quota cards would be needed, which would record the commodities consumed by the individual or the community and the labor input given. I seek not so much the earthly paradise, but the new heaven and earth created by God. The rich man weeps in hell, but the poor beggar gets to heaven. Even in time, the poor can be so rich in false ideology and belief that they do not need repentance, and the rich in time, so poor that they need repentance and have the true spiritual riches to be saved.

Have a great afterlife, burial or end of the world! I would still plant an apple tree, but I do not own one square meter of land in the vast country of Finland. The power of bitterness and greed can be overcome by the power of the spirit, we cannot take anything transient here with us, and temporal knowledge also disappears.

As I studied systems biology and computing techniques to control biosystems, I found that there are so many changes already occurring within genes within and between individuals that it is almost never possible for man to completely exhaustive to control biological systems in nature. Probabilities can be calculated, but there are always exceptions to the rules. Managing a cellular and larger entity is very complex and the amount of data is massive. It takes a long time to first study mathematical and computing techniques. Although there are programs already made for them, you need to understand the principles behind them and their limitations and suitability for different purposes. Also, studying what happens in an individual’s cells is tricky and expensive. It is possible to give some direction and experiment with the effects of food, herbs, medicines, for example. The results of the research can be followed and the results obtained from their use in real life under different boundary conditions. However, medicine, for example, has evolved and is evolving, but man will never enter into immortality with his temporal body, nor is it intended. Besides, space does not remain as stable as any other nature forever. People have a lot of dreams that in the future, development will have gone so far that man could do anything. But I believe that man will never become like the Creator is.


Gaudeamus igitur, the first verse in English:

Let us therefore rejoice,
While we are young;
After our youth,
After a troublesome old age
The ground will hold us.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 19.4.2018