Is the UN completely toothless that it will not discipline the horrific use of Russian invaders and drive them out of Ukraine. That one country considers it its right to go to another country to do horrors there. China is partly to blame for that because it does not say clear no to Russia. Shame on the Chinese government and the Chinese! Does China want you to be killed and your infrastructure destroyed and shattered?

World of unbelief and false righteousness, no matter what evil happen. When the tree is not good, the fruit is not good either. People are slaves to sin and are getting worse in their slavery. People should have a sense of guilt, repent, and believe the preached gospel of the kingdom of God, which will bear good fruit. Vladimir Putin and his partners are infinitely cruel, brutal people, they should be immediately imprisoned and sentenced to harsh punishment, they violate, sin heavily against God and people. O God, punish them already, prevent their further evil immediately! Show God your power, show your existence! May God do your will! Amen

Russia, with a population of 150 million in a world of 8 billion people with its nuclear weapons and armies, boasts and imagines that it does not have to follow common rules of the game in the world or care about its neighbors or God. The Great Russians want to subjugate other peoples, especially the smaller ones, they pretend to be big, mighty and wiser than others, yet they have lagged behind in many respects. But now Russia itself is suffering hard, bad consequences, especially if God begins to intervene in earnest. The madness of the Russian regime and its supporters has become apparent to the whole world and a great shame to them themselves. The further Putin and his supporters go in their wickedness, the harder it will be for them to undo and repair the damage they have caused. They go further in their wickedness than normal people do today.

Language and dialects should not separate citizens from getting along within each state where and when they live. It does not require border changes between existing states or self-government, always within a state, or interference by other states with people of the same mother tongue abroad, when human rights and equality are enjoyed by all citizens, regardless of language and race, without subjugation or discrimination.

The Russian administration, deliberately, in its desire to expand, paranoid and obsessed with its insane goals of greatness, has caused a huge human catastrophe in its war against Ukraine. In today’s civilized, advanced information societies, this is barbaric. Russia has fueled quarrel between Russian-speakers and Ukrainian-speakers in Ukraine. Russia alone is to blame for Maidan’s protest by its actions, its influence on Ukraine’s affairs, because Russia did not allow Ukraine to join the EU, even though the majority of Ukrainians wanted it. Russia has incited the Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine to revolt, to become separatists, to disinformation, to sabotage, to excuse the Ukrainians. The Minsk agreement was also wrong because it restricted the rights of Ukrainians to decide for themselves whether to join or not to join NATO. Besides, peace has not been maintained and Ukraine has not been able to rule the separatist areas and Russia has armed and supported the separatists with its soldiers. Russia has illegally held fraudulent elections in another state and linked Crimea to itself. Now Russia has invaded Ukraine without any justification and done enormous damage to the infrastructure and caused a major refugee problem, suffering and deaths for the people.

It must be made clear to all the peoples and nations of the world in this example what will happen if international law and agreements are not respected and resorted to violence, intimidation, blackmail, war, money laundering, etc. China should prevent Russia in any criminal action against humanity. Russia and China and other countries have become a great shame in the world for the torture and other evils of the people. Authoritarian regimes in Russia, China, and other countries do not receive honor and approval from the enlightened people of the world. China and Russia are fighting against genuine democracy, although democracy and freedom have proven to be the most advanced social systems in maintaining world peace and social peace. Disinformation, however, has been in jeopardy, democracy requires enlightened voters, free, reliable access to information and candidates, and experience to improve. World War II came from Hitler’s dictatorship and Ukraine’s war came from Putin’s dictatorship. The Cold War has been caused by tensions between genuine democracies and various dictatorial coercive powers. No country’s government should act arrogantly, hegemonically against the nearly 8 billion humanity, against human rights, against humanity, and violate harmony and equality between peoples and nations. If bad regimes that oppose progress were removed from different countries, the whole world would be much happier.

Terms of peace for Russia, which alone is to blame for Ukraine’s war and crisis

  1. Russia must surrender without imposing any conditions on Ukraine.
  2. Russia must immediately withdraw all its troops from the entire territory of Ukraine, including the Crimea and the separatist regions, and also from the neighboring areas of Ukraine, where a 200-kilometer demilitarized zone should be made on the Russian side. Russia must return Crimea and the separatist regions to Ukraine.
  3. Russia must fully compensate for the damage to the infrastructure and compensate the people and relatives of the victims for the suffering.
  4. Russia must never again invade Ukraine, not in any way affect Ukraine’s internal affairs by violating its sovereignty.
  5. Russia must not infringe on the sovereignty of other neighboring countries either, and Russia must withdraw all its troops from other countries in the world.
  6. Russia must compensate for all the losses in the equipment that the Ukrainian army has received as a result of the Russian attack.
  7. Any erroneous, false information that Russia has disseminated and will disseminate to its own citizens and in the world must be corrected. Russia must allow the free flow of information and information, and journalists have full rights and freedoms to inform.
  8. Russia must release all political prisoners and hold fair elections in its own country and equal rights for all citizens and candidates to participate in elections, election campaigns.
  9. Russia must safeguard all human rights, including peaceful demonstrations, and they must not be unduly obstructed or detained by security forces. Any legislation that restricts human rights and is too harsh must be repealed and amended. Fictitious causes and judgments must be rectified.
  10. Russia must adhere to all its agreements internationally.
  11. Russia and its culprits must be condemned and punished for all war crimes, violations against humanity. The perpetrators of the Russian regime must be imprisoned, convicted and dismissed.
  12. Belarus must also have human rights and fair elections, and Russia must not have any influence on Belarus and the state union must have the support of all Belarusians.
  13. What else?

Russia should disarm nuclear because it is behaving unpredictably, irresponsibly and threateningly. Russia is using nuclear weapons to blackmail and provoke wars when nuclear weapons should be a deterrent to wars. All countries should renounce nuclear weapons and armaments. Wars and nuclear weapons cause so many deaths and injuries to people, damage to infrastructure and nature, and refugee problems. Funds and resources for what goes into the armies and weapons should be used to eliminate environmental problems, hunger and other problems.