There is information about problems and solutions, but they should be better structured to be found and utilized

On a nature trip we can meditate
On a nature trip we can meditate

There is a lot of information, and repetition of the same thing, knowledge is confusing, so its structuring and presentation should be developed briefly and concisely. There are lots of tacit and untapped information. When a large number of people are looking for solutions, then even the most imaginative solutions can be found, if people do not think according a same forged mold. On the other hand, the same boundary conditions and natural laws guide us to similar solutions.

There are many problems in Finland and around the world that have not been satisfactorily resolved. If there is, for example, unemployment and poverty, something more effective should be done to address them. The largest possible number should be involved in finding and developing solutions.

Going from the top level to the more detailed lower levels conceptually, it clarifies the data mass. From one area, solutions can be devised for other areas. If you focus your discussion on only a small area, many ideas from another may not be utilized, even if it is a solution for your own field. Therefore, this site is intended to provide a holistic, comprehensive approach to problems and solutions. Problem areas and solutions should be well categorized so that it is clear to access to and use information.

The big problem is not getting people to interact with each other actively and usefully. It is also difficult to gain visibility on the Internet, so only a few people happen to come to this site. If you have a good job and a livelihood, and other things relatively well, you don’t care about the problems of others. Or maybe you have so many problems of your own that you can’t deal with the problems of others yet.

Personally, I have experienced a lot of unemployment, although busy did exist, when I have tried develop myself by studying and brainstorming a business etc. This is a driving force, that I try to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to employ myself and others. But so far, I have not been successful, but I’ll still be trying. Setting up a website, at least on a small scale, does not cost so much that it is not worth using. This is a nice hobby; you can publish your opinions. Even on this site, you can present problems and solutions in the form of mere opinions that others can rate and they inspire others. Of course, it is good to find solutions that have already been tested in practice. But opinions may give you new thoughts, ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Everyone, for their part, wants to do something to solve problems. Identifying problems and finding solutions can be very interesting when trying to get results and experiencing and possibly finding something new. Interacting with others can also be rewarding. What prevents people from participating? Lack of time? Didn’t invent something to say? Things go their own way, but they haven’t gone because there are unsolved problems in Finland and in the world that are hurting. When everyone thinks that is crazy, it’s not worth participating in, so it will become. If a large group thinks that it makes sense and strives to do its best to keep the development going, THERE’S REALLY A SUCCESS if the Creator gives! Although we are only living for a moment in this time, we still want to enjoy this moment satisfactorily, but not in conflict with the future. The joy of doing, trying, experimenting is also rewarding.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 13 June 2017