Thoughts about problems solving

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 28.2.2020

Let the river water always remain clear

Problems and development need solutions or solutions encounter problems.

Problems are sought for solutions and solutions are sought for problems.

The solution can be a product, a service, a method, a development, an influential opinion that causes change, etc.

Systematically analyze problems and even find partial solutions to them.

Problems can be like a vicious circle or a chain reaction. Problems cause new problems.

Information comes from experience, reading, doing, researching, from others, and from yourself.

What is the shortest way from problem to solution?

We need linguistic, conceptual, technical, artistic, social, etc. talent.

There are many details and combinations of problems and solutions, and there can be a combinatorial explosion.

Not all solutions bring economic benefits, but other benefits that can also be reflected economically.

Problems and solutions also have time, place, speed, effectiveness, importance, difficulty, impossibility, the self-evident.

The whole being should be understood, which is impossible, and so the problem area and its interfaces must be delimited.

Not taken too hard, keep it simple. But even complex solutions can achieve good results if the solutions require them.

Problems are coming and problems should also be deliberately mapped out, anyone can do it. What could be better, development needs? Problems can be searched for and mapped by themselves and others on behalf of others.

Many times the problems are caused by lack of money. But when there is a shortage of money, you should look for savings and get money to do the same things more efficiently and cheaply.

Problem solving requires ingenuity, information mining and interaction with others. What solutions I can come up with and what others have already come up with. With good cooperation and brainstorming, you can find solutions and improvements to problems by looking in.

The problem should be subdivided into sub-problems and even partial solutions or relief sought.

Good leadership, organization of things, division of tasks, responsibilities and solidarity of all, good communication, information flow and improving and developing them all help. Everyone, both management and subordinates, should develop their working practices, skills, study and practice.

Lack of time also causes a lot of problems. There is a need to invest in developing time management.

Things to do in order of importance and systematic progress, but also immediate insightful progress.

Problems can be solved quickly with common sense without being too theorized or too schematic.

By finding and solving problems, you can come up with niche markets and business ideas.

Focus on problem-solving by developing problem-solving skills, information acquisition skills, etc.

Requires thinking, experimenting, testing, refining, and finding different solutions.

What is the goal, what is the goal pursued, what are the values, what is ethics. What is desired, what is not desired.

What are the conflicts between the desires and needs of different individuals, communities, etc.

How do you start solving set of problems complexity? How do you approach the problem area?

First, the problem areas and their interrelation with one another and with the rest of society must be properly understood.

Problems and their solutions are like a network where they have to connect, problems have to solve.

Problems should be put in order of importance, of urgency, though all are important in a way.

What do you think of this for other areas, something for problem solving and development?

There are many methods and ways to solve problems, invent and develop your own way!

What is your solution to solving problems?

If you don’t have time, come up with a solution to your time-shortage problem! Improve your time management!

What are your most pressing problems today?

What are the biggest problems in society?

What problems do you find in the business world, at the offices, and at different people?