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A good society is based on good values
A good society is based on good values

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 23.3.2019.

Private investments are also needed at a reasonable rate, so that not everything needs tax money

There is also a need for high-quality private enterprise in the social and health care sector, so that not everything has to be financed by public funds. But profits should remain moderate, for example, a 2-5% return on invested capital. Shareholders should also invest money in the company’s development activities and additional staff to ensure that the company’s value, returns and competitiveness remain in the long term. If we assume that investors are not profitable at all, then will there be any investment in business that also provides jobs and alternative services. Given the large number of hospitals and other institutions built with public funds, they should be kept under the control of democratically elected and well-served actors. If the market economy goes to the extreme, it is not a good thing, nor is socialism, if it is taken to the extreme, for society. So there is a need for a controlled and regulated market economy and socialism, a golden mean, in a balanced way. This will allow the various interests to reach compromise and agreement and drive development forward. Not that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and that the rich patients are cared for and the poor are neglected. There are both well-run and poorly-run, high-quality public and private institutions. If a company becomes a global giant that ignores sustainable development both locally and globally, that is not a good thing. Would it be better to have a lot of small agile companies and institutions that work together in a fruitful way for the benefit of all. They can have umbrella organizations that coordinate activities, production and consumption, so that too much competition does not ruin good values ​​and cause bankruptcy. The competition should bring better quality to clients, care providers and patients and benefit society as a whole.

Sustainable, good values ​​should form the basis of all politics, entrepreneurship and culture

If people had inherently high ethics and morals, then any political system could work well. But since all people are in danger of being misled by their own corrupt nature, evil forces, and other people, it is good to be a society, a mass discipline, such that even the greatest of ills and evils are avoided.

Mammon and lusts should not be leading and controlling the world of values. It would be good for society to set limits on greed, for example, there could be a dividend cap of 5% of the value of the stock and a barrier to money being spent on tax havens. When everyone paid taxes effectively, they would be less for everyone. Similarly, it would be good to have a pension ceiling, for example EUR 2,500 a month, because you could have saved a good income and received expensive education funded by the society to get into a high-paying profession. This would provide a decent livelihood for the poorer in society. The law of supply and demand also regulates wages so as to provide sufficient skills for all sectors. There could also be a consumption ceiling for individual commodities that pollute the environment, causing environmental problems. Nor do I want all the shops to be open on Sunday, because the holiday should be dedicated to spiritual things and rest, so the environmental problems would be a little less when there is not so much traffic every day.

I do not support grocery stores selling alcoholic beverages, except for example home brew and mead. Easier access is a signal for the use of goods that are harmful to human health and ethics, to the detriment of oneself, those around us, family and society. They take money from the individual, the family and society as social and health expenses. When a person lacks the right spiritual foundation, things are not handled and handled properly, but resort to drugs, bad entertainment, etc. that try to bring content and joy to life. I am not in favor of getting contraceptives at all, let alone giving them free of charge to young people and others. More than half a million abortions, child murders, have already been committed in Finland. If these children were now employees and taxpayers, there would not be such a large dependency ratio gap in Finland. Those who have approved abortion law and abortion are involved in genocide. That is, legislators and decision-makers have a great responsibility for their decisions not to become involved in the sins of others. Here we see that, in the long run, life against God’s will brings misfortune, not to mention eternal bliss, which is not achieved. Any overemphasis on sexuality in culture, clothing, make-up should be avoided. But people love lusts more than God and the media produces tremendously light and heavy music, movies, commercials that appeal to people’s feelings and temptations. They become both temporal and eternal calamities. When one does not marry too young and sometimes refrains from having sex, the frequent arrival of children, for example, does not make it difficult for an ill spouse and does not cause more environmental problems due to overpopulation. When one is dominated by the power of the good spirit and spiritual values, carnal lusts and their fulfillment do not dominate life too much. Likewise, doing work, good hobbies, and other activities can keep one away from the aspirations of corrupt human nature. Hedonism does not bring lasting and true happiness. If one is hooked, only the Son of God, Jesus, can make a person truly free from the bondage of sin, and man will be able to reject his sins and vice. People who are the vast majority in the world and whose soul is not cleansed from sin by the Holy Ghost cannot understand the values ​​and ways of life of those who have been cleansed from their sins and entered the narrow gate into the kingdom of God and are guided by the Holy Ghost. Even the smallest dirt and debris can be seen in the bright light of grace. Under the law without the power of the spirit, instructions and advice are like strict, tight rules. It is difficult to find candidates for parliament who have exactly the same values ​​and opinions as I have. The value base may be the same in some things, but they may also come from their own righteousness, their own power, and their wisdom, not the fruits of the Holy Ghost. Liberality has gained too much power. Freedom also requires responsibility. If there are no boundaries for a child, and so are societies, there is a deepening of immorality and the collapse of society, or much to its members, in the short and long term. If the Spirit does not rule, it is good to have a law and rules that govern life so that it does not go to ruin. Besides, no one is so strong in good spirits that he would not need good advice and guidance.

Man can be kept artificially physically alive for very long if he can afford it. However, when society or the individual cannot afford the exorbitant costs, there is also a realistic balance to be found between doctors, patients and relatives. I am not in favor of euthanasia, but yes, natural death if everything is done that can reasonably be done and pain is treated. If health changes and unexpected healing occurs, and life-long interventions can bring them to a stage where they can be further improved to prevent death, they must be done. The human life is more valuable than money and profits.

There is a need for new and old ideas, their combinations and their practical testing

The Social Services and Health Care Reform should preserve what is old, proven, and test new approaches and models, even if only in one area first. There should be progressive improvement, even at the grassroots level. Keep in mind that small can be agile and big can be heavy. Some things can be better known locally than provincially and vice versa. Both have their own pros and cons. We should pick up the merits of the different models and coordinate them flexibly. It is clear that there should be a similar computer system in all areas and establishments and they should be compatible. It does not make sense to develop and maintain many different systems, but to take advantage of the existing systems and make them even better.

All citizens should be involved in the idea of ​​an ideal society, or at least a reasonable society for all. How to get people active to bring ideas to the common good. There should be no prejudices and attitudes between people. You have to learn to be with all kinds of people, even those who are blatantly opposed to your own values ​​must be able to talk and live peacefully. The internet enables mass intelligence. There should be a common forum for society and business to bring forward ideas and views and develop better and optimal solutions and for the benefit of all citizens. There is also a need for education, information and research without too much emphasis on interest groups and parties. There should be a focus on what is reasonably best for everyone, and party politics and strife of interest groups should be avoided to interfere with and slow down practical handling and development. Everyone should understand that the common interest is in the interest of all, including their own in the long term and in a sustainable way. If it is too selfish, it will cut its own branch under it. A good bet we give to others is reflected back to ourselves, or at least should be reflected. If some are only givers and some are only recipients, this is not so good and right. Everyone should be both a giver and a recipient, contribute in some way to the good of others and also get something from others. There is an obstacle to good development in Finland and in the world that people and nations cannot be fruitfully co-operated for the common good. Everyone seeks primarily to advance their own interests. There is also a lack of essential basic needs. They lead to wars and disagreements between people, groups of people and nations, and distorted competition contrary to good values ​​and ethics. Everything starts with the human being first and can then spread to others. What is my role, place and role in society and in the world? What is the best role and suitability of each person, actor and entity? We can acquire information, interact with others, influence with good reasoning that others can evaluate. My own activity and constructive interaction with other people are drivers of development for the better.

Reliability, honesty, expertise, good behavior

Check the facts, the truth. Be honest, lies have short tracks and honest ones can inherit the earth. Do not exaggerate, magnify, or belittle. Don’t say what you are not sure about. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misrepresentation on the net, don’t believe everything, even if it seems plausible. While one paragraph is correct, the other paragraphs attached to it may be incorrect or misinterpreted. Find out, increase your expertise, listen to different points of view, evaluate their reliability, correctness. Put things in the right proportions. Do not make wrong conclusions, wrong correlations between cause and effect and things. There are both pros and cons, eg in the euro, in the EU, in globalization, in immigration. How would you improve and develop items that don’t work well. Time is changing, the world and its circumstances are changing, what previously used to work well nowadays may not work. On the other hand, the old method may be better than a bag of new ones. Do not say just one reason or benefit for one reason, but try to find all the possible or at least the most significant factors and consequences, effects, benefits and disadvantages. We must not over-simplify into black and white that, for example, the euro or the EU is only good or bad. The solutions are optimization and balancing between threats and opportunities and how the proposal receives support and how realistic it is to implement.

Do not be angry, do not be bitter, but keep your temper, be patient. Do not submit, but be humble, and do not rule as lord over others. Many solutions will work if people and the various players operate according to the rules of the game and if the solution is well implemented. You can try and improve and change direction if the solution is not good enough. It is not possible to know everything in advance. You can learn from mistakes. Admit your mistakes and don’t ride on the mistakes of others. There must be good reasoning, well-researched knowledge and experience. Be in harmony with everyone, if it depends on you, without compromising on truth, ethics, and your own values. Discuss and do things constructively. Don’t let your emotions be over-ruled, get deep into practically good cooperation with all interest groups and parties. Use your common sense, think and ponder, think carefully. Do not commit defamation or hate speech. Everyone has the dignity of even the greatest criminal. Try to understand the factors and circumstances that led to the abuse of a person or group. Don’t feed crime with bad legislation. People have liberties and also their own responsibilities, not all causes can be scrolled to blame for others or society. Don’t say false testimony of your neighbor. If you come up with mistakes and you could not control yourself, apologize as soon as possible. Act according to the laws and ordinances of what is right and just, according to your conscience, before God and man and in secret. Don’t expect perfection in yourself or in others, the group can complement its members with weaknesses and strengths. You can develop yourself and develop, and you can also advise others if you find good ideas. Be prepared to give and receive feedback, both positive and negative. Everything is related to everything, either directly or indirectly, being is a complex system. Invent more good advice for yourself and others, voters, candidates, and decision-makers

A new model for activating the unemployed and society as a whole

The components of society must be made to function optimally together as a whole system. It can be approached from top to bottom of the administration and from the bottom to the top. Unemployed people and volunteers in a community or larger area need to be brought together to brainstorm and develop. Leaders could be representatives of public administration, companies and educational institutions. Consideration should be given to clusters in the area that work together in a cross-disciplinary way and could place unemployed people to do something. The unemployed person may be suggested to which group he / she wants and experts will assess the suitability. It is possible to exchange groups and gain extensive experience.

A carrot for the unemployed and volunteers could be a free lunch and snacks. As a stick for the unemployed, if you do not participate without good reason, you would lose your daily allowance according to the current active model. Unemployed participants’ activity condition should be met by this participation unless the unemployed otherwise obtain part-time employment. Create a road map for each of the tasks: Studying, finding out, brainstorming, developing and planning for the selected destination. The aim is to get the unemployed into employment, to develop their skills, to stimulate and inform, on one side and the other, on the new workforce, development projects for entrepreneurs and public actors. Collect ideas for interaction, activation, inspiration and development. Identify problems and areas for improvement, and address them with problem-solvers and factors. The venue could be a school ballroom or other meeting room.

Preliminary three days, either sequentially, once a week or monthly: 8 x 45 min. morning and afternoon + tea / coffee breaks 2 x 15 min and other breaks 7 x 5 min, meal break 60 min = 8 hours:

  • Information and lectures on projects to be developed, work in progress.
  • Clustering in areas such as bioeconomy, digitalization, social and health care, marketing, public administration, industry, environment, construction, education, etc.
  • Interaction, brainstorming, discussion between the unemployed, volunteers and leaders.
  • Almost all the unemployed in the area come together.
  • Road maps for clusters and division of labor among participants and for brainstorming, planning, information.
  • Meets within different cluster groups.
  • Evaluation and further development by cluster and all clusters together.
  • All those involved first come together in groups and then together.

Continuation at discretion:

Items that are considered profitable will be further developed to produce results and benefits. The aim is to give the unemployed and the disabled a place in society. Voluntary pensioners can also be involved according to their abilities and interests. The unemployed can form a company or associate with other companies or institutions. If an unemployed person or a person with a disability needs rehabilitation, a plan is made and implemented. The best suitability of each participant for different tasks will be determined.

Public discussion and brainstorming sessions on various aspects of society could also be organized. They could provide advice to decision-makers. This would be a grassroots democracy where every citizen can influence their opinions. Then there can be online forums for further discussion and interaction, but face-to-face and teamwork interaction is also important. People and different actors do not become sufficiently active and coordinated if they are not activated by society or others. It is difficult for an individual citizen, the unemployed, to make a profit without capital, knowledge, partners, places, tools. There is a need for systematic guidance and evaluations of what is worth doing and what has not yet been done, for which there are not enough actors or resources. Good suggestions and ideas and the achievements of the groups can be rewarded with some sort of joint evaluation. But the best reward is the result of the groups achieving the civic status of their members, the development of their skills and the start-up of profitable business, employment resulting in pay and / or dividend income.

Can society as a whole be modeled and simulated with different variables. You can see why something is not working well, see the causes, the consequences, the effects, the dependencies, the correlations, and you can draw more convincing conclusions. It is good for citizens and decision-makers to have a better understanding of society as a whole, which can also lead to better voting and better decision-making. The resources of the unemployed and volunteers should not be left unused. No one should be underestimated, everyone will surely have something useful to give to their homeland and to the world.

The problem now is that the large mass of unemployed and inactive will not be able to work together effectively and be utilized in effective interaction without good guidance, leaders and incentives. Although sporadic blogs, opinions, thoughts and ideas are written, they are overlooked, unused and unrealized.

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, 23.3.2019