What is precious, dearest to me?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä

Everything starts with the values, the purpose of life and the meanings that are important to people and lead to good or bad choices and aspirations.

Old money
Old money. Is money the most valuable?

Veikko J. Pyhtilä, Highlights from my deleted forum 2014


I want to express the most precious and important things I think in such a straight, pointed and bumping way. I don’t want to mess up religion and politics with business. But it is good to have important basics in order before going into other things. Everything in human life is ideological, all human activities are based on what people appreciate, their needs and the needs of the environment. I have experienced a clear, strong awakening and capturing my conscience in my youth, so for me it has become an axiom the right faith. Perhaps not all people may have experienced such an intense awakening touch by the Holy Ghost, therefore, it may be that they have a secondary value in matters of faith. Also, my mother and sister’s angels’ appearances and beautiful singing of the angel choir at the time of my mother’s death, which cannot be explained by impaired brain function, are proof of the reality of the spiritual being. It can be annoying for the old man, the corrupted mind, to hear about religious issues and publicly confess his faith in front of people. Then, if asked, you can usually answer. But if the activities of the prophets, Jesus, and the apostles, and the light of God’s word had been hidden underneath a bushel and their talents unused, no one would have known about the matters. Perhaps only through conscience, God could have spoken and in phases and fates of life and in His created nature. Faith comes from hearing.

The most precious to me is the peace, freedom and joy of the soul. Not giving it lusts, not mammon, not false spirituality, not power, not honor, etc.

Even the best temporal, disappearing happiness does not bring it. Receiving the absolution from Jesus owns, those who have the Holy Ghost, will comfort the heart. As its fruits will come that one desires to correct things and use confession when needed and avoid anything that takes peace from the soul. People can also be lulled into false peace or hardened and feel that is peace, peace and nothing to worry about and fire suddenly fall on them and they cannot escape. This is hard text, but so did John the Baptist use hard language, but also the message of joy, the gospel. Every tree that does not make good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. And behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

Jesus’ own are still to be found on earth and the living gospel of the remission of sin. The time will come when God will close the gates against the street and people will seek the living word of God and will not find it. Yes, there are vastly religions on earth, but they lack the Holy Spirit, many rely on their own deeds or the power of the wrong spirit. There is only one group with the power of the Holy Spirit, the word is dead without the Holy Spirit. The preachers of the word must first have forgiven his sins themselves and the Holy Ghost from the living gospel of the absolution of the kingdom of God to be able to forgive others and speak the word of God.

When the most precious, most valuable thing is in order, you can handle also temporal things better or reasonably without attaching to the vanishing. Unfortunately, most people the darkness and disappearing treasures suffice, and they are in a carefree, unawakened state. He / she that seeks will find and to him that knocks it shall be opened. The human soul really desires something pure, holy, eternally enduring. It can be obtained in connection with the church of God, with Jesus’ own. In loneliness, it is not got directly from God, not by good works, by prayer, by spiritual practice, by meditation.

Living faith is the work and gift of God that Jesus made for all nations. All human beings are born believers, but because of their sins they die of childhood faith at an early age. In this case, you need to be born again, you must hear and receive the gospel preached by a disciple of Jesus own in the Holy Spirit, whose essence is the remission of sin, including the words of counsel, reproof, and teaching. Whoever abides in the faith until the end, is saved to eternal joy, to bliss, to heaven. The fruit of faith comes from the desire to fight against sins, to avoid all that is depriving the soul, heart, of true peace, freedom, and joy. Without this most valuable and precious thing, everything else seems vanity.

For people in general, anything other than the first thing is more important. The Three Covenant Enemy: The unbelieving world, the enemy of the soul, and our own corrupt nature, waged war against light.

When the most important thing is okay then good health, clean nature, good friends and relationships, decent work, good hobbies, adequate livelihood, world peace and harmony between people, good society, the whole world’s both material, mental and spiritual good are important.

People have been given freedom of choice, but also responsibility for the consequences of their choices. It is not always possible to choose from just a few options. Man reasons and the silent voice of conscience stays unheard, or if a man is spiritually dead, he does not feel as sins but only some things. Also, the conscience of the spiritually living can be blurred and the powers, temptations etc. of the world will deaden, numb and harden. It’s easy to go on a wide road with dirt on both the left and right. The gate is a tight and road narrow that brings into a true spiritual life and only few find it. When a person believes where a tree falls there it decomposes, it is not important to him other than this temporal. The existence what is perceived by the chemical-physical senses is a very narrow view of all being. There are a lot of invisible existence, unsensed in the present material body that can only be experienced when one has a resurrection body. Already a bit here in time we by the senses of the soul can experience the coming bliss when sins are forgiven or hell fire when sins weigh. God has created this material being, and He can destroy it and create something completely different, or allow man to experience something beyond that which has not been seen by the eye, heard by the ear, or entered into human thought. This visible, created from empty, can be lost, destroyed by God and probably will not be very long time. Evil will be given the power on earth for a moment and then the end of the world will come. Each time the world gets darker and darker, and in the darkest time He comes, who is to come and does not delay like a thief in the night in the twinkling of an eye. Then it is too late to make choices and not then when one has time to die in his material body. If we accept the wrong, we are partakers of the injustice, even though we do not actually commit the sin and injustice that we accept. When Jesus comes to earth a second time, will he find any true living and receiving faith at all? Unbelievers rely on that they are so many billions, but even though their numbers are like the sand of the sea, they are all lost to eternal trouble.

On this site you can openly and directly express any desirability. So, during Pentecost and summer, I wanted to stop and stop at the most important things, at least the things that are important to me. For many others, what Satan gives them is most important. But in hell one can experience that evil is really evil and in heaven that good is really good. What is good is what is sustainably good and really good. For a corrupt human nature, for a moment, evil may feel good and that leading to good will feel evil. Evil spirits make evil look good and feel good. The temporal only lasts for a moment, but the eternal state is eternal, what is obtained forever is most important, not what is obtained in this time. This temporal life is a testing ground for humans, whether they love darkness or light more, and according to them their ultimate place is forever being with the spirits of darkness or light in hell or heaven.

After all, it is true that life is empty if it focuses only on this time. The hope of eternal life brings   contents to life, that the goal is better after this life. One may become sickly attached to something temporal fascinating and it blurs eternal values. As long as man is in this body, he can enjoy the senses of this time. But when this body is no longer in existence, but is another state, it is worthy of what the human soul likes, that is, the spiritual non-material. That is, values ​​that go beyond this time are the most precious to me.

Humans go blind after all that temporal which disappears, and they miss out the truly precious eternally enduring. One reason is that they do not believe the Bible’s revelations, they regard the Bible as a story, fairy tale and legend book, they do not even bother to read through this valuable old book. Although the angels on Christmas night announced to the shepherds the birth of Jesus and Jesus did many miracles, all that was foretold of Him was fulfilled, not many of His contemporaries believed. Again, there are clear signs of the Holy Spirit’s awakening work that cannot be explained by psychology or hypnosis. But there are many false prophets who do many signs and wonders. For example, the Revelation of John clearly predicts, for example, the Reformation, so it was also announced to John before it happened, and many different tendencies of false spiritualities are written in symbolic language in the Revelation of John. Many prophecies of the Bible have been locked to be opening at the end of time, and some have already opened to describe the present time. The Bible is a locked book, and only the Holy Ghost can give a proper understanding of it if God sees fit to open it to His church.

Hopefully this will not expel visitors and disturb business. Freedom of religion and conscience under the Constitution becomes tested. Will there be discrimination because of presenting one’s experiences allowed by freedom of speech and expression. When much of the powers of the darkness, the corrupt nature of man, and the evil world are allowed to be publicly expressed, in business, and even accepted by law, they must be tolerated, can the behavior advised by God’s Word be tolerated accordingly. All men are sinners, some have received mercy, others have rejected it. All people remain incomplete and mistaken until death in time.

I do not wish anyone’s group, idea and religion to be pointed by finger and sharpened with jokes. Political figures are better at drawing cartoons, but I find it bad if religious people are made cartoons or religions are misused, even if they are perceived as wrong. With propriety, freedom of expression and criticism must be able to be used, but there are always responsibilities and consequences to freedom. Language is a small member and can ignite a big fire, a fire of anger or a spirit of reconciliation, etc. If you want to subtly express your opinion and criticize, you can do it at a general level. For example, many are in the spirit of law, in the path of self-righteousness and deeds. They have grown up from an early age in an environment where they have embraced such and have not comprehended grace, and have not spirit of grace. Violence is never acceptable. I am not in favor of war, but the magistrates have to bear a sword and must also be involved in military service for defense purposes. The cycle of revenge will continue or peace will not be achieved if it is continued as a war of information or a concrete war. Factual arguments and statements for and against are needed. There is a need for thorough resolution of conflicts and for the detection of defects.

One must strive for peace in life with all people. You have to stand up to sharp criticism and preach on both sides and, if misunderstood and spoken wrong, there is the right to express and write your answer.


Not as lords ruling over, but let us be subject to one another. Not by force, but by free will. Let us not give power to anger, impatience, but suffer one another, apologize and forgive. Sometimes an in-depth and long-term discussion is needed to understand others.

Many of the contradictions come from wanting to control and subdue forcibly others according one’s own opinion, behavior model, mode of operations and solutions. It is difficult to change another person’s way of acting, eg conversation style. One has to learn how to present things briefly and concisely. Long-winded statements about something, that is obvious to the recipient and not so important, people get tired to listen.

It would be good to talk briefly one thing at a time and immediately give others the opportunity to comment briefly and concisely. Things in speech can be prioritized. It should be noted that different individuals appreciate different things with different weight. What is important to yourself is not so important to another.

Speech, good reasoning, good calm behavior, can influence one another best, make the other understand and appreciate what you are communicating and also the speaker. Also, if a person is active in a positive sense, produces a lot of useful results, it helps to value the person. When a person is valued, that also want to be listened to. Titles should not have a lot of weight, but what a person does. All people have strengths and weaknesses. It takes in-depth self-knowledge, introspection, and knowledge of those around you to guess your own status and give value to another.

One must be prepared to receive both positive and negative criticism. Negative criticism should be very grateful for knowing what kind of picture others have received of me. In this case, you can develop yourself for the better and correct if others have received the wrong image, have misunderstood. One should never be offended by anything, and even to false speech one must be able to give a reasoned response. Relationships should be so good that feedback can be given directly, in a smaller circle, even though between two one can evaluate each other.

Can learn how to control multiple things at once and quickly understand communication. When reading, for example, difficult-to-understand technical, scientific publications, and yet in a foreign language, you become accustomed to quick sense, to quickly find out what another means and many things at once. Reading, both informative and fiction, is a good brain exercise, vocabulary, language expression and understanding develop. At the same time, knowledge also increases, which can justify things and stimulate one’s own thoughts.


If both have a lot to say, then one speaker should let the other end and then give the other a chance to speak one’s mouth clean. It may be agreed that, for a maximum of 5 minutes, one item at a time is spoken alternately. Then comment on each side, for example 1-2 min.

Some things are long explanatory and they are involved with many other things, in which case the speaker has to let it go, even if it takes a long time. Or it may be agreed that the matter be presented in writing. It can be done by speaking outlining the issues, the acute issues, and in writing the details-rich issues that need to be explained.

Never claim another that he / she does not listen, never force another to listen. Some already realize a few words of what another is saying and already want to comment or move on to another thing, which is interpreted as saying that the other is speaking on your speech and not listening. In such a case, it’s best to listen to the other person’s comment first, which is feedback that lets you know if the other one has already listened to it and whether the point you made is important to the other at the time. When the other party is allowed to talk end, then he or she has a good mood to receive the other’s message and focus on listening.

Never stop the telephone conversation or other talking unfinished impatiently, but let the other party to talk about to the end. If he is in a state of emotion, let him speak in peace, do not indulge in anger, but be patient. This will help to calm the situation. If there is no time for discussion, a second time for discussion and / or a written report may be agreed.

If the situation locks so that the people are no longer in contact with each other, that is the worst thing that can happen. If a person has lifelong bitterness and resentment about something, it will strain and make life difficult. One must confess one’s error and wickedness and, as such, apologize and forgive from the heart.

There should be no false testimony of one’s neighbor or of oneself. So, it requires really good self-knowledge and knowledge of your neighbor. One must humble himself, but not submit in the wrong way. Man can be mighty, but through influence, inspiration, positive interaction and dealing with wrongs. If you have a toothache against someone else, you should speak boldly between the two and find out why.

In a company and in the community, everyone can be, in a way, in some way managers, marketers, employees and subordinates. Influencing even the subordinate is the leader. A leader is good when he is a servant to his subordinates and to the community in a good leadership style. Everyone has the most appropriate area of ​​responsibility. A leader is an organizer, a contact person and a supervisor of the whole, inspiring others, setting an example in work and activity, and gaining trust and prestige through his or her behavior. Expertise, skills and accomplishments should shape job descriptions. Roles and tasks can be exchanged and experimented, which is best suited to each one, and thereby gaining experience and understanding of others’ responsibilities. The community must be flexible, not too literal, but adhering to common rules of the game. No exact article can be written about anything and it becomes a black jungle. But what is justice and reasonableness, and where things lead, determine whether they are good or bad. There is no need to kill creativity by forcing people into a formula. People need to be given autonomy, independence and feedback, and together they can evaluate, improve or correct mistakes. Everyone is responsible for their own mistakes. The operating environment and practices should be such that mistakes are avoided. People also need to be able to cooperate well, because it does wonders. A free, open atmosphere helps you survive. However, it is confidential and public.

Dialogue makes things clear and interpersonal relationships, as well as relationships between groups of people, states, races, religions, etc., remain at least tolerable. The pursuit of power causes disunity, violence and wars. However, there is a need for order and common rules of the game to which everyone commits, it is not good to be anarchy.

It is good under God’s power, and one must submit. It must be subordinate to the supremacy under its control. However, one must listen to God more than human beings, human opinions. To God must not become bitter and from Him you can pray for help wherever you and people are. As high as the heavens are from the earth, so are the thoughts of God above our thoughts and our paths.

It is valuable to be able to benefit other people and society, both spiritually, mentally, and materially. It is valuable to get help from others when needed. Good friends are important both spiritually and temporally. It is valuable to have people with whom you can talk about everything. Friends who are trustworthy as confessor dads and moms are expensive.

The people you get along well with and with whom could enterprise are valuable. Also, people who are not always good at dealing with them are valuable, because with them is honing mismatches and amending any distortions of our own. From each person, one can get something influential and useful. Not only to be locked into the same small group at all times, it can be refreshing, self-shaking and rewarding to deal with a wide variety of people. It is good for students to learn to be with on their mind difficult temperaments, it refines and develops own as well, and the personality  of the counterparty.


In essence, everything of value and happiness is restored to the fact that they are not in conflict with faith and good conscience, that is, with spiritual matters. I cannot get anywhere from it, all happiness and joy at work, in hobbies, such as art, science, wherever it is basically based on the fact that spiritual happiness is and remains. Some superficial joy and fascinating effect on the fleshy part, really does not bring happiness, if it contaminates the purity of the soul, deprives peace from the soul.

Anything that can be done so that peace, freedom, and joy in the Holy Spirit does not disappear, can bring happiness, or at least maintain it. A job well done, studying, a thorough study of science and art can bring meaningfulness and happiness also temporally. The spiritual cannot be distinguished from anything of great worth and good temporally. The brighter and more intense the spiritual things are constructed and refreshed; the happier man is. If you are not really happy, your spiritual matters are out of order or need some refreshment. Therefore, talking about what is really good and worthy always has a spiritual aspect, even if it is not mentioned, it is in the subconscious or, more correctly, in the soul. All really good, even disappearing temporal, is God’s gift and can be fully enjoyed as long as we are in this material body. However, one cannot have strength to speak or raise  spiritual matters, wants to be silent on the earth, and only recognizes his faith as necessary to keep it in good conscience. To be too righteous is contrary to the teaching of the Bible. His voice is not heard in the streets. But still, the more religious you cultivate, the happier you are. When you can confess your faith in front of people, you will be freer and feel the power of the Spirit to support you more strongly.

Would like to believe even brighter and closer. I can devote myself to the temporal affairs of no more spiritual things, when I brought up even once these most valuable things. I have written this on Sunday, tomorrow starts working again. I wish myself an exciting day of research and development on problem solving and artificial intelligence.



Sustainability should take into account not only temporal sustainability but eternal sustainability. Those that, in the realization of temporal endurance, conflict with eternal endurance should be checked and corrected.

The world is under the influence of evil, and there is no temporal or eternal endurance at the moment. We cannot improve the world on our own, but it would be possible to form an ecovillage of temporally and eternally sustainable development, an eco-town where like-minded people could implement the ideology of eternally sustainable development. Evil can enter among people of the same spirit, but it can be cleansed together.

On the other hand, the candle is not meant under bushel, but in the candle’s foot. If we isolate ourselves from the world into our own troops and places, then how will light shine into the world.


Material, corporeal, temporal is transient and spiritual, eternal permanent. However, the spiritual is interchangeable with the good or the bad spiritual and good spiritual is worth cherishing. Faith, hope, and love are precious. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith is God’s work in man when only man does not oppose God’s work. Man is given the freedom to choose good or bad. Even if everyone believed that the mountains would move but there was no love coming from the Holy Spirit, it would be of no use. When sins are forgiven, there is a living hope of salvation from evil to eternal salvation. Even if one could prophesy and know all the secrets and there would be no love, it would be of no use. God must be loved above all things and the neighbor as himself. Do what you want yourself to do for others.

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Jesus said to His own: “I am with you always, until the end of the world”. Jesus is where two or three come together in His name. When we have connection together, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. Jesus said to Himself, “Receive the Holy Spirit, whose so ever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose so ever sins ye retain, they are retained, in other words, does not get his sins forgiven. Repentance for the remission of sins must be preached from Jerusalem to the ends of the world. Jesus said, whoever believes as the Bible says, the streams of water of life shall flow from his heart. Whoever receives the gift of the water of this life becomes the fountain of the water of life and can forgive others the sins. When you have first received the gift, you can give it as a gift.

When one stays in the body of Christ, in his church, is in uninterrupted contact with the Christ Tree, the living branch, the liquids of life can flow into the branch and can produce plenty of fruit. If the branch gets the wrong overgrowth, it needs to be cut, cleaned to produce more abundantly fruits. Man can have his own and false righteousness, his own strength, which must be cut off. You do not take a step by yourself. It should come at nothing of its own. Nothing can be added to or removed from the word of the Bible. If sin can separate a branch from the life tree, it dries and the dry branches are gathered together for burning in eternal, unquenchable fire. Where the fire does not quench, the sins burning does not end, and the worms digging the conscience do not die. Carnal sins, as well as the filth of the spirit, lead to spiritual death. The dead do not feel hardened their whole sinfulness, just some things in the light of the literal law, the moon. But in the sunshine of the grace, there is seen even a trash.

So, the alive congregation is the body of Christ, made up of living stones, Jesus’ own, who believe as the Bible says. The body of Christ is not divided, there is only one faith and doctrine. Martin Luther put it this way: “I believe that there is a small group of Saints on earth, with no grouping or division, in the same mind and understanding.” In the Reformation, the beast received a death wound, which is now healing as the ecumenism is realized. After all, it was quite a beast to misrepresent the Bible, misinterpret the Bible by human judgment, without the Holy Spirit, added its own doctrines, kill huge numbers of people in the Inquisition, even though believing is voluntary. And even today, that beast and its followers themselves do not enter the narrow gate of repentance and prevent others from going. It may be in the form of an angel, like a whitewashed tomb, but still containing the bones of the dead, all abhorrence, false righteousness (even though there has been a reformation, the most outrageous things have been denounced and many things are done according to Bible teaching and Christian tradition , however, it is based on dead faith).

Outside of the kingdom of God, there is no bliss. Although people study the Bible and believe in reading it and in the ministry of the word without the Holy Spirit by their own reason and power to be eternal life. The Bible bears witness to true faith and Jesus. Faith comes from hearing and receiving the alive word of God. Whoever believes, even in the gospel preached through the Internet, will follow Jesus and his own in doctrine, life, and suffering. It leaves a testimony to God’s church that the human soul is acceptable to God. Hearing a word doesn’t help if you are a forgetful listener and not its doer. Repent and believe the gospel. No one needs to complain about weakness, for the people who live there (The mountain of God, which is lately higher than all other mountains, the mountains of false doctrine, stands out. The mountain of Zion, on the north, the God laid down city of spiritual Jerusalem) have remittance of sins, the absolution. One had to ask for the gospel sermon to his own part, so to him are sins forgiven from the Church of God. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. To whom God closes no man opens. To whom God opens no one closes.

The fruit is that you also want to correct things in life improvement and agree with neighbors and the authorities for violations. Bring to the light the matters depressing conscience, lest they become an obstacle to faith and tire the journey. If we walk in the light of the Word of the living God and come to light as we are with our deeds, then we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. Without the shedding of the holy blood of the Atonement of Jesus, there is no forgiveness of sins. Confess one another your sins and forgive. You have to take the beam first from your own eye, so that you can take the garbage out of your neighbor’s eye. The Holy Spirit does not live in a filthy heart, which has been sold under sin. When one’s own mortal sins (those who caused spiritual death) are first forgiven, then to others can be forgiven. If you have flammable things in your conscience, the horn gives an out of tune echo. The mouth is the interpreter of the heart, and by the fruits of a tree it is known. If there are death sins of the same name in the conscience of both, they cannot forgive one another, but need a third one who has not gone to the same deadly sins, or who has no similar sins as unhealed on conscience. If one denies his faith, even then there will be spiritual death.

If one sticks to one group and the group accepts something wrong, it will eventually develop into a heresy. Heresies must be in your midst so that the tried and true will come to light. If they had been of us, they would have stayed with us. The Holy Spirit gathers together in a flock, though in many places and countries – love builds. The dust of the journey, though alike (no man can fulfill the law down to the last letter, even when he is believing), can wash one another’s feet by proclaiming to each other the gospel of the remission of sin, including the words of counsel, repentance, and teaching. Counseling is not law, the letter of the law is not the teacher, but the law of the Spirit. Advice must be followed that faith and good conscience remain. Obedient children, God will bless well. God’s blessing are also punishments and a gospel is travel stick you can rely on. Must be blessed and not cursed.

The greatest blessing is spiritual blessing, and sufficient temporal is given as much as God sees fit. Excessive temporal wealth or poverty can be detrimental to the eternal perspective if one is not able to bear them. They can lead to frivolity, greed, bitterness, etc.

There are many Bible-based sentences in the writing that are not referenced. Also, there is what the Holy Ghost has taught through the church and taught myself in my conscience. Needless to say, know the Lord, for they are all taught by the Holy Spirit. From the word of the Bible and from this writing, it is necessary to distinguish between what is said of Jesus’ own, that of all, and that of other than Jesus’ own, that there should be no misinterpretation.

Advise each other the more the more you see coming near the day when Jesus comes on earth for the second time, and man must be ready for departure at every moment, for temporal death can come at any moment.


Especially on Holy Days, Sundays, it is good to cultivate spiritual things. Here I listen to Worship online and leave at 11 a.m. for congregation days. There are still several priests within the Lutheran Church of Finland, with a clear horn sound. Jesus, too, was a member of the synagogue, and was allowed to speak in the synagogue, at least initially, even though He did not accept the beliefs and righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes. Nowadays, many people do work on Sundays which are not necessary. The legislation also approves the opening of large stores and smaller ones. It is good that some small food kiosks and shops are open to ensure security of supply even during the holidays, but it would not be necessary to celebrate Holy Market Day as widely as now. That’s why the amount of traffic is so busy during the holidays, it would be nice, more soothing and relaxing, if one day a week was calmer for the cleanliness of air and environmental reasons sake. Life begins to taste like wood and one can even become burnout if there is no resting day that breaks the rhythm of everyday life. There is a need for days when you can break away from your daily routine, rest, go for a walk into nature to balance your mental work, practice spiritual things, visit your relatives and acquaintances, etc. And so, you can start your workday refreshed after day of rest. In leisure time other than holy days, one can devote more time to good mental and physical activities, and holy time should be reserved for cultivation of spirit and rest, etc. suitable.

Hymns, good classical music, choral singing and so on with normal natural sound and suitably peaceful, good accompaniment are precious and relaxing. Christmas carols and other songs give the atmosphere, sound great when properly adapted. If they are tuned according light music, they will be ruined badly and you will not want to listen to them. Yes, I like some of the tactful music, like marches at least on Finland’s Independence Day and old-time elementary school songs.


Not that which entangles, seduces, entices, and draws the senses of the human dying body, proves that it is truly eternally and enduringly valuable. The snake in paradise made the appearance of the forbidden tree fruit attractive and fascinating. Even today, man must be wakened to the fact that the libidos exacerbated and strengthened by forces of darkness do not lead man to true and lasting good. It is often the case that what is fascinating to man’s corrupt nature is soul-defiling, destructive. If one allows one to go after one’s false temptations where “blood draws”, it will lead human to misfortune, both temporal and eternal.

In the Fall, man was corrupted and left paradise in this land of sin, death, and suffering. The broad road is easy to pass and is followed by a large majority of people. They do not think of what is at its end, the eternal place of trouble and the eternal separation from the good God, the giver of all good. The gate of repentance is narrow and the road is narrow and only a few are still finding it today. People are content with false spiritualities, wrong philosophy and freedom of the flesh, and want to further harden the silent voice of conscience and the soul with heavy and drastic entertainment, drugs and immersing themselves in temporal worries, tasks, hobbies, etc.

In paradise, God offered salvation from the fall of the original sin directly from heaven and all other sins that separate God in the word of promise of Jesus, the seed that breaks the serpent’s head. When a child is born, he is forgiven of the original sin directly from heaven without baptism. For baptism is not one where the uncleanness of the flesh is removed, but a covenant of good conscience. The newborn child has the Holy Ghost, and as the child begins to understand this time before it can fall away from the faith, the child is empowered to forgive sins. The name of the Lord began to be preached, written in the first pages of the Bible.

When one falls into sins where the Holy Ghost is lost, one needs a fellowship in the church, people who have faith, a good conscience, and the Holy Spirit lives in the heart. And through God’s preaching ministry, one can obtain purification from his fall and get as home teacher the Holy Ghost in his soul. Thus, from God and Jesus cannot be forgiven directly from heaven but the original sin of the child, and as an advance gift the daily weaknesses (though they must be cleansed occasionally by believers, such as Jesus taught the disciples to wash the dust of the walk). Jesus said to his disciples, “Receive the Holy Ghost, whose sins ye forgive on earth, to whom they have been forgiven in heaven, and from whom ye withhold them, he shall not be forgiven.” Jesus, through suffering and overcoming death, prepared salvation. By preaching, Jesus confirmed, preached unto the spirits in prison the state in which people had died from this time, the word of promise to those who believed in their salvation, and to the unbelieving, their eternal loss.

Man has no power to break free from the bondage of sin except by the power of the Holy Spirit. He who resort to his own power gets himself to his own righteousness, to false law piety, and to the way of deeds. Man may resort to the power of false spirituality or ideology, which only lulls man into false peace, and man does not clearly see his own state of soul as spiritually dead. Purgatory doctrine is wrong teaching. “Like by fire” means that a person here at this time is already going to the consuming fire, that is, to hear in the congregation the living word of God, which is like a consuming fire and a hammer breaking the mountain. The word of God is alive and powerful and is divided into the law, which gives the feeling of sin and the gospel, the receiving of which purifies sin.

It’s strange for people to talk about this much about faith. Modern man trusts in science and his dark mind. The Bible is considered to be a storybook, a legend, or at most people’s opinion writing. Although people have written it, they are impressed by the Holy Spirit. So, the Bible is God’s revelation, from which nothing can be taken away or added to, not a stroke. Even during this time, the serpent, the enemy, asks, “Has God really said that?” For example, that marriage is a marriage between a man and a woman, and that some are unfit for marriage. Even though one is born gay or lesbian, it does not justify one’s carnal desires both in the same-sex union. The Holy Spirit has made it clear to those in the living faith. All sexuality between a man and a woman out of wedlock is a sin of death. Spiritual death occurs unless you are already dead and feel no more sin than few vices. Spiritual death can occur through cohabitation, contraception (except abstinence from sex), premarital intercourse, masturbation, denial of faith, other evil deeds, etc. If we live according to the flesh, we must die, but if we amortize the flesh through the Spirit, we will live.

The prophecies of the Bible are fulfilled: “The sun is darkened, the moon gives no light, and the stars fall from heaven.” The sun of grace, in the light of which even the slightest rubbish is visible, does soon not give its light to those outside God’s kingdom. The light of the law is also darkened because the temporal law so much favors sins, sweet sins, to the corrupt nature of fallen human. Many of Jesus’ followers, too, have fallen from the sky as a star among the worldly minded, supporting and accepting distorted opinions and becoming involved in the sins of death.

Avoid the lusts of the corrupt nature, they wage war against the soul! Seek the eternal treasures of eternal endurance, where the soul is not polluted and man attains eternal salvation! Then you can see and experience in the new, glorified body of the resurrection what the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, and no human thought has come, something that tongue, language cannot tell here in time.


The mouth is the interpreter of the heart. One also expresses his values ​​and appreciations ​​by his behavior, even if he does not speak a word about his values. An empty barrel rattles more than a full barrel, on the other hand a full container spills over.

When you just start writing, there occurs topics you want to express. The selected subject will straggle and sprout more subjects and refinements. However, it is not always the inspiration to write or speak. Trying to force talking or writing does not feel good.

When speaking, one has to be careful not to say something wrong and not to say false testimony of one’s neighbor or of self. Language is a small member and can ignite a large fire. Communication itself can be valuable if you are just trying to communicate valuable.

Some are dumb, deaf, or blind, and have to communicate the defects replacing ways. Man can be deaf even though he has ears and hearing ability, dumb even though he has speech ability, blind even though he can see.

Every useless word must be accounted for, so it is necessary to avoid wasteful and idle talk. There must always be a purpose to the message.

I stop writing now, at least for a while and start to rest, the food can digest in peace. As you rest, if you come up with good ideas, you might want to express them later.